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Predictions for The Voice Top 9 – Who Will Make the Season 19 Finale?

| December 3, 2020 10:03 am PDT
The Voice Season 9 Top 9, 2020

A lot has happened between the start of season 19 of The Voice and now. It’s been a process that has spanned roughly three months, yet it’s flown by with the Blind Auditions, The Battles, and The Knockouts.

The Live Shows are going to be two weeks deep before the Finale rolls around in mid-December, but we have time to digest things with the Top 9 not performing for your votes until December 7th.

The very next day, we’ll learn which singers will advance to The Voice 2020 Finale.

One of my favorites during the Blinds was Ryan Gallagher, but he was dropped from the show for non-competition reasons. A lot of my top threats to win are still alive and kicking as part of the Top 9 on The Voice, though.

The question, of course, is which The Voice singers will make it to the Finals? I’ll offer my The Voice 2020 Finale predictions in this post and also break down why I’m picking each singer to advance.

First, let’s meet The Voice Top 9 before this group is cut down and we get to the Finale.

Who Made The Voice Top 9?

  • DeSz – Team Kelly
  • Cami Clune – Team Kelly
  • Carter Rubin – Team Gwen
  • Ben Allen – Team Gwen
  • Ian Flanigan – Team Blake
  • Jim Ranger – Team Blake
  • John Holiday – Team Legend
  • Tamara Jade – Team Legend
  • Bailey Rae – Team Legend

The first eight singers listed here were saved either by America or their respective coaches, with Bailey Rae being the Wildcard Instant Save of the week.

From here, the power lies in the votes of the public, so it’s important for fans of The Voice to vote for who they think should win.

As things stand, the entertainment betting websites haven’t set prices for a favorite, but the numbers game might suggest where the winner is coming from.

The winner of The Voice season 19 is probably coming from Team Blake or Team Legend.

Seriously, Blake Shelton has the most wins of any coach in the show’s history, and four of the five singers between Shelton and John Legend were among my early contenders to win The Voice.

A lot has transpired since then, but to have those four singers be alive and kicking in this competition just might tell you how good they really are.

Which Singers Will Reach the Finals?

Shelton and Legend also have five total singers against the field’s four, which has to give them an edge. Talent aside, their following is arguably considerably stronger than Kelly Clarkson’s or Gwen Stefani’s, too.

Even if you’re with me here in that the winner of The Voice season 19 is coming from Team Blake or Team Legend, you still have work to do. As in, which of the Top 9 will make it to the Finals, and which singer will win The Voice this season?

For the former, let’s take a look at the singers I predict will advance to the finals after next week’s voting results. The magic number is likely to be five, just like it was for season 18 back in May.

Carter Rubin – Team Gwen

Rubin is probably the last singer in if you look at actual talent, and I have him narrowly edging out DeSz and Cami Clune. 

The reality is he’s just more interesting than them, as he has a smooth voice and can do so much with his runs. And he’s just 15.

He seemed to handle the moment quite well in his most recent performance.

I don’t think Rubin will win, just because he’s inexperienced and doesn’t have the same star quality some of the other singers possess. 

But the fact that he’s this talented at such a young age will get him the votes he needs to at least give it a go in The Voice season 19 Finals.

Ian Flanigan – Team Blake

I’m not really ranking The Voice finalists, but if I were, Flanigan would be near the top, if not the #1 option, once you can bet on who wins.

Blake Shelton had a hilarious quote during Flanigan’s Blind Audition when he commented on his insane tone. It’s worth rewatching just to remember how powerful this guy’s voice is, as well as the funny comments following his initial performance.

Shelton is obviously a bit biased at this point, as Flanigan chose him, and he’s been coaching him this entire time. But the country music superstar emphatically pleaded with the nation to vote for him, as Flanigan represents what The Voice is all about.

“America, this show is called The Voice. When in your life, have you ever heard a voice like that?”

Shelton couldn’t have said it any better, to be honest.

The only knock on Flanigan is he doesn’t really blow you away with anything he does beyond his tone. That said, this guy feels like a cross between Barry White and Bruce Springsteen.

That isn’t something that comes around often – or ever – and Shelton’s plea to the voters illustrates how special Flanigan might be.

Jim Ranger – Team Blake

Shelton has two acts remaining in season 19, and I bet he’ll get both to the Finals. The other is Jim Ranger, a campus pastor and family man that possesses serious soul.

Voters have been blown away by his unique tone and artistic style, and Gwen Stefani even pointed out at one point that he could win this thing.

Now that the Finals are approaching and he’s still in the mix, that premonition feels fairly accurate.

Ranger has done nothing to get voters off of him lately, either. 

He crushed “Rumor” in his latest performance and doesn’t appear to be slowing down.

I doubt I’ll be picking Ranger as my winner of The Voice season 19, but he’s absolutely in the running. His mix of stage presence, emotion, style, and versatility make him a very real threat.

John Holiday – Team Legend

The only reason anyone should hesitate before crowning Ian Flanigan’s as the most unique voice of season 19 is the presence of one John Holiday.

This was the guy that everyone was shocked to see wasn’t a woman when he slayed during his Blind Audition, after all.

Holiday may feel like a one-trick pony to some. If it wasn’t for his insane range, he may not do enough to truly wow you. But he does elite versatility, and he simply can go places no other singer in this competition can go.

When you add in compelling narratives, Holiday is about as interesting as it gets this season.

Tamara Jade – Team Legend

One of my favorites to win The Voice back when the Blind Auditions first started, Tamara Jade has not lost my respect one bit as the competition has gone on.

Jade doesn’t beat out everyone else with her tone or power, but she has serious personality and flair. Just check out her latest performance, which was loaded with sass, confidence, and impeccable delivery.

John Legend even appropriately noted following this seemingly underrated effort that she gave off the vibe that she “knows she belongs” on the stage.

I agree 100%, and that’s probably my main takeaway from Jade from the very beginning. This is a vibrant soul who is living out her dream, but she isn’t doing it in a manner where she’s asking voters for acceptance.

Jade bursts into your TV screen with true purpose. She’s already found her calling, and each upbeat performance allows her to enforce her will on her audience. And you like it.

I don’t think Jade has the best voice in season 19. But if you’re looking for the best overall package, she is certainly hard to beat. Even if she isn’t a great bet to win season 19 of The Voice, I don’t see a good reason why she shouldn’t at least reach the Finale.


Assuming The Voice allows for the Finals to kick one of the coaches to the curb, I think it ends up being Kelly Clarkson. She’s had a lot of success in recent seasons, but when compared to the rest of the field, she doesn’t have a singer who can really make a run.

I actually like DeSz and Cami Clune plenty, but I was struggling to find a good reason to pick either of them ahead of my top 5.

Ultimately, you have to look at the most talented singers that are capable of winning this thing. I’ll dive deeper into my final The Voice season 19 predictions once the Finale is set, but I’ve already got a feeling as to who it’ll be.

If you’re here for a prediction for who will win The Voice season 19, I think it’s going to be John Holiday. His voice is just so special, and he simply can’t be matched in any way by the other competitors.

Ian Flanigan and Tamara Jade are right behind him, though, and I’ll reserve my actual pick for when the final set of singers is set for this season’s Finale. We don’t yet know for sure what that number will be, who will make the cut, and what the odds will be for who wins.

Once all of that is announced, you can come right back here for my insight and final prediction.

You can’t bet on who will win The Voice just yet, but if that changes in the near future, you can start with the five singers listed here. Just make sure you’re using the best sites for betting on The Voice.

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