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North American Preview of Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 11

By Jory Hollander in Esports
| December 25, 2019 10:25 pm PDT
Rainbow Six Siege Pro League

The Rainbow Six Siege Pro League is back for another season on January 6th, and I’m going to get you up to speed on the ultra-competitive North American region.

Pro League Season 11 NA will feature eight total teams and 14 Playdays. Each team will play twice in a round-robin best-of-1 format with no overtimes.

The two teams with the most points at the end of the season advance to LAN playoffs and compete against the best teams from each region. The North American Pro League will be expanding to 10 teams for Season 12, so no relegation matches will be played this season.

In this Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 11 North America preview, I’m going to give you each team’s results from last season, key roster changes, players to watch, and a Season 11 forecast.

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DarkZero Esports

  • Season 10 Results: 10-3-1 (89-55), lost to Natus Vincere 0-2 in Grand Finals
  • Projected Starting 5: Mint, Hotancold, Skys, Ecl9pse, Hyper
  • Key Losses: Nyx, BC (back to coach/gm)
  • Key Additions: Skys, Ecl9pse 

Players to Watch

Hyper was DarkZero’s best fragger during Season 10 and the Season 10 Finals. He posted a league-leading 1.45 K/D in the regular season and netted a +10 kill differential during the Finals.

Skys and Ecl9pse joined the roster in November before the US Nationals and posted a team-best 1.12 rating during the Nationals tournament. The new additions were the only DarkZero players to record a positive K/D during US Nationals.

Ecl9pse was a standout player on Rogue before joining DarkZero. Ecl9pse recorded a 122-111 K/D during Pro League Season 10 in 156 rounds.

Season 11 Forecast

DarkZero Esports only dropped one match in Pro League Season 10 on their way to a first-place finish. Their season ended after getting beat by a red-hot Natus Vincere in the Grand Finals.

DarkZero likes to auto-ban certain maps so they can shrink their map pool. They escaped playing Villa and Coastline during Season 10 and tried to pick Consulate as much as possible, where they were 6-1-0.

This strategy worked during the NA regular season, but it came back to bite them in the LAN Grand Finals when NaVi picked Coastline and DZ didn’t have the practice to win the map.

DarkZero will want to fix its map strategy for Season 11, but they are still a strong pick to win the North American region and likely NA’s best chance to win a LAN championship in 2020.

Prediction: Pro League Season 11 Finals

Team Reciprocity

  • Season 10 Results: 7-3-4 (82-72), lost to Natus Vincere 1-2 in Playoff Semifinal
  • Projected Starting 5: FoxA, Retro, LaXInG, Nyx, VertcL
  • Key Losses: Skys, MarkTheShark
  • Key Additions: Nyx, VertcL 

Players to Watch

LaXInG was Team Reciprocity’s best fragger during Season 10. He recorded a +37 kill differential, good for second best in North America

Retro was the only Reciprocity player to post a negative (33-40) K/D during the US Nationals. Retro also recorded a below-average rating of 0.94 during the regular season, so he will need to pick up his play if Reciprocity wants to maintain its status as one of North America’s best teams.

VertcL was an important fragger for Rogue who will join Reciprocity after Rogue’s relegation to Challenger League. I expect VertcL to be a big improvement over MarkTheShark in Season 11.

Season 11 Forecast

Team Reciprocity started clicking towards the end of last season when they pushed past Evil Geniuses for a spot in the Season 10 Finals.

Reciprocity then finished second at US Nationals after acquiring Nyx and VertcL. This result proved that the new additions are a good fit with the core roster, and things should only improve as the five have more time to develop chemistry.

Team Reciprocity finished #2 in NA Season 10, and the best is yet to come for this talented roster of players. This season might be Reciprocity’s best chance yet to bring home a LAN championship.

Prediction: Pro League Season 11 Finals

Spacestation Gaming

  • Season 10 Results: 4-5-5 (76-79), finished 5th in NA
  • Projected Starting 5: ThinkingNade, Rampy, Bosco, Fultz, Canadian
  • Key Losses: Redeemer
  • Key Additions: N/A 

Players to Watch

ThinkingNade is Spacestation’s captain and a solid all-around performer. His consistent play as a support/flex laid the foundation for SSG’s win at the 2019 US Nationals.

