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Previewing WWE Extreme Rules for 2021

| September 23, 2021 7:08 am PDT

The next big WWE show on the calendar is Extreme Rules 2021 and it’s this week! We know most of the matches already, so it feels like a good moment to share my thoughts on what can be expected on Sunday.

This WWE Extreme Rules 2021 betting preview includes key info about the event and my analysis of all fights that have been announced up to this point.

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Key Facts

WWE Extreme Rules 2021 is set to take place in Columbus, Ohio, on September 26. It’s the first time in the event’s history that it will be so late in the year, but that’s mostly because of the health crisis that forced the promotion to change the schedule multiple times.

The goal was to continue the live tour across the country, so WWE Extreme Rules 2021 will feature fans like many pro wrestling shows this year.

Here are all the confirmed matches on the fight card at the moment I’m writing this post.

Match Stipulation Title
Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair Singles Match WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
Damian Priest vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus Triple Threat Match WWE United States Championship
Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss Singles Match WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Roman Reigns vs. “The Demon” Finn Bálor Extreme Rules Match WWE Universal Championship
The Usos (Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso) vs. The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) Tag Team Match WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Liv Morgan vs. Carmella Singles Match

The Extreme Rules 2021 schedule looks great right now, with plenty of titles on the line and at least one match that’s under the Extreme Rules stipulation.

The general expectations are that there will be more fights added and we can expect plenty of surprises by the WWE. With that in mind, let’s move to my previews of all WWE Extreme Rules 2021 matches that we know so far.

Roman Reigns vs. “The Demon” Finn Bálor Match Preview

I believe that the match between Roman Reigns and Finn Balor deserves special attention. It’s the only one up to this point that will be under the Extreme Rules stipulation and that’s hardly a surprise.

The feud has been going on for a while and Reigns was expected to defend his WWE Universal Championship against Finn Balor earlier before John Cena intervened.

The champion took out the veteran and it was time for Balor to reenter the picture. The storyline has been under the spotlight and the following video shows the most important moments up to this point.

We’ve seen the Usos and the Street Profits involved which is the reason why they will also meet on Sunday and Finn Balor’s alter ego the Demon showed up as well.

Honestly speaking, it feels like WWE is desperately trying to add some excitement to this feud. The organization is struggling to find a good storyline for Roman Reigns and John Cena’s return was just a temporary solution.

The story with Finn Balor is not much different and I don’t expect it to last for too long. That’s why most people expect an easy victory for Reigns in the upcoming Extreme Rules clash.

The only problem I see is that the organization needs to have a plan for Reigns to do that. He’s among the most popular faces in pro wrestling and it’s pivotal to keep him busy.

It’s possible that WWE might want to stall for a bit longer, so a victory for Finn Balor that would set up a potential rematch is not completely out of the question.

More WWE Extreme Rules 2021 Match Previews

We have five more matches on the schedule and four of them have a belt on the line. It should be a fun night and I expect another fight or two to be added by Sunday.

That would open the door for plenty of exciting WWE Extreme Rules 2021 betting opportunities. Here are my thoughts on the confirmed bouts.

Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair

This one has been coming for a while. Becky Lynch surprised Bianca Belair to steal her title at WWE Summer Slam 2021 and the former champ has been trying to get the belt back ever since.

Lynch has somehow avoided a rematch up to this point to Belair’s frustration. It was clear that can’t continue for too long when the contender won a Fatal 4-Way match for the official right to challenge for the title.

It was announced that the two wrestlers will meet at WWE Extreme Rules 2021, and this is how we got here. I see a strong case for Belair to win. This often happens when the champion is trying to hide for so long like Lynch did, so I think the belt will return to the contender.

Damian Priest vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

My WWE Extreme Rules 2021 preview continues with the only triple threat on the cards. Damian Priest will try to defend his WWE United States Champions against Jeff Hardy and Sheamus.

We knew that the champion would face the Irishman and since this is a match we’ve already seen, I think it was a good decision by WWE to add Hardy to the mix.

I don’t think that changes the potential outcome too much, though. It feels like Priest has been heavily promoted this year and a victory here makes the most sense.

Some rumors suggest that we might even see Bad Bunny once again. The champion recently stated that he expected the rapper to return to WWE eventually, so his potential cameo is another reason to back Priest.

Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss

The WWE Raw Women’s Championship will be the prize when Charlotte Flair meets Alex Bliss on Sunday. It’s one of the most exciting matches for the upcoming Extreme Rules and I believe it’s about time for Bliss to earn a belt.

A bunch of fans want to finally see her as a champion and her popularity has been on the rise in 2021. It feels like a win against Charlotte Flair makes a lot of sense and it could set up more matches between the two in the near future.

The Usos vs. The Street Profits

Two of the most popular teams in WWE are about to face each other for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The Usos are currently in possession of the belt, but you never know what might happen at Extreme Rules 2021.

The Bloodline know Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford very well. We’ve seen all sorts of twists and turns in the feud between the two teams and I genuinely don’t know what to expect from their upcoming match.

My gut feeling says that the Usos will win this one, but it could easily go the other way and I’m not sure what WWE plans to do with this championship.

Liv Morgan vs. Carmella

The only confirmed non-title fight at this point will feature Carmella and Liv Morgan. This is a huge opportunity for the latter to build some following in a PPV and it’s interesting what WWE decides when it comes to the eventual winner.

The feud has been going on for a while, so it wasn’t that big of a surprise when Morgan challenged her foe.

Carmella is the more established wrestler, and it makes sense for her to win. On the other hand, Morgan’s debut in a show of this caliber could be an indicator of WWE’s ambitions for her.

That’s enough for me to back her, but it’s certainly a close call.

Betting on the WWE Extreme Rules 2021

If you plan on betting on Extreme Rules 2021, you should certainly stay tuned. You can expect more detailed predictions for the main matches later this week, so make sure to follow our wrestling picks section for more information.

In case you prefer to prepare on your own, you should look at our WWE Extreme Rules betting guide. The page features plenty of tips and the top gambling sites for the show.

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