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Odds and Predictions for Who Will Die in Ozark Season 4

| February 24, 2021 10:47 am PDT
Ozark Season 4 Prop Bets

Ozark is coming back for a fourth season. That’s the good news. Sadly, it has been announced that it’s the final run for the hit Netflix TV series.

Per Jason Bateman, the final installment will be split up into two parts, with each part consisting of seven episodes (14 in all).

While it will be sad to see a great TV show meet its end, Ozark fans will at least get some closure when it comes to what will happen with the Byrde family.

It’s been a wild ride through the first three seasons of Ozark, but Ozark season four is about to answer a lot of questions. Undoubtedly, it will do so in the darkest, most vicious, and callous way possible.

And viewers wouldn’t have it any other way.

Just as good as welcoming Ozark back for a fourth season, of course, is the fact that you can bet on the show’s future. As in, you can bet on what happens in Ozark season four.

Top entertainment betting sites get a bit more specific than that, with BetUS leading the way with a slew of Ozark season four prop bets.

If you’re wondering which Ozark characters will die next, which characters make it to the end of the series, or what will happen next in general, these Ozark betting props may be of interest to you.

I’m bursting with excitement for the new season, but I’m also amped up for these props. Join me as I break each Ozark season 4 prop bet down and come away with a prediction.

Which Ozark Character Will Die First?

Wyatt Langmore+350
Maya Miller+450
Omar Navarro+450
Darlene Snell+500
Three Langmore+600
Wendy Byrde+600
Jonah Byrde+700
Marty Byrde+700
Charlotte Byrde+800
Ruth Langmore+900

One of the burning questions going into season four of Ozark is which character will die first.

This Ozark prop bet doesn’t list every possible character that could die, but it does ask which of the given options will be the first to go.

Wyatt Langmore is the odds-on favorite to be the first main character killed off on Ozark season four. He’s admittedly a pretty big character, but he probably is no longer vital to the story moving forward.

That, and he’d be the last remaining thing that keeps Ruth Langmore remotely hinged. If he goes, it sets the tone for a scorched earth unveiling as Ruth dives further into the revenge abyss.

Her dad and uncles have already been taken away, and she no longer trusts the Byrdes, so there’s nowhere but down from here.

Maya Miller is a solid second option, just because she’s part of the FBI, and she’s getting a bit too close to the Byrde’s enterprise. The show has not been afraid to kill off federal agents in the past, but this one would be extra grizzly with Miller being pregnant.

She makes sense as a big character that could be shown the door, although it’s worth arguing she could still be used to help close the gap between the Byrde family and their ventures with Omar Navarro.

Omar Navarro Ozark

Navarro ranks third in terms of odds for which character will be killed first in Ozark season four.

Obviously, everyone wants to see the Byrdes “win,” but there isn’t much of a story once the show kills off the main guy behind their living nightmare.

Three Langmore is totally viable, just because he’s been here since season one, but hasn’t been a very useful character. Everyone else here is certainly interesting in terms of pricing, but they all feel way too vital to the remainder of this story to be the first to go.

Of course, bettors need to keep in mind that being the first or next to die on Ozark season four doesn’t necessarily mean that death comes anytime soon.

With 14 episodes left, the first big character may not be killed off until the end of the first seven episodes or into the second half.

That said, Three Langmore stands out for me. He isn’t a key cog in this story, he has fun +600 odds, and he’s still a big enough death that it’d send a message.

  • Three Langmore

Will Wyatt Langmore Die?


Not ready to bet on which character dies next in season four of Ozark? No problem, you can still get in on the Ozark betting scene with individual character death prop bets.

Let’s start with Wyatt, who has been involved with both his own family, the Byrdes, and the Snells throughout the first three seasons.

Currently, he’s in a weird relationship with Darlene Snell, and he’s now learned that Ruth was the one responsible for his father’s death.

Wyatt has always been a little smarter than expected, but the fact that he was shacking up with Snell tells you he also doesn’t always see things clearly.

I don’t think Wyatt is the first to go, but he’s on the wrong side in this series. Darlene Snell probably isn’t going to make it to the end, and that probably means – at least at some point – Wyatt won’t, either.

I explored it a bit more in my Ozark season 4 predictions back in May.

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Think about storylines. Wyatt has maxed out his own story, and he’d serve as quite the catalyst for Ruth to ramp up her torrid descent.

He’s trending in the wrong direction, yet you can bet on a solid -250 price.

