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Odds, Predictions, and Picks for Season 23 of Big Brother

| August 31, 2021 9:54 am PDT

Big Brother 23 is nearly halfway complete and the season finale is less than a month away. There are still nine houseguests remaining, but we have a pretty good idea the winner will come from “The Cookout.”

The six-person alliance has run the game and is in a great position to make the final six.

For those who aren’t familiar, Big Brother is a reality competition show where 16 houseguests are cut off from the outside world. The Head of Household will nominate two houseguests for eviction each week.

The Power of Veto can save two of the nominees from the chopping block. From there, the houseguests vote on which houseguest to evict. And that’s how a typical week goes.

In the end, the winner will receive $750,000 while the runner-up will earn $50,000. Players who finish between third through 11th will join the jury and vote on the winner.

Now that you’re caught up, let’s look at the most recent odds for Big Brother 23, along with my predictions for how things will play out.

Odds for Gender of the Winner


The top entertainment betting sites have a male favored to win Big Brother 23 at the moment.

Honestly, I’m really surprised to see a male favored to win this season of Big Brother over a female. Right now, there are three males in the house compared to six females.

However, that should even out over the next three weeks as The Cookout evicts the three remaining houseguests not in their alliance, all of which are females.

Former Big Brother winner Andy Herren is already crowning this as the greatest alliance the show has ever seen.

Then, it essentially becomes a three vs three matchup of males’ vs females.

Xavier Prather represents the male’s best chance of winning. As a lawyer, Prather has methodically worked his way through this game.

He established himself as a key member of The Cookout early on and also formed a connection with his team “The Kings.” The team twist is no longer in play but it helped him through the first five weeks.

Prather won the Head of Household in week three and made the easy decision to target houseguest Brent Champagne. Evicting the house target meant that Prather didn’t have to get any unnecessary blood on his hands.

He won the Power of Veto in week 7 and removed himself from the block. That cleared the way for the eviction of Derek Xiao. Xiao was the biggest competition threat to Prather.

The other males are Kyland Young and Derek Frazier.

Young is at the bottom of the totem pole and will likely be the first Cookout member evicted. Truthfully, Frazier hasn’t done much in this game and I don’t think he’ll have a good argument for why he should win.

The females have two great chances to win the game with Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha.

I’ll talk about Chaddha a little later, so let’s focus on Mitchell.

She is the one who came up with The Cookout alliance. She also set up a master plan that each member would have one ally close to them outside The Cookout. That way, if anyone from the alliance was on the block, they would be safe next to their ally. That’s going to be an excellent argument to the jury if she makes the final two.

This week, Mitchell won her first competition, winning the Head of Household. While a twist overthrew her Head of Household reign, she is still in position to evict his biggest threat, Sarah Beth Steagall.

Because of all that, I’m going with the females. They have the quantity and probably the quality to be honest. Go ahead and place your bets for the females.

  • My Pick: Female (+180)

Who Will Win Favorite Houseguest?

Derek Xiao-300
Derek Frazier+450
Tiffany Mitchell+1400
Britini D’Angelo+1600
Kyland Young+1600
Azah Awasum+1800
Hannah Chaddha+4000
Xavier Prather+4000
Claire Rehfuss+4000
Christian Birkenberger+4000

For Big Brother season 23 fans, this isn’t much of a surprise. Bovada and other sites have Xiao listed as the main threat here, and few will argue against this -300 price tag.

Derek Xiao has been a fan favorite for basically the entire season. People who watch the 24/7 live feeds have seen Xiao be a fun-loving spirit who gets along with virtually every houseguest. It’s interesting because we almost didn’t have an opportunity to see him for so long.

He was initially targeted for eviction in week 1 before he won the Power of Veto. He went on to win the Power of Veto in week 2 as well.

In week 5, Xiao won the season’s first endurance competition. He won the icon wall competition that saw houseguests stand on a small platform and hold on to a wall behind them. With that power, he targeted Christain Birkenberger, the best competitor in the game. He successfully had him evicted and I think fans appreciated him making a big move.

