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Odds and Predictions for the 2022 EuroLeague Playoffs

| April 15, 2022 1:04 pm PDT
EuroLeague logo, red playoff stamped, basketball background, players Nikola Mirotic and Edy Tavares

After six months of regular-season action, the time has come for the EuroLeague Playoffs. Eight teams have made it to the postseason, but only one will be crowned the 2022 EuroLeague champion. The question is, which one?

We will find out the answer on May 4, 2022, in Belgrade Arena. Europe’s second-largest basketball arena will serve as the host venue of the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four.

To book the ticket to Belgrade, teams first need to get through the first phase of the playoffs, which start on April 19. The teams that finished the regular season in the top eight places in the EuroLeague now lock horns in the postseason.

The 2022 EuroLeague Playoffs bracket brings us the following four matchups.

  • Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich
  • Real Madrid vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv
  • Olimpia Milano vs. Anadolu Efes
  • Olympiacos vs. Monaco

The winners of the best-of-five series will advance to the Final Four. So, which four teams will it be? Let’s see what basketball betting sites say on the matter.

Updated 2022 EuroLeague Playoffs Odds

Anadolu Efes+500
Real Madrid+500
Olimpia Milano+750
Maccabi Tel Aviv+1200
Bayern Munich+2000

What you see in the list above at the EuroLeague Championship odds taken from Bovada. As you can see, oddsmakers believe Barcelona is the strongest favorite to win the trophy. Its EuroLeague title odds are considerably shorter than those on the defending champion, Anadolu Efes.

Behind the two are Real Madrid and Olympiacos, followed by Olimpia Milano, which is seen as a dark horse for the 2022 EuroLeague title.

The remaining three teams, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Monaco, and Bayern Munich are seen as major underdogs. There’s a logical explanation behind that. The thing is that the EuroLeague Playoffs format pits favorites against underdogs.

That said, the EuroLeague Playoff odds also suggest that those three will not make it to the Final Four. Bookmakers expect Barcelona to get past Bayern Munich easily. Real Madrid should do the same against Maccabi Tel Aviv, while Olympiacos is expected to leave Monaco behind.

Judging by the EuroLeague postseason odds, we could see a surprise happening in the Olimpia Milano vs. Anadolu Efes series.

One of the reasons for that is that Olimpia gets to play the first two games of the series on its turf, Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy. The reason for this lies in the way EuroLeague Playoffs work.

2022 EuroLeague Playoffs Format Explained

The eight teams that made it to the 2022 EuroLeague Playoffs are the ones that finished in the top eight places in the regular season. As per the EuroLeague Playoff rules, the #1 team gets to play with the #8 team. The team that finished second in the regular season with the team from the #7 position, and so on.

EuroLeague Regular Season Standings
Position Team Record
#1 Barcelona 21-7
#2 Olympiacos 19-9
#3 AX Armani Exchange Olimpia Milano 19-9
#4 Real Madrid 18-10
#5 Maccabi Tel Aviv 17-11
#6 Anadolu Efes 16-12
#7 AS Monaco 15-13
#8 Bayern Munich 14-14

The teams that finished in the top four have another advantage coming into the EuroLeague postseason. As playoff series are best-of-five, the higher seeds get to play at home in the first two matches. If the series isn’t decided by then, the lower-seeded team gets to host the third game and the fourth.

If the series is tied 2-2, the decisive game will be played on the turf of the higher-seeded team. This explains why (in most cases) teams from the top four have shorter odds than those that finished lower.

Why Is Barcelona the #1 EuroLeague Favorite?

  • Odds to Win the 2022 EuroLeague: +150
  • Number of EuroLeague Titles: 2
  • Last Year’s Performance: Runner-up
  • First Opponent in the EuroLeague Basketball Playoffs: Bayern Munich

When the EuroLeague Basketball Championship odds were initially released six-seven months ago, Barca was the #2 favorite. Where is this team sitting now in the list of EuroLeague favorites? At the very top!

