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Odds and Prediction for Who Will Win America’s Got Talent in 2021

| September 6, 2021 6:37 am PDT

Another season of America’s Got Talent is slowly winding down. Season 16 promised to be new and exciting, and it’s absolutely delivered as we are knee-deep in the Semi-Finals.

One batch of Semi-Finals are in the books, with the recent results on September 1st revealing the exit of some viable contenders.

The likes of Peter Rosalita, Beyond Belief Dance Company, Tory Vagasy, Madilyn Bailey, and Korean Soul have all been eliminated.

Those departures didn’t come without some positivity, as five deserving acts punched their tickets to the finals. America’s Got Talent season 16 will cut things down to a top 10 officially following the second set of Semi-Finals episodes, and by then, bettors need to know who they think will win.

Top entertainment betting sites have already given you an opportunity to back your favorite contestant, and time is running out to predict who will win America’s Got Talent season 16.

Let’s take a look at the recent odds, as well as the top contenders and sleeper bets you should be considering. Then, I’ll cap things off my America’s Got Talent 2021 prediction.

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America’s Got Talent 16 Odds to Win

If you didn’t catch the recent America’s Got Talent season 16 Semi-Finals results, let me fill you in; Herrod advanced with the online public vote, while Brillon, Tavella, and Bryant are also all through to the finals, as well.

The World Taekwondo Demo team was gifted a spot thanks to the judge’s vote, too.

With all of them advancing, I’d be on the lookout for updated America’s Got Talent season 16 odds. And they’ll surely only be altered again once the AGT top 10 is complete for the finale.

All of these acts are still alive until at least the second slate of Semi-Finals performances go down.

UniCircle Flow and Kabir Singh are the biggest long shots, while Brooke Simpson is a strong bet to join the favored Herrod in the top-10.

Before we get to my season 16 America’s Got Talent prediction, let’s consider the locks for the top-10 when the results drop on September 8th, 2021.

Who Will Make America’s Got Talent’s Top 10?

This competition is heating up and before you know it, we’ll be crowning a 2021 America’s Got Talent winner.

Jimmie Herrod has looked like the act to beat for much of the season, and the fact that he’s already in the top-10 may cement that for some bettors. Of course, his recent +550 odds do suggest that this is still a race that can be won by anyone.

Who is Already in the Top 10?

  • Jimmie Herrod
  • World Taekwondo Demo Team
  • Aidan Bryant
  • Gina Brillon
  • Dustin Tavella

Herrod was always a lock, but everyone else here arguably had to put in a bit more work – and go through a bit of a sweat – to secure a top-10 slot this season.

Their odds will only improve from here since they’re already in America’s Got Talent top-10, and it also makes them a better overall bet, in theory.

But who else will join them in the top-10 in a week?

Who Will Make the Top 10 Next?

  • Brooke Simpson
  • 1aChord
  • Victory Brinker
  • Lea Kyle
  • Peter Antoniou

Only five more slots are open, and there are 11 contestants looking to prove their worth in the Semi-Finals next week.

Of the lot, I like the five listed above the most to round out AGT’s top-10 for 2021.

It was not easy to trim things down to the top-10, believe me. However, these feel like the five best acts remaining, and paired with the contestants that have already advanced, I think fans are getting one heck of a finale.

Top Contenders to Win Season 16

Now that you have my predicted top-10 for America’s Got Talent season 16, we can get serious here. In these 10 contestants, there are legitimately 5+ that can still win this thing.

But, who are the best bets to win America’s Got Talent 2021? I’ve got three I hold in higher regard than all the rest.

Jimme Herrod

This guy is just too smooth. He walked into his audition with just Annie’s “Tomorrow” to sing, and he had to proceed even after Simon Cowell informed him that he hated that song.

Even in the face of horror, Herrod shined. He earned a Golden Buzzer, and last week he entered the top-10 on the heels of the online public vote.

Just watch how effortless and borderline angelic his voice is.

Brooke Simpson

If you looked up vocal perfection in the dictionary, you may see Brooke Simpson. I wouldn’t go as far as to say Simpson’s voice is as hard-hitting as Herrod’s, but she’s the better overall performer.

Simpson has the soft tone, but she also has raw power, stage presence, and an instantly identifiable persona.

She’s Lizzo meets Jennifer Hudson, and I am totally here for it.

She didn’t have the luxury of getting a Golden Buzzer, but she just crushed it and put herself in position, anyways.

Her utterly complete performance of Billie Eilish’s “Lost Cause” showed there isn’t anything she can’t put her own personal touch on.

Victory Brinker

It feels weird to only be targeting singers, but this year’s crop is so loaded, that I really doubt any other genre has a chance.

Three of the last five winners have been of the vocal variety, too, and the non-singers just aren’t that scary.

Oh, and there’s Victory Brinker, who is casually blowing us away with effortless, pristine Opera music – at just nine years old.

Sleeper Bets to Consider in 2021

While I feel the top-10 is going to end up being somewhat self explanatory when it’s all said and done, there will be a few acts that should offer considerable value.

At their current prices, these are the two America’s Got Talent season 16 sleepers I’d mostly have my eye on.

Lea Kyle

The most recent AGT odds handed Kyle a nice +1600 price, which feels like a bargain after she snagged a Golden Buzzer after a brilliant audition.

An expert quick-change magician, Kyle performs a seemingly tired act, but takes it to unprecedented levels.

I felt blown away by her amazing audition, but she hasn’t slown one bit as the stakes have raised.

If you thought she was a one-hit wonder, she proved you wrong in a recent effort, mixing stellar showmanship with jaw-dropping tricks.

Peter Antoniou

One other potential sleeper pick to win America’s Got Talent 2021 could be Peter Antoniou.

The judges historically let these clairvoyant acts and magicians linger if they can keep impressing, and so far, so good when it comes to this “psychic”.

Antoniou shocked the judges with a strong audition, but he’s only gained steam in recent weeks. If he can find a way to up the ante in the Semi-Finals, he can improve his chances of winning.

Prediction for Who Will Win America’s Got Talent Season 16

Coming away with an America’s Got Talent prediction for season 16 isn’t easy. I am sure you can say that every season – or for any competition ever – but it’s flat out true in 2021.

The reality is Herrod is in the lead in terms of odds, but he is not even remotely close to being the runaway favorite. I’m not shocked to see Brooke Simpson very close behind him, either.

Both are fine bets, but how are we to get away from a nine-year old who flat out destroys Opera songs?

In a good way, of course.

You can talk me into a number of different directions, but when you talk about ability, composure, potential, and wow factor, nobody brings it home better than Victory Brinker.

Whether you like Brinker or not, there is work to be done. Get ready to finalize your bets by turning to our America’s Got Talent betting guide.

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