Odds and Top Contenders for 2021-22 NBA Sixth Man of the Year

By Dan Vasta in NBA
| August 22, 2021 8:47 am PDT

The NBA Sixth Man winners over the years have been some of the better players in the NBA. Since the award began in 1982-83, there have been five multi-winners.

Some have appeared in all-star games and made their mark in the postseason. We have seen 15 of the past 17 winners play the shooting guard position.

Providing instant offense and a spark off the bench can steal victories for playoff squads. Nowadays, there are starters on every roster that may only play a dozen minutes or less.

Most stud guards off the bench can push for 30-plus minutes and launch several outside shots from the perimeter.

The reigning Sixth Man of the year is Jordan Clarkson from the Utah Jazz. Clarkson was talented enough to start for most rosters, but he filled the stat sheet up and took over games for the top seed from the Western Conference.

Will Jordan Clarkson win the 6th Man of the Year award again? Or should bettors look to someone else?

To help answer that, let’s go over the 2021-22 NBA 6th Man of the Year odds and top contenders.

Odds for Sixth Man of the Year in 2021-22

These NBA 6th Man of the Year odds are early in the offseason as we are still two-plus months away from the season starting.

There will be more player movements and potential injuries around the league, but it is interesting to see the top two players on the list coming from the same team.

Utah is projected to win 50-plus games and become a top three or four seed in the loaded West. Clarkson and Ingles can both play well on the perimeter and connect on outside shots. Clarkson is the reigning winner and was clutch in many opportunities last season.

He was specifically a handful from April to May down the stretch last year.

  • 20.8 points per game
  • 43.6% FG percentage
  • 34.4 3PT percentage

Clarkson is the better scorer of the tandem coming off the Utah bench.

Donovan Mitchell is a tremendous point guard but should not have to carry the offense at all times. Mike Conley provides a ton of production when he can stay healthy. Utah has a bevy of skillful players and guards. It will be tough to defend Conley, Mitchell, Clarkson, Ingles, and Rudy Gobert.

Patty Mills (+1800) could see plenty of open looks playing next to Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving.

Mills has been one of the better players in the NBA in terms of role players. He can hit devastating shots with his quick release and can score off the dribble as well.

He may not average anywhere close to 20 points a game like some other contenders, but he is an intriguing player to keep tabs on.

Top Contenders for 6th Man of the Year

Judging by the 2021-22 Sixth Man of the Year odds, you can probably assume who the biggest threats form 2021-22 are.

The odds don’t always necessarily tell you who you should bet on, of course. With that, let’s run through the top contenders going into the new year.

Jordan Clarkson (+700)

Clarkson (+700) and Ingles (+650) are the top two contenders for this award. Clarkson has shown the ability to drop 20-plus points when he sees extended minutes. There will be opportunities to start when Mitchell or Conley get rest.

He won the award last year, so he’s obviously going to be in contention again. My guess is this time, though, he’d probably see it coming.

He benefited immensely from injuries last season, but his explosive scoring is still going to be needed by the Jazz. The only question will be if his teammate cuts into his overall impact.

Joe Ingles (+650)

Ingles is your classic three-and-D performer that can handle backups on opposing teams. We have seen him show consistent touch from the outside. He has been able to make good decisions with the basketball when he does decide to put it on the deck.

The only concern with these players from Utah is the depth and overall balance they have.

Quin Snyder prides himself on defense and ball movement when Mitchell is sitting. The dominant ball-handling and scoring ability of Mitchell could take some offensive production away from this Jazz duo.

Kevin Huerter (+1200)

The other contender to keep an eye on will be Kevin Huerter (+1200) of the Atlanta Hawks. The odds are short, but there will be opportunities to have plenty of open looks with defenses focusing on Trae Young.

Huerter is a proven scorer off the bench, and they play in a wide-open offense. Last season showed that this team brings upside with their exciting young core.

He went off during the playoffs, potentially setting himself up for a true breakout in 2021-22.

The Hawks are capable of becoming one of the more potent offenses in the league. So, Huerter could see an increase in nearly every major category.

Feel free to take a shot at him as he will continue torching the nets.

6th Man of the Year Long Shots

There will be a ton of scorers that are capable of carrying their second units. Add in the fluidity of the NBA offseason with the draft and free agency, and it’s tough to peg what some lineups will look like.

Once the shuffled deck straightens out, though, bettors may find some of the long shots listed at the top NBA betting sites aren’t exactly reaches.

Here’s a quick look at some NBA 6th Man of the Year long shots that look pretty appealing.

Tyler Herro (+2500)

The top pick off the bench worthy of placing a wager on, is Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat.

Herro dazzled the fans two seasons ago when he helped lead the Heat to the NBA Finals.

Herro averaged 17.5 points per game in the 2020 postseason, including 37 points in their Game 4 victory over Boston in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Herro can shoot daggers into the heart of the defense since Kyle Lowry and Jimmy Butler command plenty of attention. The Heat should be a top-four seed in the East, and victories will pile up for the franchise.

Miles Bridges (+2800)

Bridges is an athletic freak that has thrown down some highlight-reel dunks of the season since his days at Michigan State.

The Hornets likely won’t be a playoff contender in the East, but his numbers could be off the charts.

Coby White (+3300)

Coby White is another 6th Man of the Year candidate that deserves attention. The Bulls finally look relevant. White can score in waves, and the Bulls will likely be one of the more improved teams.

Chicago just became one of the NBA’s new super teams going into 2021-22, but pushing White to the bench full-time is part of that.

White is a finesse two-guard that can score at 25-plus when he catches fire.

With opponents much more concerned with stopping Chicago’s stacked starting five, White could thrive this year.

Who Will Win Sixth Man of the Year in 2021-22?

Several candidates should challenge for the 2021-22 NBA 6th Man of the Year award, but only one can actually win.

Two teams that I expect to win a bunch of games will be the Heat and Jazz. I love Clarkson to contend as he will average somewhere in the high-teens yet again for an elite squad.

Utah has one of the top 20 players in Donovan Mitchell, so I am looking for longer odds. Value is worth taking a shot for this award. There are so many scorers in the NBA, but finding the best situation is vital.

Tyler Herro is the name I’d be targeting to win the award this season.

Miami under Erik Spoelstra has been an offensive juggernaut in spurts. Herro came up clutch at Kentucky and is making his hay day in the NBA.

Through two seasons of play, Herro has attempted 595 threes but with 223 makes. The season will be wide open for many awards, but this is one where you should study the odds.

The value is perfect to reap the benefits. Herro brings the most upside and value. He is among the new wave of NBA players that will consistently make outside shots. Enjoy the earnings and feel confident taking a young sharpshooter.

Betting on the 2021-22 NBA Sixth Man of the Year is just the start for the coming season. Get ahead of the pack by checking out our other NBA betting posts below.



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