Puppy Bowl Betting Guide for 2021 – How and Where to Bet

By Jennifer Hassan in Super Bowl
| January 30, 2021 6:30 am PST
Puppy Bowl Betting Guide for 2021

Few events perk up the winter months like the Puppy Bowl. Oh, alright; there is the Super Bowl, too, of course.

But for sports bettors and animal lovers alike, there is plenty of action at the Puppy Bowl to make one forget about football.

In this post, I tell you how to bet on the Puppy Bowl and explain some of the finer points of the bets available.

Look at the odds below, and you will see there is a chance to make some good money on both the age and breed of the MVP.

I will also let you know where—among the top-rated online sportsbooks– you can place your real money Puppy Bowl wagers.

What is the Puppy Bowl?

An intense competition between two teams (of dogs) on a gridiron, sweating bullets to score points and avoid penalties.

One exceptional dog will be named Game MVP and will hold that title until the following February.

Where to Bet on the Puppy Bowl in 2021

You may be able to find odds for Puppy Bowl betting at in-person casinos, but I prefer to place my bets – for both the Puppy Bowl and the Super Bowl— using online betting sites or mobile gambling apps.

The best sites for betting on the Puppy Bowl are those that use the latest internet security protocols and that have the highest customer service ratings. Once I am satisfied that my funds are secure, I then turn to the other benefits of wagering online.

Advantages of the Top Puppy Bowl Betting Sites

  • You can browse the odds at your leisure.
  • Betting apps and sites have more prop bets available, and an easier way to scan the offerings.
  • You don’t have to drive to a sportsbook; wager right from home or mobile device
  • Online sportsbooks offer lucrative bonuses to win your business.
  • Fast payouts, without the need for a second drive to a sportsbook.
  • If you change your mind after the bet is made, you can easily make another wager from your device to “hedge your bet.”

Keep in mind that I do also wager at in-person sportsbooks on occasion, but only if I am meeting friends in Vegas and we are making it part of an outing.

Otherwise, the efficiency and convenience of betting online make this method overwhelmingly favorable, in my opinion.

About the 2021 Puppy Bowl

Puppy BowlLogo

The Puppy Bowl has some similarities to the Super Bowl in that there are two Puppy Bowl teams: Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Also, the dogs compete on a gridiron field complete with end zones.

Puppies score points by pulling football-shaped toys into their end zone.

The final game score is what allows you to bet on the Puppy Bowl for real money, if you have bet on the spread or upon the winning team.

Here’s how the game plays out.

  • The puppies are set up on the field for the first half, with each puppy getting a break after 20 minutes.
  • The halftime show features cats, as described below, and can last between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • The second half then begins, and the dogs recommence the competition until the total running time of the Puppy Bowl ends at 120 minutes.
  • The game MVP is declared.

Penalties Are Possible

When you bet on the Puppy Bowl online, you should know that there are penalties given in this event, just as there are in the Super Bowl.

Penalties can accrue if a puppy urinates or defecates on the field (poor sportsmanship). Other penalties include “intimidating the referee” and “lying down instead of playing.”

An MVP is declared when the game is completed. In recent years viewers can help vote for the recipient.

This is where the online Puppy Bowl betting gets real, since most bettors put wagers on the gender and age of the MVP.

Of course, there is also a half-time show featuring kitten cheerleaders and feline DJs. A floating blimp cam featuring hamster commentators frequently shows up at the Puppy Bowl but is not a guaranteed element.

Puppy Bowl Show Times

Due to the popularity of this event, and the fact that some Puppy Bowl enthusiasts also want to catch the Super Bowl, there are two times you can watch the Puppy Bowl.

The official Puppy Bowl time occurs when the Animal Planet will be airing the event at 2 p.m. with pre-game coverage starting at 1 p.m. If that time doesn’t work for you, you can stream the event on Discovery+ later in the day.

Important Note

The Puppy Bowl is not played on Super Bowl Sunday, but is played months earlier and videotaped

Results are kept under lock and key until the Big Day.

2021 Puppy Bowl Betting Odds

Of course, the odds around Puppy Bowl betting can change before the event’s start. But here is a snapshot of where the odds stand at this moment.

Team Fluff to Win -120
Team Ruff to Win -120

As you can see, neither team is favored here.

Team Fluff and Team Ruff are both being given an equal chance of winning by the online betting sits.

Here are the Puppy Bowl odds for the MVP.

MVP is a Male -130
MVP is a Female -110

We can tell from the Puppy Bowl MVP odds below that the statisticians believe that the MVP will be a male.

If you also believe the MVP will be male, then betting $130 will net you a win of $100, so you will receive $230 in your online betting account.

If you prefer to bet on the MVP being female, wager $110 to net a $100 gain. Because the odds tell you that a female MVP is less likely, you can wager less to make $100.

Likewise, the following odds let you know that the sportsbooks deem it far more likely that the MVP will be younger than 17.5 weeks old.

The ages of the dogs that participate in the Puppy Bowl range from about 12 to 21 weeks. This can be critical information when you bet money on the Puppy Bowl.

Age of MVP over 17.5 weeks +130
Age of MVP under 17.5 weeks -170

If you look at the Puppy Bowl lineup of K9 contenders on the Animal Planet website, you will see that most of the dogs are of mixed breed.

There are only a few purebreds—American Staffordshire Terriers, a dalmatian, and a Fox Hound or two–which explains these online Puppy Bowl betting odds.

MVP breed: pure +450
MVP breed: mixed -850

Tips for Betting on the 2021 Puppy Bowl

First, you need to look at the lineup of dogs on each team. Some dogs will be from breeds known for intelligence, while others are known for tenacity (fox hounds).

There is one breed common to the lineup this year which is famous for not letting go of any dog toy, ever. Yes, I speak of terriers.

Here are some pointers (pun intended).

Consider your breeds
Team Fluff has an Australian Shepherd mix in its lineup named Theodore. This means there may actually be some discipline on the turf. However, Mary Anne (boxer/AmStaff mix) may battle him for dominance, despite the fact that they are on the same team! Belichick/Brady, anyone?
Ringer or Hindrance?
Team Fluff has Jett in the starting lineup. Jett has two hind legs, two front wheels, and a look of canny intelligence. You must decide if this player will help or hinder Team Fluff’s point advantage.
Beagles: Regal, or Just a Royal Pain?
Team Ruff has more Beagle in its lineup than Team Fluff. Will this inquisitive and determined breed be a deal maker for Team Ruff as it goes for the win?
Know the Wild Card
Team Fluff has enlisted Fozzie as a starter. Fozzie is half Norwegian Elkhound, half Eurasier. These are two exotic breeds, and even died-in-the-wool dog enthusiasts have no idea how this dog will respond to the noise and pressure of competition. You’ll have to do your own math on this one.

The Puppy Bowl never fails to ramp up the excitement on an already wild day.

Will the underdog win some big money for high-risk bettors?

Or will the game go in the direction that the bookmaker’s statisticians anticipate?

No one knows for sure until the final whistle is called.

However you decide to bet on the 2021 Puppy Bowl, make sure you stick with the top online sportsbooks and betting apps I recommend.



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