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Odds and Prediction for the Next Host of The Bachelor

| February 18, 2021 10:30 am PDT
The Bachelor Season 25, Week 7 - Who Will the New Host Be?

And then there were four. I was just talking a couple of weeks ago that The Bachelor season 25 kept taking two steps back when it tried to move forward, but episode seven sure expedited things.

Matt James got another week closer to finding a wife, as week seven saw a whopping four women pack their bags.

Next week is the hometown dates, with just four women left to compete for Matt James’ heart.

As if that wasn’t enough drama, The Bachelor lived up to its “most drama ever” mantra with a couple of new wrinkles.

If you need a little insight as to what’s transpired and how you should bet going forward, I’m here with my week seven The Bachelor season 25 betting update.

You can’t bet on who Matt James will marry right now, but you can still make money betting on The Bachelor. More specifically, you can bet on who the next host of The Bachelor will be.

To come to a prediction, let’s first step back and see how this prop bet came to be, and check out the latest odds for the next The Bachelor host.

Why is The Bachelor Getting a New Host?

Before you bet on who the next host of The Bachelor will be, let’s first inform anyone who isn’t in on the news and tell you precisely what is going on.

Chris Harrison appeared in an interview with former Bachelor contestant Rachel Lindsay, where he was questioned about one of the current cast member’s controversial past.

Needless to say, Harrison had some pretty pointed remarks, and he defended Rachael Kirkconnell, who was accused of being racially insensitive.

It wasn’t the best look, with Harrison opining about “cancel culture” and a “woke” society. Normally this type of candid take would be somewhat refreshing, but with the topic of race being at the forefront, it was a misguided approach, at best.

Harrison realized his error in due time and eventually took to social media to announce his likely temporary departure from The Bachelor.

With season 25 of The Bachelor prepared to go live in the coming weeks, Harrison won’t be on screen to close out the season.

It’s unclear if he’ll be gone for just the end of this season, gone for good, or will step away for just a season or two.

That does leave the door open for this prop bet, and you can bet on who will be the next host of The Bachelor.

Odds for Who Will Host The Bachelor Next

Harrison’s gaffe gives way to a new way to bet on The Bachelor, as BetUS has a fun prop asking who will be the next host of The Bachelor.

It doesn’t sound like ABC is canning Chris Harrison for good. After all, this is a pretty good moment for the esteemed host to have a nice learning experience and for it to come about rather publicly.

Cathartic for one, and for all, potentially.

Whatever the case, someone has to host season 25 of The Bachelor to close things out when the show goes live. And then there’s the matter of the next season.

It’s unclear what this prop references; the end of this season or season 26. My guess is the latter, but you can be the judge.

Tayshia Adams leads the way here as the most recent Bachelorette. She has nice odds and would probably be available, while she is understandably quite relevant.

Adams is also pretty composed, while she would be a diverse hire. Given the ugliness of this snafu by Harrison, it would be a terrific move by ABC all around.

She’s just the top favorite, though. Let’s run through some of the best options on this list, and come away with a prediction for who will host The Bachelor next.

Top Candidates to Host The Bachelor

Adams is the current favorite to host The Bachelor next, so if you like her, you can hammer that +275 price tag at the top Bachelor betting sites right now.

A few other names have good odds and/or stand out for a variety of reasons, though. It’s all pretty subjective, and there’s nothing very concrete to work with, but here’s a look at some bets I wouldn’t hate and why.

Matt James

It wouldn’t be a terrible idea to parlay the popularity of the current Bachelor into a side gig.

James has the attention of Bachelor Nation at the moment, and while he may soon be busy planning a wedding, keeping the host seat warm for Harrison would likely be something he’d be interested in.

The one caveat? He’s been pretty vocal about now being familiar with the whole Bachelor process. It was new to him, and he looked like a rookie at times.

Then again, maybe that makes him perfect. James has adapted fine enough on the fly, and his approach to hosting may come off as much more genuine than anyone else.

Wells Adams

It’s quite possible The Bachelor does dip into its Rolodex to snag a new host from their old cast.

One that stands out is Wells Adams, who is about as likable and affable as they come. He happens to have the second-best odds (tied with James), and that has everything to do with his personality and friendly approach.

He’s living his best life attached to Sarah Hyland these days, but few can forget his mini-host gig at the bar in Bachelor in Paradise.

Adams brings a nice mixed bag of sophistication, calmness, and approachability. He’d be a nice stop-gap between now and whatever happens next with the host of The Bachelor.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks stands out as a reasonable value. She has plenty of hosting experience, and she’s never been afraid of the limelight.

She’s already hosting Dancing With the Stars, but she’s under contract with ABC, and negotiations to add to her hosting resume would be less complicated than they would for a newcomer.

Banks may not be perfect, but she’s a breath of fresh air, and Bachelor Nation gets a diverse but familiar hire.

Along with Adams, this gives you four really solid bets when looking to bet on who will be the new host of The Bachelor. It’s anyone’s guess who it will be and for how long, but even in a short-term capacity, I think these are mighty fine options.

With any wager, there’s always room to get a little crazy, too. Hence, an online petition to get It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Danny DeVito as host.

That’s a prank, to be sure while betting on anyone affiliated with the Trump family getting this gig would be like setting money on fire.

Predicting the Next Host of The Bachelor

Betting appears to be close when it comes to predicting who Matt James will marry or if he’ll propose at all. Next week is the hometowns, so it’s quite possible the ship has sailed in that regard.

That said, this Bachelor host prop does give you something to look forward to. With plenty of viable options and solid pricing, this could be a wager to target online.

If I had to pick now, I think the best pick is Adams.

Not only does Adams have a great personality, but she’s familiar with James and the contestants by now.

She’s also part of The Bachelor family, while a pivot from Chris Harrison to Adams may be the most appropriate answer to fill this new void.

The Bachelor has been forward-thinking in recent years, and they deserve credit for that. It may make sense for them to continue that trend here, and Adams is a fine value at +275 for bettors.

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