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Orlando Magic’s Top Trade Targets for 2020 – Derrick Rose and More

| May 25, 2020 1:35 am PDT
Orlando Magic’s Top Trade Targets for 2020

The Orlando Magic are a classic example of when winning can be a bad thing. Nobody wants to miss the playoffs, but doing so at least brings in intriguing talent each year.

Luckily, the Magic do have some talent, and they appear to be content with growing from within. They could stay the course going into next year, but there could still be some trades the Orlando Magic should make in 2020.

Whether that’s aiming high for a superstar or just filling a hole, here are a few ideas for how Orlando can get better.

Zach LaVine, SG, Bulls

I also had LaVine on the short list for the Indiana Pacers, but I’ll stress the same idea here: Chicago is under a new regime and could sell some of their top players.

Orlando also may be interested in a long-term upgrade at shooting guard. Evan Fournier is still a solid option, but he could leave by opting out of his deal. Even if he doesn’t, however, he’s surely met his ceiling, so trading him now may not be a bad idea.

He could be part of any prospective deal, but Aaron Gordon is just as likely to be traded. Jonathan Isaac could push him out, and it’d obviously take something solid to land LaVine.

A package of Aaron Gordon, Mo Bamba, and some draft picks would financially get Zach LaVine (and Luke Kornet) to Florida.

Gary Harris, SG, Nuggets

Okay, not a believer that the Bulls will sell LaVine? That’s fine, but Orlando may still see a need at shooting guard, and another guy that could fit the bill is Denver shooting guard Gary Harris.

Harris isn’t close to the offensive talent LaVine is, but he’s a solid three-point shooter and lockdown defender. The Magic value defense (9th in defense in 2019-20), so adding Harris fits their M.O.

This isn’t a blockbuster trade for Orlando, but it’s one of substance that makes them better. Whether they offer Evan Fournier or Aaron Gordon to the Nuggets as the main trade piece, their offense receives a jolt.

Denver’s stellar depth at guard makes the move away from Harris doable, while guaranteeing a role for Michael Porter Jr. going into next season.

Derrick Rose, PG, Pistons

Rose deserves better than to waste away on a rebuilding Detroit squad. He could honestly have numerous suitors after rebuilding his value as instant offense off the bench, and that’s why he should appeal to Orlando.

The Magic already slow things down and defend at a high level, so one thing they could target to get a little better is a nice scorer to bolster their bench.

That, and they could be losing two backup point guards in free agency, so swinging a small deal for Rose could help them in more ways than one.

Unlike these other trades, the Magic wouldn’t have to give much up to pry Rose from a losing Pistons team. They could dump Al-Farouq Aminu in a straight-up trade or toss Khem Birch and James Ennis III at Detroit. Both deals would surely include some picks, of course.

Who Will the Magic Trade for in 2020?

Orlando is a weird team that appears to be in limbo. They swung a big deal to land Markelle Fultz as their point guard of the future, they paid Nikola Vucevic a ton of money to stay in town, and they have a budding star in Jonathan Isaac.

Will they for sure blow things up by dealing Fournier and/or Gordon? No, and one reason why is this lineup still has potential. They lack a true superstar, but Fultz taking the next step in his development could work wonders for this squad.

If the Magic do a deal, they sell late in the year because they’re again under-performing, but a trade involving someone like Derrick Rose to shore up their depth can’t exactly be ruled out.

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