The reason is that Sarunas Jasikevicius’ boys were sensational in the regular season, winning 21 matches and losing only seven. They could’ve lost even fewer, but they became a little bit complacent in the final couple of rounds. Still, no one can blame them for taking things easy.

However, starting April 19, they need to take things seriously again. That’s when their series with Bayern Munich starts. The two games are played in Barca’s Palau Blaugrana, which is where they defeated Bayern 71-66 in the regular season in February.

A win is a win, but Barcelona didn’t impress in that game. Oddsmakers had made this team a 10-point favorite, but the visitors from Germany stopped Barca from blowing them out. One of the reasons for that is that Barcelona’s best player Nikola Mirotic didn’t have a great evening – he scored only 13 points that evening.

You may think that 13 is a decent number but not by Mirotic’s standards. The Spanish power forward has been nothing short of brilliant in the 2021-22 season, scoring more than 13 points in 20 of the 27 EuroLeague matches he’s played so far.

His best performance of the season happened against Real Madrid in December when he scored 31 points. If he continues playing like that in the postseason, I think no one will be able to stop Barca.

But even if he starts underperforming suddenly, Barca shouldn’t worry much. After all, this team is not a one-person army. In addition to Mirotic, they got many other amazing players, including Nick Calathes, Nicolas Laprovittola, and others.

Other Strong 2022 EuroLeague Title Candidates

The updated EuroLeague odds put Barcelona in front of everyone. Although everyone knew what to expect from the Spanish heavyweight, Barca’s odds were much longer at the start of the season. Back in September, the team with the shortest odds was Anadolu Efes, the reigning EuroLeague champion.

The main reason behind Barca’s move to the top of the EuroLeague favorites list is their superb run in the regular season. Another reason is that Barca’s main rivals weren’t as impressive. Efes, for instance, finished the regular season in the #6 position.

Then, there’s the thing about the three Russian teams – CSKA Moscow, Zenit Petersburg, and UNICS Kazan. They were all considered potential title challengers before they got booted out of the competition.

Knowing all this, one may get to think that Barca’s job is going to be easy. However, years of betting on the EuroLeague taught me that anything could happen in this competition. That said, here are a couple of teams that could crush Barca’s EuroLeague dreams.

Anadolu Efes

Anadolu Efes logo
  • EuroLeague Championship Odds: +500
  • Number of EuroLeague Titles: 1
  • Last Year’s Performance: Winner
  • First Opponent in the EuroLeague Basketball Playoffs: Olimpia Milano

Anadolu Efes isn’t having the best season in the club’s history. Even though its roster is pretty much the same as the one that won the EuroLeague, these guys haven’t been impressive.

However, Efes wasn’t too impressive last season either. As a reminder, the Turkish team finished in the #3 place in the 2020-21 regular season. They also struggled in the first round of the playoffs, eventually beating Real Madrid 3-2 in the series.

But then, they exploded in the Final Four, beating CSKA Moscow in the semifinal and Barcelona in the final of the 2021 EuroLeague. According to their coach Ergin Ataman, Efes might follow the same path yet again.

In a recent interview, Ataman suggested that if his boys do well in the EuroLeague Playoffs, they will do even better in the Final Four.

Ataman has every right to feel optimistic as he’s got plenty of amazing players at his disposal, starting with the last season’s MVP, Vasilije Micic. At the same time, the coach needs to feel cautious as Efes’ first opponent in the EuroLeague Playoffs is Olimpia Milano.

Over the last couple of years, Milano has become a sort of kryptonite for Efes. Evidence is that Ataman’s team lost each of their previous three EuroLeague meetings.

Real Madrid

Real Madric logo
  • EuroLeague Championship Odds: +500
  • Number of EuroLeague Titles: 10
  • Last Year’s Performance: Playoffs First Round
  • First Opponent in the EuroLeague Basketball Playoffs: Maccabi Tel Aviv

Real Madrid sits in the #3 position in the list of favorites with the odds of 6.50. If you’re wondering why the odds aren’t shorter, it’s because Real is likely to play Barcelona in the EuroLeague semis. Of course, only if both will qualify for the Final Four.

