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Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 11 Europe Preview and Analysis

By Jory Hollander in Esports
| January 1, 2020 9:44 pm PDT
Rainbow 6 Pro League Season 11 Preview

The Rainbow Six Pro League returns for another season on January 6th, and in this post, I’m going to break down each team from the European region.

Season 11 of Pro League will feature the eight best teams in Europe, including two new teams from Challenger League. There will be no relegations after Season 11. Instead, the EU region will be expanded to ten teams with two more additions from the EU Challenger League.

The two teams with the most points after the season ends will head to Playoff Finals to face off against the best teams from each region of Pro League.

In this Pro League Season 11 preview, I’m going to give you each team’s results from Season 10, their projected starting roster, key roster changes, players to watch, and a forecast of their Season 11 results.

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Natus Vincere

  • Season 10 Results: 10-0-4 (80-67), Won Grand Finals
  • Projected Starting 5: neLo, CTZN, Kendrew, Saves, Pie
  • Key Additions: N/A
  • Key Losses: N/A 

Players to Watch

CTZN had a decent start to Season 10 and then turned on the jets in the second half of the season to finish as the most dominant player in the league. CTZN boasted a +53 K/D after everything was said and done, and he is one of the true rising stars in R6.

Kendrew is the other heavy-hitter on NaVi who does a little bit of everything for the team. He is NaVi’s usual planter on offense and an effective anchor on defense. The 20-year-old captain led the Pro League Finals in diffuser plants, and his quick plant executes are a big factor behind NaVi’s success.

Season 11 Forecast

NaVi is a true story of zero to hero in R6S esports. The NaVi roster (formerly MnM Gaming) won their region in the United Kingdom, won the EU Challenger League, won the EU Pro League, and then most recently won the Pro League Grand Finals.

It seems like nothing can stop NaVi as they excel on every level that Rainbow 6 esports has to offer. NaVi is heading into Season 11 with the same roster that won them Season 10, and I expect another successful season from the current champs.

Prediction: Pro League Season 11 Finals

Team Empire

  • Season 10 Results: 7-4-3 (84-70), finished 4th in EU
  • Projected Starting 5: ShepparD, JoyStiCK, karzheka, Scyther, Dan
  • Key Additions: N/A
  • Key Losses: N/A 

Players to Watch

JoyStiCK is a joy to watch because he is one of the soundest mechanical players in Siege. Empire usually utilizes JoyStiCK as a roamer, and his favorite operator during Season 10 was the three-speed Jäger.

Dan has spent the shortest amount of time with Empire, but he ended Season 10 as the team’s highest-rated player. Dan led the EU Pro League with 6 clutches, and he led Empire with 25 opening kills during Season 10.

Season 11 Forecast

Team Empire started Season 10 with high expectations, and they were easily the best team in the league at the midseason split. After the halfway point, Empire’s grasp over the EU region started to slip, and they finished the season in the 4th spot.

Although Empire missed the Season 10 playoffs, they are still one of the strongest teams in the world. The current roster is an upgrade from the 2018 roster that won a Six Invitational Championship, and many are expecting Team Empire to be holding the trophy at the end of Season 11.

Prediction: Pro League Season 11 Finals

G2 Esports

  • Season 10 Results: 8-2-4 (86-63), finished 3rd in EU
  • Projected Starting 5: Pengu, Fabian, Kantoraketti, UUNO, Cryn
  • Key Additions: Cryn
  • Key Losses: Goga 

Players to Watch

Pengu is consistently the highest-rated player on G2 and the team’s best fragger. His +42 kill differential was good for second-best in the league, and Pengu continues to be one of the brightest stars in Rainbow 6.

Kantoraketti is one of the most exhilarating players in the world due to his risky playstyle and insane mechanical skill. He peeks angles and takes fights that other players wouldn’t dream of, but it’s just another day at the office for Kanto.

Season 11 Forecast

G2 Esports is known as the most dominant team in Rainbow 6 history. They’ve won just about every tournament Siege has to offer and have amassed over $1.1 million in prize money as a team.

G2 missed the playoffs in Season 10, and that was an unacceptable result for the franchise. They replaced Goga with Cryn to shake up the roster, but the change prompted an abysmal showing at the OGA PIT Minor 2019.

G2 could continue to lose ground on the EU region if Cryn can’t find a way to integrate with his new roster. Their pedigree keeps them at 3rd in my rankings, but it’s been an underwhelming few months for G2.

Prediction: 3rd

Giants Gaming

  • Season 10 Results: 9-2-3 (83-60), Lost to Aerowolf 1-2 in Playoff Quarterfinal
  • Projected Starting 5: Hicks, risze, AceeZ, korey, To Be Determined
  • Key Additions: To Be Determined
  • Key Losses: Alphama 

Players to Watch

Aceez and risze are the two big fraggers on the Giants’ roster. Both players finished Season 10 with solid Player Ratings and a combined kill differential of +62.

Alphama was the weakest gunner on the Giants roster, but he was also the team’s go-to diffuser planter. With Alphama out of the picture, we could see Hicks step up into the planter role going forward.

Season 11 Forecast

Giants Gaming sat on top of the leaderboard for most of Season 10 but fell off in the last couple of playdays and lost the #1 spot to NaVi. The loss to Aerowolf in the Playoff Quarterfinals raised more questions than answers about the future of Giants Gaming.