  • Yes

Will Darlene Snell Die in Season 4?

Darlene Snell Ozark

If you’re worried about Wyatt Langmore, you better be slightly concerned that Darlene Snell will one day meet her end in Ozark.

The writing has been on the wall for some time now. Perhaps the most volatile character in Ozark, Darlene, has been equal parts survivor and woman gone mad.

Here’s a quick rundown of what this lady has done.

  • Killed a lady
  • Stole a baby
  • Killed her husband
  • Sells drugs
  • Blew off a dude’s genitalia

She’s protective of her baby, but she’s recklessly killed people left and right (including her own husband), and her latest run-in involved blowing the gonads off of a mobster’s son.

Snell is capable of building an army and winning this war, but she’s just a little too crazy to get behind.

Her list of enemies is too long, too. The Byrdes, the cartel, and the Kansas City Mob all wouldn’t mind if she was shown the door in the worst way possible.

She’s too good of a character to be taken out early, but she isn’t destined to escape this series unscathed.

  • Yes

Odds of Omar Navarro Dying in Season 4


There is a world where Omar Navarro is the last man standing in Ozark. He’s the head of the Mexican drug cartel, after all.

Getting to him feels next to impossible, and he’s as ruthless as they come. I mean, he killed his lawyer just to send a message.

Of course, it doesn’t feel like there is a real end to this madness without Navarro getting his. Can the Byrde family ever really move on as long as he’s still alive and kicking?

Surely not.

If you chop the head off of one dragon, another head grows in its place. Don’t worry, the cartel will get over one kingpin losing a small battle.

But what are the options here? It feels about this simple.

  • Navarro kills everyone, wins, and lives on.
  • Navarro ends the show in prison.
  • Navarro gets outsmarted by the Byrdes and is killed.

The first would honestly be the most realistic ending. But it wouldn’t be very satisfying, especially given the torment all of these characters have been put through.

That, and it’d render the seemingly genius and ever adaptable Wendy and Marty Byrde quite human.

Navarro could always just watch everything crumble underneath him until he is ultimately put in prison. But he is so powerful that even being put behind bars for the rest of his life wouldn’t ensure safety for anyone also not imprisoned.

If the Byrdes or anyone else can ever truly move on, Navarro has to go.

  • Yes

Betting on Maya Miller’s Fate


Maya Miller is not a key character when you look at the framework of this show, but you can still bet on if she will die in season four. She was only just introduced in season three, as she was sent in to confirm the validity of the Byrde family operations.

Marty tried to convince her to join his side, to no avail.

Unless that storyline shifts in his favor, it sure sounds like Navarro won’t tolerate her sniffing around for much longer.

She could still prove vital to the Byrde family’s future, whether it leads to a trial case against Navarro and the cartel or getting specific individuals into witness protection.

The latter would be a bit cliche and too cheery of an ending.

What makes much more sense is this methodically paced series leads to an epic bloodbath. It could even be compounded by a popular fan theory that suggests Miller is actually working for the cartel.

We’ve seen up close that being an employee of Navarro’s doesn’t necessarily protect you.

See: Pierce, Helen.

Actress Jessica Frances Dukes even commented on the theory, giving it new life.

“I think that everybody in this story has so many layers to them, so I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Yeah, that’s not exactly a denial.

Whether she’s working for the cartel or not, she’s not safe. Ultimately, I find it hard to believe the FBI agent currently caught up in the middle of the madness makes it out alive.

  • Yes

Will Three Langmore Die?


He’s my pick to be the first main character killed in season four of Ozark, so yeah, he’s going to die.

Nobody is safe in Ozark – especially Langmores.

Ruth killed her own uncle, her dad was waxed, and I can’t imagine the showrunners stop at Three and say, “no, no, he’s untouchable.”

Would killing someone as inconsequential as Three move the needle? No, but he’s more of a throw-in death that would “get the ball rolling,” so to speak.

If you’re not game for Three when betting on who dies first in Ozark season 4, you can at least consider him for a season-long bet at +375.

  • Yes

Will Wendy Byrde Be Killed?

Wendy Byrde Ozark

I don’t think everyone is going to die in Ozark season four. But a lot of the characters absolutely will. Most of the main ones, too.

One that I really think is destined to get the axe is Wendy Byrde. She hasn’t been an honest or redeemable character at any point.

I love the work Laura Linney has done with this character – don’t get me wrong – but it’s because she’s so amazing that you love to hate Wendy Byrde.

