Predictions for Ozark Season 4 – What Happens Next?

| May 31, 2020 4:56 am PDT

Ozark has proven to be the king of the slow burn when it comes to dramatic television. Season 3 saw the show as tense as ever, painting our favorite characters into a corner and revealing new sides of them we never thought possible to exist.

You’ve come here for a look at Ozark season 4 predictions, surely because you’re curious who will die next. Needless to say, if you’re not caught up on the show, beware that major spoilers follow.

This journey we’ve been on with the Byrde family has been of the Stockholm Syndrome variety. You entered the world of Ozark wanting to think the best of Marty Byrde’s intentions, while his wife and kids were innocent in their unassuming roles.

Three seasons in, however, everyone has a little blood on their hands in some capacity. Some more than others, but we are moving at a break-neck pace towards something undeniably ugly.

Regardless, we’re all soaking it up and enjoying every minute of it.

Season 4 may not arrive for a while, but at some point, the best entertainment betting sites will allow you to bet on what happens next on Ozark. From character deaths to storyline revelations, here are a few Ozark predictions to watch out for.

Ben Isn’t Dead

This idea has been floating around ever since season 4 ended. Ben, the brother of Wendy Byrde, had become a serious liability after he got off of his medication and started spiraling out of control.

In a very real way, though, he simply reacted properly to some insane, dark revelations.

His sister and her family were entrenched in an increasingly messy situation with a Mexican drug cartel and had their hands in drugs, money laundering, and even murder.

That’d be enough to make anyone lose it for a second. Ben did take things to a whole different level, of course, as he burned bridges that the Byrdes desperately needed and eventually forced Wendy to make the ultimate sacrifice.

The exact set-up will be revealed in season 4, but the reality with Ben is we don’t ever see him die. All we know is that Wendy made a difficult decision (or at least she thinks), and then a body is thrown into a furnace.

Could the Byrdes have offered Ben as a prisoner to Omar Navarro and tossed Sue Shelby’s body into the fire? It can’t be ruled out just yet.

Helen’s Family Is Toast

This is tragic but true. Helen Pierce kept her family in the dark when it came to her unbecoming profession, and once her daughter learned of her work, things started to fall apart.

That was the last straw, as Helen quickly began an exit strategy that involved winning back Omar’s trust and eliminating the Byrde family.

It backfired, as Omar executed Helen in the season 3 finale. Surely, with her daughter knowing about her connection to Omar, the rest of her family is marked.

Jonah Breaks Bad

We also saw at the end of Ozark season 3 that Jonah at least threatens to kill Helen before learning how horrible his mother really is.

Again, it’s unclear if she really is that disgusting of a human, but even trading her brother for the safety of her family — regardless of the capacity — would rub her son the wrong way.

Jonah has been emotional and prone to violence before, but it’s only now developing into a dark seed. Whether he goes full rogue and rises up against his family or starts down a path of being an assassin for the drug cartel, nobody knows. It just isn’t likely to lead to anything good.

Darlene and Wyatt Don’t Make It

The writing is on the wall for Darlene and Wyatt. They’ve found solace in each other, and Darlene got her wish to start up her business again.

She’s even laughed in the face of the Kansas City mob, so to a certain degree, she has some serious power.

Of course, power in the face of a Mexican drug cartel probably isn’t what Darlene thinks it is. We know she has no fear and is determined to succeed at any cost, but going against the Byrdes means she’s fighting a battle she can’t win.

She’s survived three seasons, so hats off to her. But it’s obvious she’s already begun an uprising, and that won’t sit well with Navarro.

Ruth Kills Omar Navarro

This one is a little out there, but if Ben is not dead yet (or even if he is), Ruth could exact revenge. Think about it; everything she has reason to be upset about boils down to Omar Navarro and the Mexican drug cartel.

Marty Byrde’s arrival in her town started a chain reaction of horrific events, but at the core of every nasty move, Navarro has been pulling the strings.

It’s Navarro’s money laundering that caused her to kill her uncle. It’s Navarro’s hit man that took out her father. It’s Navarro’s operation that prevented Marty Byrde from protecting and avenging her once she was brutally beaten.

And now Navarro is responsible for taking or potentially killing her lover. Hell hath no fury like Ruth Langmore being scorned.

A Byrde Family Death Is Teased

Jason Bateman said in a recent interview with Collider that this show can’t exactly last forever, simply because it’s escalating too quickly.

Eventually, our favorite characters will get as far as they can go, and there needs to be some sort of stand-off. Something will have to give.

Either the Byrdes find a way to survive and win in some fashion, everyone goes to jail, or everyone dies.

In season 3, someone in the Byrde family will have to die. It doesn’t make any sense to imagine all four of them surviving a long-winded engagement with a Mexican drug cartel.

Marty and Wendy are too crucial to the story to be killed off. At this point, the growing wedge between Jonah and his family could set up his eventual demise. But even if it’s not him, someone from the Byrde family has to go.

Betting on Ozark Season 4

You can’t yet bet on what happens next on season 4 of Ozark, but I can’t wait until you can. There have been so many amazing betting opportunities for TV shows in the past, whether it’s Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, or others.

Ozark is as captivating as any series on TV right now, so whether you actively bet on entertainment markets or not, the arrival of season 4 should have your interest.

Feel free to use these Ozark season 4 predictions to get the ball rolling and bookmark our entertainment betting blog for when the new season drops on Netflix.

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