Giants have yet to sign a 5th player since Alphama left the team in November, and with the start of Season 11 quickly approaching, there won’t be much time to integrate a new member into the existing roster. The uncertainty surrounding Giants Gaming keeps them out of a top-3 spot in my rankings.

Prediction: 4th

BDS Esport

  • CL Season 10 Results: 10-3-1 (88-58), beat GiFu eSports 2-0 in Relegation
  • Projected Starting 5: rxwd, Shaiiko, Renshiro, Panix, RaFaLe
  • Key Additions: N/A
  • Key Losses: N/A 

Players to Watch

Shaiiko led all players in the EU Challenger League with a +72 kill differential and 1.41 player rating. The French player was banned from ESL events for two years after being caught using macros in 2017, but his ban is now lifted, and he’s tearing through the competition.

RaFaLe was the second-best fragger on BDS, and he led the EU Challenger League with 22 diffuser plants. Getting down the diffuser is essential to success in Rainbow 6, and BDS is in good hands with RaFaLe planting.

Season 11 Forecast

BDS Esport is one of the fastest-rising teams in Rainbow 6. They made their way out of Challenger League by taking down GiFu 2-0 in relegation and then showed they belong with the big dogs by winning the Six Invitational European Qualifier 2020 in December.

BDS took down some of the top teams in the 2020 European Qualifier. They bested Vitality, Chaos, MnM (NaVi), and Secret on their way to a Six Invitational bid. The European Qualifier win put them on the map as a team to look out for, and BDS will have high expectations heading into Season 11.

Prediction: 5th 

Team Vitality

  • Season 10 Results: 8-1-5 (75-68), finished 5th in EU
  • Projected Starting 5: BriD, BiBoo, Stigi, Goga, Hungry
  • Key Additions: Goga, Hungry
  • Key Losses: Quaal (benched), Spark (benched) 

Players to Watch

Team Vitality made the biggest offseason splash in EU when they benched Quaal and Spark and signed Goga and Hungry.

Goga had a down season for G2 but is known as a reliable player, and his championship experience should help elevate the rest of the Vitality roster.

Hungry is an ex-PENTA player who was picked up after PENTA was relegated to Challenger League. Hungry was PENTA’s best fragger during Season 10 and the only PENTA player to record a positive K/D.

Season 11 Forecast

Team Vitality made big offseason moves to try to avoid another finish in the bottom half of the league. They added experience and fragging to a solid core three of BriD, BiBoo, and Stigi, but it’s unclear if they will be able to improve in the ultra-competitive EU region.

The Challenger League teams moving up from relegation are some of the strongest we’ve seen, and Vitality will have to improve significantly if they want to expand upon their 5th place finish in Season 10.

Prediction: 6th


  • CL Season 10 Results: 10-3-1 (92-47), beat PENTA 2-0 in Relegation
  • Projected Starting 5: wTg, Rask, Shockwave, KaMa, p4sh4, Shangri (substitute)
  • Key Additions: N/A
  • Key Losses: N/A 

Players to Watch

Rask was forZe’s highest-rated player during Season 10. He managed to finish with an eye-popping +50 kill differential in just 139 rounds. The Buck/Jager main was also able to secure 4 clutches during his time in Challenger League.

Shockwave is an ex-Empire player who was essentially traded for Dan back in May 2019. Shockwave is the only forZe player with experience at the highest level of Siege. He was a part of the Empire team that lost to G2 in the Grand Finals of the Six Invitational 2019.

Season 11 Forecast

forZe is an all-Russian esports team that made their way into the Pro League by taking down PENTA 2-0 in Relegation. The Russian squad has put together some nice results over the past year, including a first-place finish at the Six Major Europe 2019 and a 3-4th at the Six Major Raleigh 2019.

Like BDS Esport, forZe was a dominating force in the competitive EU Challenger League during Season 10. They are certainly an up-and-coming squad to keep an eye on moving forward.

Prediction: 7th

Chaos Esports Club

  • Season 10 Results: 4-1-9 (68-81), finished 6th in EU
  • Projected Starting 5: Secretly, REDGROOVE, Renuilz, VITO, SHA77E
  • Key Additions: SHA77E
  • Key Losses: Kripps 

Players to Watch

REDGROOVE was Chaos’ highest-rated player during Season 10, sporting an even 1.00 rating on the season. The Swede has been with the club since 2018 and projects as their best player heading into Season 11.

Chaos picked up SHA77E from GiFu, a team that fell victim to relegation, during the offseason. SHA77E’s stats did not impress during Season 10. He sported a rough -29 K/D for the season, but he wasn’t the only player on GiFu who had a tough year. A change of scenery might help turn the veteran’s career around.

Season 11 Forecast

Chaos Esports Club finished 6th in Season 9, 6th in Season 10, and it’s safe to assume we can expect a similar result from Chaos in Season 11. They’ve been a team who has had trouble getting over the hump, finishing 4-8th in their last six Major tournaments.

The EU region is only going to be stronger than ever before in Season 11. Chaos might need to acquire a star player or mix up their coaching if they want to improve upon their recent string of results.

Prediction:  8th



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