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Predictions for The Voice Live Finale – Who’ll Win Season 19?

| December 11, 2020 6:00 am PDT
The Voice Season 19 Predictions for the Live Finale

The Voice is back to start the week on Monday, December 14th, with the first of three Live Finale episodes kicking off.

The show has done a wonderful job keeping things fresh and innovative throughout an ongoing global pandemic, and impressively reaches the end of the road with a winner in sight.

Season 19’s Live Finale gets started on Monday night, with initial cutdowns airing the next day, and the final episode crowning a winner that same night on Tuesday, December 15th.

Last time I checked in for an update on who will win The Voice, I stopped short of a full-blown prediction, but offered my predictions for who would make the Top 5.

I got four of them right.

*pats self on back*

The only one I thought would make it that did not was Tamara Jade. In her place is DeSz. Each coach got one singer through, and Ian Flanigan got the final save from America.

Five singers march into the season 19 Live Finale, but who will win The Voice? Let’s take a look at the latest The Voice odds and break down each contestant before coming away with a final pick.

Odds to Win The Voice Season 19

There are not live odds for who will win The Voice season 19 just yet. A lot of the best entertainment betting sites tend to slow play releasing any pricing for these shows, and sometimes there are no props or odds at all.

That said, American Idol, The Voice, The Masked Singer, and so many other reality TV singing competitions have absolutely had odds in the past, so bettors can hold out hope we get to bet on The Voice again this season.

Once odds go up, you can find them right here with some updated analysis.

For now, let’s break down the five remaining threats to win season 19 of The Voice.

Jim Ranger – Team Blake

If you’re into numbers, it’s worth pointing out that Blake Shelton has a considerable edge going into The Voice Finale. He has two artists in contention to win season 19, and the first one was the singer the public voted to emerge from his squad.

Shelton won the show last season, and with two singers in the Top 5, he’s the most dangerous coach to bet against.

Ranger has to be in the lead between him and Ian Flanigan, and it’s likely his unassuming demeanor and artistry that sets him apart. He once again displayed his soul and emotion in Harry Nilsson’s “Without You”.

He’s been selling himself as an artist with soul all season, and here he throws a beautiful curveball that displayed sweet emotion and raw power.

Talk about versatility.

The guy’s talent is undeniable at this point. I wouldn’t say he has the top voice this season, but as a total package, he’s absolutely in play here.

Ranger is the top vote-getter for Team Blake, and historically, that’s a pretty big deal. It’s also worth noting that he’s a preacher, and last year’s winner was another preacher coached by Shelton.

DeSz – Team Kelly

I was a bit surprised to see DeSz push through, but each coach got one artist to advance automatically, so she may be in the Top 5 almost by default.

Cami Clune was probably the only singer in DeSz’s way on Kelly Clarkson’s team, though, as she arguably had the weakest group this season.

That isn’t to sell DeSz short. I have to admit, her power and personality really popped in her rendition of En Vogue’s “Don’t Let Go (Love)”.

I’m sorry, but this was a professional concert and not a cover, right? Right?

DeSz doesn’t have the most unique tone, but few command the stage and reel you in as good as she does. Her voice is so smooth, her delivery is on point, and the power and range combination are tough to top.

DeSz isn’t my top pick to win season 19 of The Voice, but she certainly is talented. She’s in the mix, but since I didn’t even have her in the Top 5 initially, she isn’t the first singer I’d look to back at The Voice betting sites.

Carter Rubin – Team Gwen

Rubin is an impressive singer at just 15 years of age, so I can see why he broke through and got the nod from Gwen Stefani’s group. Of course, this was another squad that lacked the powerhouse talent that Team Shelton and Team Legend had.

Rubin is fairly polished for his age, and he has a nice, soft tone. He further provided his argument for the upset win with a nice take on “Rainbow Connection”.

It was smooth, it was controlled, and it was strong. But was it enough to get the win?

I wouldn’t go hard at Carter Rubin at any online betting websites that offer The Voice props, but the fact that he’s so young does make him an interesting option.

John Holiday – Team Legend

I slightly eased into declaring Holiday as the season 19 winner the last time I broke things down for The Voice, and he only strengthened the argument with his most recent performance.

To be frank, his one-of-a-kind voice was displayed in a brand new way in his take on Coldplay’s “Fix You”.

Lights will guide you home, indeed.

To this point, I haven’t been a huge fan of a lot of Holiday’s song choices. And while I noted from the very beginning that he had amazing ability and a unique voice, I was hesitant to pick him to win.

He’s been among the top contenders to win season 19 of The Voice due to that amazing range, though, and he hasn’t had a single performance he didn’t execute at a high level.

When it comes down to it, this show is looking for the most amazing voice and most talented singer. It’s hard to say John Holiday doesn’t fit that criteria.

Ian Flanigan – Team Blake

Of course, if we want to talk up someone based purely on tone, let’s just hand first place to Ian Flanigan now.

A grizzled singer with soul, power, and exceptional control, Flanigan stands out above everyone based on pure sound alone. He added some touching emotion in his latest performance; Sarah McLachlan’s classic sob-song “Angel”.

Flanigan crushed it there, but as amazing as this guy’s tone is, I can’t help but often be left wanting (or expecting) more.

The tone is pristine, unique, and unforgettable. The problem – and main reason against picking Flanigan – is I’m not really seeing a second reason for him to get the nod.

Who Will Win The Voice Season 19?

I’ll be honest here; this is a very tough race to call. To be frank, literally all five of these singers have a case to win The Voice this season.

Rubin probably lacks the experience and personality to get it done, and I’d probably rank DeSz just slightly ahead of him. That puts the top-three between coaches Blake Shelton and John Legend, with Shelton obviously entering the Finale with a clear advantage.

Jim Ranger and Ian Flanigan could both win this show, and they’d be deserving. The numbers game suggests it’s borderline likely, and Shelton’s following promotes optimism, as well.

But John Holiday is special. He’s singing in a manner men just usually can’t hope to. He does it eloquently. He has his own flair.

He is strong, he is relevant, he is unique, and he is immensely talented.

Holiday is someone to root for in the name of diversity, but those are mere selling points for voters. The reality is he’s a likable guy who has absurd singing chops.

My favorite voice in this competition is Flanigan, but the one singer you flat out can’t escape is Holiday. Shelton and his pupils have had their moment.

Season 19 belongs to John Legend and John Holiday.

Hopefully my final predictions for who will win The Voice help you figure out how to bet on The Voice this season. Just keep an eye out for when props pop up so you can take your fandom and insight and put it to the test with some bets.

For constant updates in the entertainment betting industry, along with market breakdowns, odds, and predictions, bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

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Noah Davis

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