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Preview and Predictions for UEFA Champions League Group C

| September 7, 2018 12:00 am PDT
Champions League Group C

Group C of the UEFA 2018-2019 Champions League is one of the few where we have two legitimate contenders who could bring the trophy home. In fact, one of my value picks is Liverpool, but Paris Saint-Germain certainly has the potential to go all the way, too.

It’s exciting to see those two face each other in the group stage, while Napoli is a team that has the potential to give both favorites a good fight. The only side that seems doomed right now is the champion of Serbia, Red Star Belgrade.

Still, the club and the supporters should be happy, as there will be a lot of excitement and financial benefits from playing teams like PSG and Liverpool.

Of course, my main goal today will be to analyze the betting odds and see if there is any value in placing a wager on the outcome of this group C. Let’s start.

Paris Saint-Germain

To Win Group C1.91
To Advance from the Group Stage1.17

Paris Saint-Germain has dominated the French soccer competitions ever since QTI acquired the club, and I expect more of the same this year.

I simply don’t see any of the local rivals matching the reigning champions, so the big goal once again will be the UEFA Champions League.

Despite all their efforts, PSG has yet to reach the final of the competition. Thomas Tuchel and his boys know that this is the big goal and will be focused on achieving it.

The core of the squad is similar to last season, but there are a couple of tweaks that should help PSG become stronger, especially in the Champions League. For a start, the legendary Gianluigi Buffon is now part of the team.

He might be past his prime, but the experience that the Italian brings is invaluable. I believe he might lack consistency because of his age, but his leadership will be evident when it matters the most in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League.

This is the reason I quite like this transfer. On top of that, Buffon has never won the trophy and will be desperate to add it to his endless collection.

The other thing I would like to mention is that I feel Kylian Mbappe will improve even further, and this could help the side. The youngster was instrumental during the World Cup, which helped France win the biggest trophy in soccer.

Despite an early red card in Ligue 1, I think his confidence should be sky-high, and he is one of the most talented players at this age that I have ever seen.

This is the reason why I feel PSG might reach the final this time around.

Still, they have to go out of the group, for a start. This should happen rather easily, but the price of 1.17 is not good enough. And since I feel the first place is a coin toss between PSG and Liverpool, I don’t like the odds of 1.91 for the French champion to finish top of the group, either.


To Win Group C2.40
To Advance from the Group Stage1.29

If there is a soccer club in the world that’s full of confidence right now, it’s Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool. Ever since the German arrived, the team has been constantly improving. The Reds look as strong as ever this season after solving some of their main issues from the last campaign.

Despite his error against Leicester, Alisson is an exceptional goalkeeper that instantly changed the side.

The newly-found partnership between Joe Gomez and Virgil Van Dijk certainly helped, while the likes of Keita, Fabinho, and Shaqiri should add both quality and depth in the middle of the park.

The flawless start of the English Premier League season is a sign of the things to come. Liverpool might actually challenge Manchester City for the domestic title, but the team is also dangerous in the UEFA Champions League.

After all, the Reds managed to reach the final with a squad that was significantly weaker last year, and only a couple of blunders by Karius failed them. I don’t see a reason why Liverpool can’t do it again in 2018-2019.

The atmosphere around the club is magnificent, and this is always an additional advantage. This is why I believe Liverpool should be able to qualify for the knockouts relatively easy. In fact, the team should be able to challenge PSG for the first place, and it should be a close fight.

This is why the 2.40 price of Liverpool to win group C seems like a good opportunity to grab some solid value, but let’s explore the other options first.


To Win Group C7.00
To Advance from the Group Stage2.20

Napoli had a somewhat decent season in 2017-2018 on a domestic level, finishing second in the Italian Serie A, but the team didn’t perform well in Europe. First of all, they were only third in the Champions League group stage, and then they got knocked out early in Europa League.

The club decided to appoint the experienced Carlo Ancelotti as a head coach, with the hope that he will help the side raise its performance and challenge Juventus for the title.

I don’t think we can realistically expect that, though, as the squad of the reigning champions is too strong, and they signed Cristiano Ronaldo on top of that.

The other bad news is related to the Champions League. Normally, I would expect the Italian side to have a shot at qualifying for the next round, but both PSG and Liverpool are way stronger.

This is why the odds for Napoli to either win the group or go through might seem tempting but contain no value whatsoever.

On the bright side, Napoli should be able to easily finish third and continue in the Europa League. I would say that Ancelotti and his boys would be one of the strongest teams there and will have a realistic chance to win the trophy.

Red Star Belgrade

To Win Group C151.00
To Advance from the Group Stage26.00

It’s easy to forget that Red Star Belgrade actually won the European Cup, the predecessor of the UEFA Champions League. The side is back after 26 years of absence in the strongest club competition on the continent.

As the odds suggest, the Serbian champion doesn’t have any chance whatsoever to progress to the next round. In fact, even getting a point in such an elite company would be an overwhelming task.

Simply put, the budget of Red Star Belgrade and the players at the club can’t compare to any of their opponents in this group C of the UEFA Champions League.

And yet, I’m pretty sure the supporters, the squad, and everyone around the club will be more than happy just to be here. It’s a long-awaited return that will bring hope for a brighter future. Especially if you consider the financial benefits of playing teams like PSG, Liverpool, and Napoli.

From a betting perspective, Red Star simply doesn’t have a chance, so I won’t consider backing them.

The Key Clash in the UCL Group C

I obviously think that PSG and Liverpool should be fighting for the first place in this group. This is the reason I believe the two games between them will determine who will actually get the top spot.

Normally, I would go for the second clash, but in this case, the opening match of the group is what I will select as the most important for the final outcome.

Liverpool will host PSG on September 18th, and a win for either team will give them a huge advantage.

To be honest, I expect the Reds to find the victory, as they have started the season well. The attack seems to be working just as well as last season, while the defensive side has improved immensely.

Group C Final Prediction and Betting Picks

I’m pretty sure that Red Star Belgrade will finish last in this group C of the UEFA Champions League, and I don’t expect the side to pick up more than a point or two. Napoli should be third, while the big question is which side between Liverpool and PSG will snatch the top spot.

As I said earlier, it’s a coin flip that could go either way, at least in my opinion. This is why the odds for Liverpool to succeed are the much better option. BetOnline offers the price of 2.40, while if you back PSG, you get only 1.91.

PICKLiverpool to Win Group C2.40

Final Words

I will be curious to see how Liverpool and PSG play against each other, as both teams will have the ambition to go all the way in this tournament. I don’t think the other two sides here have a chance, but you never know.

What is your opinion about this group C of the UEFA Champions League? Can Napoli actually challenge the favorites? Is Red Star Belgrade really doomed to be the punching bag?

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