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Rainbow Six Pro League North America Playday 3 Preview and Betting Picks

By Jory Hollander in Esports
| January 11, 2020 8:46 am PDT
Rainbow Six Pro League Logo and Characters in Gas Masks

The Rainbow Six Pro League is back for its 11th season of play. The stakes are higher, the talent is more exceptional, and the community around Rainbow Six esports continues to grow.

The first week of Pro League introduced two new teams, eUnited and Tempo Storm, to the North American region. Two new Operators were also added to Pro League, although we haven’t seen Amaru played this season.

In this article, I’m going to break down each matchup between the eight North American teams during Playday 3 on January 13th. If you’re interested in betting on the Rainbow Six Pro League, check out our full list of esports betting sites.

Let’s go ahead and get started with my Rainbow Six Pro League North America Playday 3 preview and picks.

DarkZero Esports (1-1-0) vs. Tempo Storm (0-1-1)

The match between DarkZero Esports and Tempo Storm goes down on Monday, January 13, at 5:00 PM PST.

DarkZero Esports

DarkZero Esports easily could have been 1-0-1 during week 1 if Reciprocity didn’t choke their second match. Reciprocity was up 6-3 against DarkZero on Bank, but they couldn’t break the DZ defense for three straight rounds and tied 6-6.

DarkZero’s match against Spacestation was a good example of why DZ is considered one of the top teams in NA. Spacestation went up 5-3 while attacking first, but DarkZero was able to clutch and win four attacking rounds in a row to secure the match.

DarkZero Esports looks like a team that is still trying to nail down their strategies, and they haven’t found a singular winning strategy yet. It felt like DarkZero could have won Bank against Reciprocity if they didn’t stubbornly bring a Montagne, an Operator that was getting little value during the first four attacks.

Mint’s shield play led him to a 1-11 K/D against Reciprocity, and early-round deaths from Mint nullified the late-round utility that Montagne usually brings. DarkZero will have to do a better job protecting their shield player if that’s going to be a go-to attacking strategy for them.

Tempo Storm

Tempo Storm has the lowest expectations of any team in Pro League due to playing last season in Challenger League and a lack of wins against Pro League caliber teams. It could be a long season of learning from and improving upon mistakes as TS gets acclimated to the level of Pro League.

Tempo’s map against Luminosity was a very close match. Each team won three attacking rounds and three defending rounds in a back-and-forth affair. Tempo Storm then struggled to defend against eUnited on Border; Armory/Archives was the only site they were able to defend successfully.

Butterzz and Creators were Tempo’s top guns during Challenger League Season 10, and that continued in their first two matches of Pro League. Both players carried a heavy load of playmaking and swapping Operators when needed.

DarkZero vs. Tempo Storm Prediction

DarkZero is the more experienced team with the more renowned players, and this match should be theirs to lose. Tempo has proven they aren’t pushovers with 10 round-wins in two matches, and DarkZero will have to be sharp to win seven rounds against them.

DarkZero has room to improve after their first two matches, and I expect them to get on track against Tempo Storm. Tempo will win two attacks and two defenses but fall short by a score of 4-7.

Pick: DarkZero Esports 7-4

Team Reciprocity (0-1-1) vs. Spacestation Gaming (1-0-1)

This Rainbow Six Pro League match will be played on January 13 at 6:15 PM PST. Let’s check out how these two teams should match up.

Team Reciprocity

Reciprocity sits at the bottom of the NA rankings after finishing week one with a 0-1-1 record and a -5 round differential. The early results are disappointing for Reciprocity, who finished Season 10 as the second-best team in North America.

Reciprocity got stomped by TSM 2-7 in their first match on Villa, and then they choked a match against DarkZero on Bank that ended in a 6-6 tie. There were some noticeable defensive breakdowns in both of Reciprocity’s matches that lost crucial rounds.

Reciprocity’s defensive struggles occurred both on and off of the objective sites. There was a lack of vertical control on Villa against TSM, and DarkZero was able to pull off a ninja Diffuser plant on Bank with all the members of Reciprocity still alive.

Nyx had some nice moments for Reciprocity in week 1. He was able to win gunfights with the SMG-11 and did a good job denying pushes from the attacking team. Reciprocity needs to get more value out of their entry-fraggers/roamers if they want to get back to where they ended last season.

Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation is a team with high expectations after winning the US Nationals 2019 in November. SSG wasn’t flawless during Pro League week, but they showed enough to consider them a top team in the region moving forward.

The SSG roster has many veteran players who make few mistakes in their play. SSG is slow and deliberate in their attacks. They like to slowly tighten the noose around the defending team until the last few seconds of the round when they pounce and attack.

Fultz’s Zofia play stood out during SSG’s first two matches. Fultz was taking and winning aggressive gunfights, which helped turn a few crucial rounds around. We’ve seen Zofia be an important attacker operator now that Goyo is a popular defender. Her explosive utility is crucial for clearing Vulcán Shields at distance.