Canadian joined the Spacestation roster in September after a long career with Evil Geniuses. Canadian’s stats don’t stand out on paper, but he brings championship LAN experience to the SSG roster.

Season 11 Forecast

It’s easy to feel good about Spacestation Gaming after their strong performance at the recent US Nationals tournament. The entire SSG lineup was firing on all cylinders at Nationals, and it’s the best Rainbow Six they’ve played since acquiring Canadian in September.

It was difficult to judge SSG during Season 10. They went toe-to-toe with some of Pro Leagues’ best teams but were never able to put together a meaningful string of wins.

ThinkingNade, Rampy, and Fultz recorded a combined +48 K/D during Season 10, but Spacestation still finished in 5th out of eight teams despite the strong kill differential. Expect a better finish from SSG in Season 11 if their players can maintain that level of fragging.

Prediction: 3rd

Team SoloMid

  • Season 10 Results: 4-3-7 (69-80), finished 6th in NA
  • Projected Starting 5: Achieved, Merc, Beaulo, Pojoman, Geoometrics
  • Key Losses: Gotcha
  • Key Additions: Geoometrics 

Players to Watch

Beaulo is the star of the talented TSM roster. His ballsy clutches and insane flick-shots provoke Twitch chat to spam, “When does Beaulo play?”

Things started falling into place for Beaulo after he recorded a jaw-dropping +54 K/D during Dreamhack Montreal 2019. Winning Dreamhack put TSM on the map as a team to be taken seriously, and it elevated Beaulo to superstar status as a professional player.

Geoometrics will join TSM for Season 11 after coming off a strong season on Evil Geniuses. Geo recorded a team-best +28 K/D and a team-best survival rating during Season 10. Achieved, Beaulo, and Geo will make a frightening three-headed monster in Season 11 if everything goes according to plan.

Season 11 Forecast

The talented roster on TSM got a wake-up call during the first few weeks of their Pro League debut. The team with high expectations and a huge fan base lost five out of its first six matchups.

TSM was too talented for the losing trend to continue, and sure enough, they started seeing positive results towards the end of the season. The roster finally started to realize its potential as the gameplans caught up to their gun skill.

TSM projects as a team that will improve upon its 4-3-7 record, but it’s difficult to say just how high their ceiling can be. If the TSM roster can all get on the same page, they have a chance to contend in the North American region.

Prediction: 4th

Evil Geniuses

  • Season 10 Results: 7-3-4 (84-67), finished 3rd in NA
  • Projected Starting 5: nvK, Yung, Necrox, Modigga, Gotcha
  • Key Losses: Geoometrics, Ranger (coaching)
  • Key Additions: Gotcha 

Players to Watch

Evil Geniuses lost Geoometrics, who was their best roamer and the only player to record a positive (+28) K/D during the regular season. Former Team SoloMid IQ/Pulse specialist Gotcha will replace Geoometrics for Season 11.

Modigga only played half of Season 10 with EG and put up respectable numbers, considering it was his first season in Pro League with an unfamiliar roster. Modigga possesses incredible gun-skill; expect his numbers to rise as he develops chemistry with the rest of the veterans on EG.

Yung is a seasoned Pro League player and EG’s go-to planter. He recorded 18 diffuser plants during Season 10, and his reliable planting/anchoring has been a staple of Pro League since Season 1.

Season 11 Forecast

Evil Geniuses is one of the most storied organizations in Rainbow Six history. They are competitive year after year and have a history of success at LAN events.

EG’s dominance over the North America region started to slip in 2019, and many were surprised to see them miss the Season 10 Playoffs.

The loss of Geoometrics leaves a tough void to fill on the EG roster. He was undoubtedly their best fragger during Season 10, and the team struggled without him during the US Nationals.

I’m not high on Evil Geniuses heading into Season 11. There is a new crop of young, hungry players being infused into Pro League who are ready to flip the power structure upside-down. Season 11 could be the end of EG’s reign in the NA region.