Over the last few weeks, Big Brother had a twist called the High Rollers Room.

The twist allowed fans to vote on which houseguests should receive the money so they could have a better chance to earn a secret power. In two weeks, Xiao earned the maximum 100 bucks from America.

Unfortunately, Xiao was evicted from the Big Brother house this past week. You can see what he had to say about his exit here.

The outpour of support for Xiao was unbelievable on Twitter. So many fans were upset about the eviction and are hoping that Big Brother has a competition that brings him back into the game.

If you want to look at a potential long shot, I’d consider Claire Rehfuss.

She wasn’t a popular player early in the season but fans have really come to like her as an underdog. She won 100 bucks in the second and third round of the High Rollers Room. That’s the biggest indication of how America views you.

Rehfuss is one of the last remaining non-Cookout members in the house. People are definitely rooting for her so there can be some drama in the house. Also, it’s probably not a coincidence that her popularity went up when she became closer to Xiao.

For this pick, I’m not going to overthink this. Derek Xiao is the obvious choice. Fans hold such a high opinion of him and it seems like he is universally loved by everyone.

I’d be willing to put down a good amount of money on Xiao for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

  • My Pick: Derek Xiao (-300)

Who Will Win Big Brother 23?

Xavier Prather+125
Kyland Young+350
Tiffany Mitchell+350
Hannah Chaddha+600
Claire Rehfuss+1200
Alyssa Lopez+2500
Azah Awasum+2500
Sarah Beth Steagall+2500
Derek Frazier+4000

You’re here for the latest odds and props for one of the best reality TV shows in existence, but you also probably want a Big Brother 23 prediction.

So, who wins this thing?

Remember earlier when I said we would talk about Hannah Chaddha later? Now is the time.

Chaddha has been in a great spot for the entire season. She is an integral part of The Cookout and arguably the most liked member of the alliance.

She has been able to establish strong relationships with multiple players outside the alliance, including Derek Xiao, Claire Rehfuss, and Alyssa Lopez.

Coming into this week, the big knock on Chaddha was her lack of competition wins. However, fans know that she has been downplaying her abilities, throwing multiple competitions so people would view her as a weak player.

All that talk can be put to rest because she won this week’s Power of Veto. Winning that competition was important because it ensured her biggest threat, Sarah Beth Steagall, would go home.

Chaddha is a very smart person and she’s not too shabby in physical competitions. The good thing for her is a lot of the competitions later in the game will be mental. That’s going to give her an edge at the end of the game.

Right now, I haven’t heard anyone saying they are targeting her for eviction. I know things can change over the next few weeks but she’s yet to make anyone mad. Jury management is very important in Big Brother.

If she makes it to the final two, I think she’ll have a lot of allies willing to vote for her in the jury.

Outside of Chaddha, here are the other two Big Brother castmates I like.

  • Xavier Prather
  • Tiffany Mitchell

They both have a good chance to win it all.

Prather is a great competition threat and it seems like everyone looks at him as the leader of The Cookout. However, there are rumblings between Chaddha and Mitchell that they need to get him out sooner than later. If they leave him in the game too long, he’ll win his way to the final two.

I covered most of Mitchell’s game in the male/female prop bet, so there isn’t too much more to discuss. There’s no doubt that her biggest bargaining chip is being the creator of The Cookout. I feel like jury members will value that over competition wins.

Seeing Chaddha’s odds so high surprised me. However, I’m not complaining and I will gladly take that bet.

  • My Pick: Hannah Chaddha (+600)

Betting on Big Brother Season 23

I know betting on sports is the big thing online, but betting on Big Brother can be fun, especially if you watch the show.

It’ll probably take a week or two, but the game is going to ramp up as The Cookout has to fight each other for the win.

It can definitely change the odds of who will win the game.

There is still a ways to go here, but hopefully my Big Brother 23 predictions and odds help you formulate some winning bets.

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