Wendy has been as reckless and as ruthless as anyone. She’s had the gall to assume she had “an in” with a cartel leader, and she’s gone rogue far too many times to trust moving forward.

Oh, and there’s the whole “killing her own brother” thing.

She didn’t pull the trigger or anything, but basically, sending Ben to his death is 100% on her.

There is a fun Ozark fan theory suggesting Ben isn’t dead, but showrunner Chris Mundy squashed that outlandish speculation.

With Ben Davis indeed dead, there doesn’t appear to be a way for Wendy to “come back.” She’s broken bad, and things can only unravel from here.

  • Yes

Betting on if Marty Byrde Dies in Season 4


One of the few Ozark characters I don’t think dies is Marty. The top entertainment betting sites price it like he will, and I get that.

Some of his ideas have backfired, but a lot of his misfires have been sabotaged by his own inner circle, or his hands have been tied by the FBI or the cartel he’s working for.

When he’s able to move freely, Marty has the smarts to find his way out of just about any jam. He won’t get out of the final season of Ozark unscathed completely, as I think he loses at least two members of his family.

However, Marty is arguably the smartest character on the entire show, and I’ll be crossing my fingers his last genius plan actually works.

It’s always possible his last gasp involves him sacrificing himself for his family, but at this +150 price, I’ll take a chance.

  • No

Will Ruth Langmore Die?

Ruth Langmore Ozark

This one may come as a shocker, but I don’t think Ruth Langmore dies in Ozark season four, either. I mean, the girl could stand to have something go her way, right?

Maybe the show doesn’t care about tying up all loose ends or giving a character what they truly deserve, but this would be fitting.

Ruth has proven to be exceptionally bright, and she also has redeemable qualities. She’s always looked out for Wyatt and put her family first, but she’s been taught her whole life that Langmores were never meant for anything good.

She can right that terrible wrong by surviving the coming massacre and escaping The Ozarks for good.

Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but this is one value bet I just don’t want to make.

  • No

Will Jonah Byrde Die?


The son of Wendy and Marty, Jonah is about to combust. The last we saw him, Jonah had begun to see his parents for who they really were.

At one point, he even pointed a gun at Helen Pierce.

Some suspect he may turn to avenge Ben’s disappearance/death by coming at his own mother.

I wouldn’t go that far, but Jonah has gone from an innocent, harmless kid to a loose cannon with a gun. I love the odds here, and no, I don’t think this ends particularly well.

  • Yes

Odds for Charlotte Byrde Dying in Season 4


The other Byrde child is all grown up, and like Jonah, she now knows everything that is going on around her.

There has at times been a great disconnect between Charlotte and her parents, but she’s since transformed into someone who sees things coming before they happen.

This honestly may be the toughest one to call, just because she is usually aligned with her brother, and she’s very aware of how her parents are far from perfect.

However, of all the Byrde family members, she’s seemingly the least damaged. Whether I’m right about Marty surviving or not, I think Charlotte is that rare glimmer of hope from this show.

Charlotte probably won’t survive based on anything she does necessarily, but she’ll stay out of harm’s way and make it out in the end.

  • No

Will Frank Cosgrove Jr. Return?


Last but not least, we come to the final Ozark season 4 prop bet. I’d love to see a wager dealing with the possible return of Ben Davis, but instead, you can bet on if you’ll see Frank Cosgrove Jr. again.

His last on-screen appearance saw him getting his manhood rearranged, thanks to his violent outburst against Ruth Langmore.

Cosgrove certainly had some payback coming his way, but I’m not sure he’s going to just walk away and take this one on the chin.

His father is doing just that for the moment, but there’s just no way the Kansas City Mob allows Darlene Snell to pistol-whip them into submission.

Expect a Frank Cosgrove Jr. revenge tour.

  • Yes


I took a look at some Ozark season 4 predictions way back in May. Part of it was wishful thinking, and I also wrote it in anticipation for a slew of Ozark season 4 prop bets.

They were prop bets I admittedly feared I’d never see, as some entertainment betting sites are reluctant to allow you to bet on TV shows for some reason.

BetUs has picked up the baton and is running with some fun Ozark betting props, though. You can target the options above with my picks for who will die in the final season or go against my logic.

Either way, season 4 of Ozark is going to be a ton of fun, and some characters are going to die. It’ll only be more fun if you can profit while taking in the insanity over the course of 14 more amazing episodes.

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