6 Pro Tips for Live Betting on Dota 2 Matches

| November 17, 2021 1:13 pm PST

Dota 2 remains one of the most popular esports out there and it’s no surprise that many betting sites cover the game. You can find all sorts of gambling options, including plenty of live markets.

The bookies are not that good when it comes to preparing the odds because they can’t work with hard numbers like in traditional sports. That’s why you can often find opportunities to make money from Dota 2 live betting.

Another reason to give it a go is that essentially all big matches are available on Twitch and YouTube for free. You can tune in and try your luck with ease.

If that sounds appealing, I have prepared six tips Dota 2 live betting tips that can improve your chances to win cash.

The Drafting Stage Is Crucial

One of my favorite strategies for live betting on anything is to target Dota 2 matches instantly after the drafting stage. The lineups are crucial and you can often see clearly which team has the upper hand before the “real game” has started.

Just observe and try to figure out if both sides have covered the following key points required to build a good Dota 2 lineup.

  • Laning – Do the teams have strong lanes compared to the opposition or is one of them expected to suffer early on and mostly play from behind?
  • Disables/Crowd Control – You need enough stuns and disables to win a game of Dota 2. There should be at least a few heroes that provide that or your lineup will struggle.
  • Push/Wave Clear – The ability to clear the waves is essential for both pushing and defending your own buildings. It’s easier to capitalize on winning big team fights and gain map control, both of which are pivotal in Dota 2.
  • Initiation/Counter-Initiation – The luxury to start team fights on your own terms can make a hell of a difference in the mid and late game.
  • Overall Team Synergy – Are there any big wombo combos in one of the lineups? Are there enough synergies that make the whole of the heroes picked greater than the sum of its parts? You should always determine if that’s the case.
  • Late-Game Scaling – In certain strategies, you can afford to pick a lineup that lacks late-game scaling, but you can’t afford to completely ignore that. You need some heroes that can carry the clash for you if it goes on for a while.
  • Hard Counters – Are there any hard counters selected? If one of the teams managed to pick a hero that completely neutralizes an opposing player without sacrificing too much, that could be huge.
  • Execution Difficulty Level – Some lineups are easy to play in terms of execution, while others require phenomenal mechanical skill and a very precise timing. The squad that can get the best out of its lineup without much of a hassle usually has the upper hand.
  • Signature Heroes – Certain players are known for their signature heroes. For example, Ceb is notorious for his Magnus and you can expect big things if he has the chance to play that hero. Most teams respect the opponents enough to ban obvious picks, but there are exceptions.

I believe this covers the fundamentals and while it looks like a lot, most experienced Dota 2 players should be able to quickly spot any major problems in any of the lineups.

If you think you might miss any of the above, you could make a checklist. Take a quick look before the actual game starts. If you see a big advantage for any of the lineups and the odds are good, make sure to place a live Dota 2 wager.

Determine the Timings of Both Sides

The next big step when betting on Dota 2 matches live would be to determine the timings of both sides. Each squad enters the game with a strategy that relies on having the upper hand in a certain moment and capitalizing on it to win.

For Example
A pushing lineup relies on a fast tempo right after the laning stage that would deliver map control and force the opposing team to defend towers. The constant pressure is designed to prevent the opponents from farming and playing optimally.

Another common approach is to assemble a strong lineup for late-game team fights. In such cases, you have at least one or two big ultimate’s and heroes that scale well late. Your goal is to survive to that point without getting too far behind in net worth.

There are many different ways to play Dota 2 and win, so it’s pivotal to figure out what each team is trying to do early. That would help you understand how the squad is doing at any given moment. Playing from behind doesn’t always mean that the team is losing.

Follow the Laning Stage Closely

A lot of Dota 2 games are decided in the laning stage. Pro teams are very good at snowballing even with the slightest advantage to an easy win later on, so you should pay close attention to every lane early on.

Try to figure out which side is winning based on the following factors.

  • Creep Score – This number shows how many creeps the hero has killed and that’s the main source of gold and experience early on.
  • Creep Denies – Every time you kill one of your own creeps, the opponents lose gold and experience.
  • Regen Used – If a hero is forced to use a lot of regen, that means the player is spending his gold on consumables that don’t make his character stronger.
  • Kills – The laning stage is usually decided by the creeps, but if one of the sides gets some kills, that could make a major difference.

Try to evaluate the results from the laning stage from two different angles: absolute and relative outcomes. The first one obviously is focused on the raw numbers and what the heroes earned without taking into account anything else.

The second one is more complex and includes other factors. For example, a hero could be sent to a losing lane with the goal of just keeping the lead of the opponent respectable and hitting some levels. If these objectives are met, losing the lane as a whole is not a disaster.

On the contrary, if a player is slightly ahead when he was expected to completely dominate, that could be a big problem later on.

You should try to understand what’s going on based on the overall strategy and the execution early on. That would allow you to spot good wagers when you bet on Dota 2 live.

Always Follow the Gold and Experience Bars

This one is fairly simple but I still feel obliged to mention it. Every single time you’re watching a Dota 2 game with the intention of betting money on it, you should carefully follow the gold and experience bars.

They clearly show which team is ahead in resources and that might not be as obvious as you think. A lot of people only look at the kills, but it’s not uncommon for a certain team to be behind in kills and still lead the opposition in gold and experience because of more efficient overall play.

That’s why you should always keep an eye on the main resources in Dota 2.

Listen to the Casters

If you watch Dota 2 games online, there will be casters in most cases. A good majority of the people hired to comment on pro matches have decent knowledge about the game.

They are often pro players or coaches themselves, so they have the experience required to notice the little details you might’ve missed.

That’s why you should pay attention to their comments. Naturally, you should stay skeptical and rely mostly on your own analysis, but staying alert for different angles could be helpful in the long run.

Use the Top Dota 2 Betting Sites

My last piece of advice on live Dota 2 betting is related to the sites you use. Some of them are better than others in terms of odds, markets, and other factors.

Our recommended Dota 2 betting sites provide excellent opportunities to make some money and they have awesome bonuses you can use to gamble on esports. The overall value you get for every wager is higher, so you should take a look at what they offer.

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