Prediction: 5th

Luminosity Gaming

  • Season 10 Results: 5-3-6 (74-77), finished 4th in NA
  • Projected Starting 5: Doodle, Hyena, Rexen, Factor, Slashug
  • Key Losses: Tomas
  • Key Additions: Slashug

Players to Watch

Rexen was Luminosity’s go-to fragger during Season 10 and the US Nationals. Rexen’s killing potential as an entry-fragger/roamer often goes unnoticed, but his ability to create space for teammates is a crucial part of Luminosity’s strategy.

Slashug is another ex-Rogue player who jumped ship after being relegated. He played a Lion/Kaid role for Luminosity during the US Nationals and posted the second-best rating on the team behind Rexen.

Factor joined LG halfway through Season 10 after PiXeL was dropped. Factor has potential due to his gun skill, but he often takes too many risks, leading to a low survival rating.

Season 11 Forecast

LG got off to a hot start during their Pro League debut with big wins over TSM, DarkZero, and Reciprocity in the first four Playdays. Then, a 0-7 massacre versus Evil Geniuses, the only donut during NA Season 10, rattled the LG roster.

Luminosity ended Season 10 losing four out of five maps and then continued the losing trend during US Nationals. LG projects as a team outside the top five due to its downward spiral in the last couple of months. The players will need to find their groove again if they want to stay in the top half of the league.

Prediction: 6th

Obey Alliance

  • Challenger League Season 10 Results: 10-1-3 (84-65), promoted to Pro League after beating Susquehanna Soniqs 2-0 in Relegation Semifinal
  • Projected Starting 5: Callout, Gryxr, Phozzo, Forrest, Abunai
  • Key Losses: N/A
  • Key Additions: N/A 

Players to Watch

Gryxr was by far Obey Alliance’s best player during Challenger League Season 10. His +63 K/D was the highest mark in the past two seasons of any NA Challenger player. There will be a lot of hype surrounding Gryxr to see if he can keep up his stellar play in Pro League.

Phozzo and Callout finished CL Season 10 on the other end of the spectrum, combining for a K/D of -39 through 145 rounds. Gryxr made up for a lot of Phozzo and Callout’s dead weight, but the duo could be on the hot seat if they don’t improve their numbers in Pro League.

Season 11 Forecast

Obey Alliance is back in Pro League after being relegated during Season 8. The roster that was relegated to Challengers after Season 8 is long gone, and the new roster is the former Pittsburgh Embers squad.

Obey was far and away the most dominant team in NA Challenger League S10. They doubled the win total of 2Faced, who finished second in the standings.

Challenger League success does not always translate into Pro League wins, however. The Season 10 Susquehanna Soniqs struggled to find their footing in Pro League after finishing with a 9-2-3 record in Challenger League. Obey must record wins against better competition before they can rank any higher in my projections.

Prediction: 7th

Tempo Storm (formerly 2Faced)

  • Challenger League Season 10 Results: 5-7-2 (84-67), promoted to Pro League after beating Rogue 2-1 in Relegation Semifinal
  • Projected Starting 5: Butterzz, Dream, Creators, Filthy, Krazy
  • Key Losses: N/A
  • Key Additions: N/A 

Players to Watch

Butterzz was the man for 2Faced during Challenger League Season 10. He posted a team-best +35 K/D and won four clutches playing the majority of his time as Buck/Jäger.

Butterzz’s play faltered, however, in Tempo Storm’s 0-2 loss to the Susquehanna Soniqs during Round 1 of the US Nationals. He will need to be consistent in the entry-fragger role if Tempo Storm wants to win in Pro League.

Dream plays a crucial role for Tempo Storm, but he struggled to get kills during Challenger League Season 10. Dream’s 19 Diffuser plants were good for second-best in the league, but his -25 K/D was second-worst. Things will only get tougher from here on out now that Tempo Storm is in the big leagues. 

Season 11 Forecast

 Tempo Storm will make its Rainbow Six debut after acquiring the 2Faced roster that finished second in Challengers League. 2Faced took down Rogue 2-1 in the relegation match to secure a spot in Pro League Season 11.

2Faced didn’t exactly set the North American Challenger region on fire and finished with more ties than wins by the end of the season (5-7-2). If 2Faced had trouble securing precious wins against Challenger League teams, it’s hard to see them having an easier time in Pro League.

Prediction: 8th



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