Barca is almost certain to do it, but what about its arch-nemesis? Oddsmakers favor Los Blancos, too, although Maccabi mustn’t be underestimated. Actually, it seems that the key to Real Madrid winning the series is to win the first two games.

Maccabi’s fans are among the most loyal in the entire competition. This explains why this team can be a very tough nut to crack when playing at Menora Mivtachim Arena. This is proof that Maccabi’s home record in the regular season was 12-2.

Luckily for Los Blancos, they’re great at home as well. They had the same record in the games played in the Spanish capital.


Olympiacos logo
  • EuroLeague Championship Odds: +550
  • Number of EuroLeague Titles: 3
  • Last Year’s Performance: Didn’t Make the Playoffs
  • First Opponent in the EuroLeague Basketball Playoffs: AS Monaco

If you thought Real Madrid and Maccabi were good at home, wait to learn about Olympiacos. In the regular season, the team from Athens’ suburb of Piraeus went 13-1 on home turf.

Olympiacos’ opponent in the playoffs is AS Monaco, a team that went 5-9 on the road in the regular season. One of those nine defeats happened in Greece. Played in November, the duel between Olympiacos and Monaco finished 86-65 in favor of the hosts.

Are we going to see something similar happen in the first two matches of their playoff series? Probably, and we could even see Olympiacos destroy Monaco on the road.

But what about the Final Four and how serious a title candidate Olympiacos is? Online sportsbooks give +550 on the Greek heavyweight, suggesting that the red-and-whites stand a reasonable chance.

Olimpia Milano – Is This the Best EuroLeague Sleeper Pick?

  • EuroLeague Basketball Championship Odds: +750
  • Number of EuroLeague Titles: 3
  • Last Year’s Performance: Third Place
  • First Opponent in the EuroLeague Basketball Playoffs: Anadolu Efes

Owned by legendary fashion designer Giorgio Armani, Olimpia Milano is one of the EuroLeague teams with the most experienced roster. Some of their key men include Nicolo Melli (31), Sergio Rodriguez (35), Kyle Hines (35), and others.

Add to the list players like Devon Hall and Shavon Shields, who are in their mid-to-late twenties, and you’ll see why this team needs to be taken seriously. Most of Milano’s players have at least some experience in the EuroLeague, while some have even played in the NBA.

As if that wasn’t enough, Olimpia Milano also has a fantastic coach. In fact, Ettore Messina is one of the biggest minds of modern basketball.

In America, he’s famous for his work as an assistant coach for Gregg Popovich with the San Antonio Spurs. In Europe, he’s famous for his EuroLeague achievements. Now a 62-year-old, Messina has won the EuroLeague four times with two different teams – Virtus Bologna and CSKA Moscow.

Can he add another EuroLeague trophy to his collection?

2022 EuroLeague Championship Winner Prediction

  • Barcelona to Win

Barcelona is the #1 favorite in bookies’ eyes for a reason – this is the best team in Europe.

Some of Barca’s players are so good that they would probably achieve a lot if they competed in the NBA. Actually, Barca’s best player Nikola Mirotic had spent five years in America before moving back to Spain. He played a total of 359 games during his NBA days.

Barcelona is simply too big to fail with such players on the roster. This team should cruise past Bayern Munich in the 2022 EuroLeague Playoffs – don’t be surprised if Barca wins the series 3-0.

Then, in the Final Four, Mirotic & Co. are supposed to have a more difficult job, although they sure have the quality to get it done. They failed to do it last year, losing to Efes by five points in the final. This time, they’re not going to let anything like that happen.

Barcelona is my top pick for the overall winner, but the EuroLeague postseason offers much more than that. From April 19 to May 4, we’re going to see between 12 and 20 games, meaning that there will be plenty of betting opportunities.

If you want to start betting on the 2022 EuroLeague Playoffs, be sure to head to Bovada.

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