Team Reciprocity vs. Spacestation Gaming Prediction

Spacestation’s future looks much brighter than Reciprocity through one week of play. SSG has a noticeable style and cadence to their playstyle, while Reciprocity needs more time to integrate recent additions Nyx and VertcL into the roster.

I see Spacestation running away with this match, and I don’t think Reciprocity can take more than three rounds off of SSG in their current form. SSG continues to rise, 7-3.

Pick: Spacestation Gaming 7-3

eUnited (1-0-1) vs. Luminosity Gaming (0-1-1)

eUnited and Luminosity Gaming will be facing off on January 13 at 7:30 PM PST, and I see this particular match as being a close one that both teams will fight hard for.


eUnited made its first foray into the Pro League this past week after acquiring the core of the Obey Alliance roster. Phozzo and Abunai were dropped once Obey Alliance was acquired, and Yeti, Read, and Alphama were added to the roster in their place.

Read “Read” Adams is a stand-in for eUnited while Alphama clears visa issues and takes time to integrate from the EU region to the NA region. Alphama is a strong French player who can certainly contribute to eUnited once he’s with the team.

The current dilemma for eUnited, and it’s a good one to have, is that Read has been their best player through the first two playdays. Read recorded a 26-14 K/D during the first two matches, and he wildly surpassed the expectations of a stand-in player.

Now, eUnited must decide if they want to keep Read in favor of Alphama or one of their other players. Read may be dropped to make room once Alphama is available, but expect him to be picked up quickly by another team if that happens.

Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity is off to a 0-1-1 start after losing to Evil Geniuses 5-7 during Playday 1 and then tying Tempo Storm 6-6 during Playday 2. Although Luminosity wasn’t able to secure any seven round-wins during their matches, they did give themselves a chance to win each map.

Luminosity did a nice job using defensive utility to stall attacking pushes in week 1. Rexen used a Deployable Shield to hold the top of Blue Stairs on Bank that cleverly thwarted the attack of Tempo Storm. Deployable Shields are stronger than ever before now that they have bulletproof slits, and it’s a good sign to see LG playing to the strengths of the meta.

Slashug, Luminosity’s most recent addition, had a strong debut for his new team. He was the leading fragger for Luminosity during a losing effort against Evil Geniuses and had some nice rounds as Pulse.

eUnited vs. Luminosity Gaming Prediction

The emergence of Read was an unexpected revelation for eUnited, and it’s made the future of eUnited difficult to predict because of the impending roster changes. Luminosity should be able to capitalize on eUnited’s instability, and LG should take advantage of their team’s continuity in this matchup.

Based on both team’s performances in week 1, I see this matchup going the distance. This should be an absolute brawl, and I expect both teams to earn a draw-point, 6-6.

Pick: Draw 6-6

Evil Geniuses (1-0-1) vs. Team SoloMid (2-0-0)

This match between Evil Geniuses and Team Solo-Mid comes with a lot of history and hype behind it. It goes down on January 13 at 8:45 PM PST.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses was one of the early disappointments in the NA region despite the fact that they won their first match. EG took down Luminosity in a close 7-5 victory, but Luminosity is considered a weak team in the region.

Evil Geniuses’ disappointing showing came against Spacestation Gaming during Playday 2. EG went down 0-6 while on Clubhouse defense, a map where you’d expect defenders to have more of an advantage.

However, The Clubhouse defensive blunders could have just been a case of bad map pick for EG. The team was able to win five of their six defensive rounds against Luminosity on Consulate.

EG struggled to play the objective in week 1. They only recorded one Diffuser plant in each of their two matches, and many of the rounds they lost seemed one-sided with a heavy reliance on winning gunfights.

Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid is looking like the team to beat though the first two playdays of Pro League. TSM is the only NA team without a loss or tie, and their impressive 14-5 round differential shows just how dominant they’ve been.

TSM started both of their matches against eUnited and Reciprocity with early-round losses as they adjusted to their opponent’s pace of play. There was little that eUnited and Reciprocity could do to win rounds once the TSM guns got warmed up.

Merc was exceptional during both of Team SoloMid’s matches. He recorded a combined 26-11 K/D on Consulate and Villa, and his roam-clearing Zofia play was instrumental in helping TSM dominate its attacking rounds.

TSM is one of the stronger Diffuser planting teams in NA, recording nine Diffuser plants in two matches. TSM’s ability to execute Diffuser plants shows that they are winning rounds by playing the objective, instead of just fragging to win rounds.

Evil Geniuses vs. Team SoloMid Prediction

This match will likely be the most hyped of the day due to the reputation and history of these two teams. TSM is the hot squad of aimers that everyone wants to watch. EG is the old guard who is determined to not let the young upstarts steal the spotlight.

Try as they might, I don’t think Evil Geniuses will be able to stop the juggernaut that is TSM. This match won’t live up to the hype; TSM is too strong for EG in their current form. Team SoloMid takes the match, 7-4.

Pick: Team SoloMid 7-4



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