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Oscars Candidates Who Are Deserving but Won’t Win an Award in 2022

| January 4, 2022 11:49 am PDT

The 2022 Oscars Awards are going to be an exciting time for the entertainment industry. A sad realization when it comes to award ceremonies like these is that not everybody is going to win something. Some films and actors/actresses put on incredible performances but won’t get the recognition they deserve.

That is simply because there are other performances who were even more incredible. This article will be a way for those performances to be honored, even though they probably won’t be coming home with an award this year.

Here are the 7 Oscars candidates who were deserving of a 2022 award, but likely won’t win.

Best Picture

West Side Story+250
The Power of the Dog+350
Licorice Pizza+500

There are a good number of top contenders for this award. That means that a longer shot movie will probably have no chance of winning this award, even though they were great.

These top contenders likely drown out the rest of the bunch. That leaves behind a large amount of motion pictures that could have won this award if it weren’t for the top contenders.


It is always extra exciting when your favorite book series is turned into a movie. Dune is another example of that as one of the most popular science fiction book series cocooned into a movie this past year.

It was previously a movie in 1984, but a remake 37 years down the road is worth honoring.

The cast was filled with stars left and right. Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, and more introduced us to a bizarre universe with tons of politics and drama. It likely won’t win an award for Best Picture, but it was one of the most highly anticipated movies of the year.

Moving forward, the future Dune movies have an opportunity to be another groundbreaking series in the world of entertainment.

Don’t Look Up

This film had another incredible cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, and more. The film did not get amazing reviews but was an enjoyable watch. It seemed the jokes were a bit of low hanging fruit but were still good.

The growing suspense in this movie and representation of modern-day politics are great parts of this film. Politics play an incredibly large role in our society and can get in the way of things. The movie does a nice job of showing what trouble we can get in if something like this were to happen.

Maybe if there was a bit more complexity for this amazing cast to carry out, it would have a better chance at winning an award.

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Best Actor

Will Smith’s performance in “King Richard” has him as the heavy favorite to win this 2022 award. BetUS has him as a (-220) favorite, which means he is probably going to win this one.

There are several other performances who could have one this award, but likely won’t have a chance thanks to Smith.

Denzel Washington (The Tragedy of Macbeth)

The Tragedy of Macbeth has been given great reviews, which includes Denzel Washington’s performance as Lord Macbeth.

Based on the play by William Shakesphere, the film brings us back to the ancient times. Macbeth (Washington) and Banquo lead King Duncan’s army victoriously over Thane of Cawdor.

Washington did an incredible job in this role portraying what it would be like to take over a throne. His performance is definitely worth a nomination and potentially an award but is likely overshadowed by others.

Michael B. Jordan (A Journal for Jordan)

Michael B. Jordan put on an incredible performance in “A Journal for Jordan”. A father in the military is forced to try and raise a child from a journal. Losing a family member is always an incredibly tough time for everyone at some point in their lives and this movie reflects that in a major way.

Jordan’s performance is truly touching and was deserving of an award this year.

Best Actress

Kristen Stewart is the heavy favorite to win this award. Her role in “Spencer” has her a top the odds leaderboard at (-300).

Her performance has a strong chance to overshadow so many other actresses who are deserving of this award.

Emma Stone (Cruella)

Stone’s performance as Cruella was incredible. The villain or anti-hero role is always an interesting twist than our usual story and she did an amazing job with it.

Not everyone wants to be the good guy and not every villain is understood. Cruella has been the villain from the 101 Dalmatians Disney story and this time around, she is the main character.

Stone certainly could have won this award if it weren’t for other top contenders.

Best Director

Best Director is a bit harder of an award to judge if you aren’t a movie critic. Sometimes the roles of the actors/actresses outshine the plot and makes it difficult to know why a certain film was so good.

Jane Campion’s “The Power of the Dog” is the heavy favorite for this award. The film has been reviewed very highly and did not have an insanely high number of well-known actors/actresses.

I’m not saying the actors/actresses aren’t talented, but it is a bit more of a challenge when you don’t have a Leonardo DiCaprio or a Will Smith playing a role in the film. It will be tough to beat “The Power of the Dog” which means there are other films who are deserving but won’t win.

Lin Manuel Miranda

“Tick, tick… BOOM” was a great story and Miranda’s role in the film should be highlighted. The touching story is all about finding and believing in yourself.

Miranda’s direction did a great job in this film and should be acknowledged for an award such as this one.

Jon Watts

The recent Spider-Man movie was incredible. The past couple Marvel movies have been bringing in the idea of a multiverse, which is very tough to do. To pull this off you need to have a great director.

Watts did an incredible job of tying in previous Spider-Man movies and connecting previous timelines. He also didn’t just retell the same story, there were several amazing twists and changes to previous characters.

The flow of the movie and direction were incredible. The Spider-Man movies get a ton of pressure due to popularity, but Watts pulled it off masterfully.

Deserving Oscar Nominations That Won’t Win in 2022

The Oscars are not a time for participation awards. You simply just cannot give an award to every film that was good. There could only be one winner for each award (or tie), which leaves a lot of other deserving ones on the board.

Being nominated for an Oscar is an honor in itself and should be a bigger deal. It just doesn’t feel right for there to be so many great films throughout this past year and there only be one winner per category.

We will just have to wait and see who wins, but it is very likely that these nominees that I mentioned won’t be the winners.

Take a look back at the early odds for the 2022 Oscars if you want to see how the odds have shifted over time.

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