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Quick and Dirty Tips for a MUCH Better Online Gambling Experience

| June 15, 2017 12:00 am PDT
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I don’t really know where the phrase “quick and dirty” came from or really how it ever describes. It seemed like a fitting title and something I see a lot on really helpful tip lists, so I decided to go with it. These tips are going to be quick but there’s not really anything dirty about them.

Now that I’ve gotten my ADD rant out of the way, let’s dig into what I actually came here to talk with you about today. The online gambling experience is one of the coolest innovations in the gambling industry probably ever. The ability to play your favorite casino games from the comfort of your own home is beyond incredible. It saves you money, time, hassle, and ultimately gives you a much better gambling experience.

As with anything in life, there are ways to make a good experience great. Since I’ve spent about 15 years in the online gambling industry, I wanted to throw some quick (and not so dirty) tips your way to make your online gambling experience better. Some of these tips might seem basic to you, and some of them could be that amazing light bulb moment that changes your world. Some of the tips might also not seem like a big deal now, but I can guarantee that if the situation they address arises or when it arises, you will be thankful that you listened to me (or sad that you didn’t).

Fill Out Withdrawal Forms Early

When you win money online, you want to get that money as quickly as possible. Most people, though, are in for a rude awakening when they go to make their first withdrawal and are requested to send in documentation proving they are who they are. Almost all sites on the internet will require you to send in some form of documentation before they will release withdrawals to you.

For those wondering, this is NOT for tax purposes or to report to the government or anything like that. This is strictly so they can protect their butts from accidentally sending your money to the wrong person. This is done to protect you and of course, protect them as well in the process. The only reason that people really whine about this is that they only hear about it when they want their money off and are mad they have to wait.

Here’s the insider tip. You don’t have to wait until you make a withdrawal to fill out these forms or send in any necessary documentation.

You can send in this information at any point in time. What I recommend that you do is within the first week or so that you open your account, contact support and ask them what documents will be required if and when you want to cash out your winnings. Tell them you want to get them taken care of now in case you win so you don’t have to wait.

They will happily give you what you need to fill out or send in, and you can get it taken care of right away. That way when you go to make your first withdrawal, there will be no delay. You won’t have to do this more than once, and it only takes a few minutes. It can take them a few days to approve your forms, though, which is not a big deal when you aren’t waiting for a cashout but becomes more annoying when you’re waiting to get your money.

Read GOOD Reviews

I’m going to pre-warn you that this is going to be a short plug for this site, but it’s one that is completely warranted. Even though it’s a plug, it’s also going to be a worthwhile tip that can make a significant difference in your online gambling experience. Let’s start with the tip and work backward.

You need to read GOOD reviews of any site that you are contemplating putting even a dollar on.

If you notice, I’ve put the word good in caps over and over again. This is because based on a statistic I’m about to makeup, 96% of online casino reviews on the web are garbage. Seriously, though, most online casino reviews on the web are garbage for a multitude of reasons. First, a lot of sites get paid or bribed by online sites to write glowing reviews. Second, a lot of sites reviewers are not experienced and don’t know what to look for.

The result here is garbage reviews that do you no good. You need reviews that aren’t paid for and are done by people that actually know what they’re looking for. I can personally guarantee you that every single site on the internet has things that need to be improved upon. If a site gives you only roses and rainbows, you can guarantee that they’re not doing a good job with their reviews.

Personally, I have written several reviews for this site, and exactly zero of them have ever gotten a perfect score. Why? Because the perfect gambling site does not exist. But it’s much like dating and finding a mate. You look for the mate (site) with the benefits you like and the drawbacks that don’t bother you or you can deal with. If a review doesn’t provide you what you need to know on both sides of this coin, you’re not going to be able to make an informed and intelligent decision.

Here comes the shameless plug. I can assure you from my first-hand knowledge that the reviews on this site are quality. I’ve NEVER been told to make a review sound better or to ignore negatives. I’ve only been told to give honest accounts of what I think of a site and nothing more and nothing less. Yes, this is the internet, and you don’t have to believe me, but I can do my best to assure you that this is the case. If you’re looking for a new online gambling home, check out the link here and read through a few. You’ll quickly see that we’re like the Russian judge in an ice skating competition; we’re tough to please.


Always Ask For More

This is one that most people are unaware of and understandably so. Ever have something you wish the site would do for you or wish you could take advantage of something not listed on the site? What most people don’t know is that much like brick and mortar casinos, the sites have some leeway in what they can offer you. The worst thing that can happen if you ask for something is they say no.

Now, as you might suspect, the more that you bet, the more likely they are going to be to do something special to accommodate you. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t get some extra perks as a part-time recreational player. The secret to getting additional stuff is asking.

I’ve got sites to increase the levels of bonuses for me. I’ve got sites to give me expedited cashouts. I’ve even got sites to give me promos that were old and no longer being run. Of course, this all depends on whether or not they are capable of it, but again, the worst thing that happens is they say no. In case you’re wondering, I’m not a huge player when it comes to online gambling. I am much more in line with the average user than you might suspect. I share that to let you know that this tip is not reserved for the big players only.

Understand and Monitor Promotions

I am always baffled that this tip is so effective. In other words, I am always baffled that most players don’t already do this tip as common practice. You need to understand fully any promotion or bonus that you participate in, and you need to always be on the lookout for new promotions.

Here’s something most people don’t realize. If a site is running a promotion, most of the time you are not included in the promotion automatically. 

This was a bit shocking to me at first, but with most promotions, you are required to opt-in. What does that mean? This means that you have to check a box somewhere or contact support and just tell them that you want to be included in the promotion.

Frankly, I think this is dumb, but I guess I can see why they’re doing it. I’m still not a fan of it, but we have to play the game to get the free money apparently. If you’re like me, you never read the terms of service with anything. You just check the ok box and move forward. With online gambling promotions, you are unfortunately going to want to read the terms of service.

A lot of times there are things hidden in there that you need to know or do to be able to receive the promotion. It’s MUCH better to be aware of these BEFORE you start the promotion instead of after when it’s too late to do anything about it. Yes, I know this is boring, but it’s only going to take a couple of minutes and could be the difference between no money and thousands of dollars.

Do yourself a big favor and take the time to read these. If you have ANY questions, don’t just assume the answer. Contact support and get an answer and keep that transcript in case there are any issues later. It’s, unfortunately, your responsibility to protect yourself.

The second part of this tip is that you need to be on the lookout for new promotions all the time. If a site is a quality site, they’re going to be introducing new promotions all the time. Most of the time, they will send out an email to their list server to let you know about it, but you can’t necessarily count on that. Step one is of course to join the site’s mailing list. Step two is to periodically (maybe monthly) check the site’s promotions page to see if there is anything new.

Step three is to check other online sites that you have marked as good based on the GOOD reviews you read. Why would you play a game at one site where you are getting no extra bonuses when you can play it at another site and get free cash or free stuff? The answer is that you wouldn’t do that because you are smart and going to follow these tips. I know plenty of players that hop around between sites to take advantage of promotions. They have one site that is their home base site, but they happily go other places to take advantage of promos.

This is a lot like when you go grocery shopping. You do most of it at one store, but if you see a killer sale on ground beef, you’re going to head to the other store to get your meat for at least that week.

The Wrap Up

  • Fill out your withdrawal forms early
  • Read GOOD reviews
  • Ask for more
  • Understand and monitor promotions

Follow these simple tips, and your online gambling experience is going to be immensely better. I’d love to overcomplicate this, but it’s just that easy.



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