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Night Two Betting Preview for WrestleMania 37

| April 8, 2021 8:31 am PDT

The second day of WrestleMania 37 should be epic and we don’t even know the full schedule yet! The fight card so far includes five title challenges, one of the biggest YouTube celebrities, and so much more.

I dissect every match in my WrestleMania 37 Night Two preview that includes the latest betting odds, analysis of every storyline so far, and my predictions.

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Roman Reigns vs. Edge vs. Daniel Bryan

Roman Reigns to Win+150
Edge to Win+115
Daniel Bryan to Win+200

Let’s begin with the most likely main event of WrestleMania 37 Night Two.

We all knew that Edge would eventually fight for a title when he returned after a lengthy spell on the sidelines and his Royal Rumble 2021 victory confirmed our suspicions.

It was unclear what belt he would target for a while, but WWE decided to send him after Roman Reigns.

The feud was made even more interesting when Daniel Bryan was added to the mix for Fastlane 2021.

The contender lost this match and many thought that his role would end there.

WWE obviously had other plans, though, because the organization announced a triple threat match for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 37.

The wrestling betting sites believe that all three guys have a shot at the title, but I prefer to back Edge in my predictions.

His entire storyline since coming back has been leading to this moment and it makes a lot of sense for the icon to become a champion. That would also open the door to future fights versus Roman Reigns that should benefit both wrestlers.

As for Daniel Bryan, it looks like his part in this feud is about to end at WrestleMania 37. I simply don’t see a winning scenario for him.

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley

Asuka to Win+250
Rhea Ripley to Win-400

It’s usually hard to go against Asuka who’s been one of the most popular wrestlers in the female division. The problem is that she faces Rhea Ripley who just joined WWE’s Raw brand.

The company would be eager to grant here a proper entrance and build some hype. There’s no better way to do it than beating a superstar like Asuka at WrestleMania 37!

That opens the door to a long-term feud between the two and let’s not forget the hints that Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler might also pursue the WWE Raw Women’s Championship in the near future.

It’s an excellent opportunity for the organization, so I see no other option but backing Ripley in my WrestleMania 37 Night Two predictions.

In fact, I believe that Asuka is one of the WWE champions most likely to lose their belt at The Show of Shows.

The Fiend vs. Randy Orton

The Fiend to Win-950
Randy Orton to Win+500

The feud between Randy Orton and The Fiend began in 2020, seemingly culminating in Bray Wyatt’s defeat in a Firefly Inferno match at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

WWE decided to keep this one going and Orton had multiple encounters with Alexa Bliss who even won an intergender match against him at Fastlane when The Fiend returned.

The encounter finished with Bliss pointing at the WrestleMania sign and we’ll watch Orton and Wyatt going at each other again on Night Two of the show.

The bookies view The Fiend as the almost certain winner in this one and the reason is that the outcome was allegedly leaked.

The speculations suggest that WWE will give Wyatt the victory, but the two rivals will meet again in the near future.

We don’t know if this is truly the case, but it fits the narrative. It makes no sense for WWE to drag this story for so long and then give Orton the win. A victory for the Fiend should leave more room for development.

And yet, the WrestleMania 37 Night Two odds for him are simply not worth a bet.

Big E vs. Apollo Crews

Big E to Win-120
Apollo Crews to Win-120

The match between Big E and Apollo Crews might be the hardest for me to evaluate in this WrestleMania 37 Night Two preview.

This feud has been going on for a while and it looked like Big E might have closed it with a win over his opponent in January. That’s when Apollo Crews embraced his Nigerian roots and changed his whole WWE persona.

That didn’t help him at Fastlane where the champion once again defended his title, but Big E did lose against Crews on March 26 and another match was scheduled for WrestleMania 2021. The challenger changed the stipulation to a Nigerian Drum Fight soon after.

I honestly don’t know what to make of this one. The storyline changed its course many times and it’s hard to understand where this one is going.

And yet, the stipulation of this match is why I’m leaning towards Apollo Crews. His new image needs a boost, so winning a Nigerian Drum Fight clash would be perfect for that purpose.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens to Win-250
Sami Zayn to Win+170

The match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn will certainly draw some attention. We know for sure that Logan Paul will appear in some role too, so the YouTube personality will be one of the celebrities at WrestleMania 37.

This feud has been going on for a while and the match at The Show of Shows was confirmed only recently. Zayn was talking to Paul at his Red Carpet Trailer Premiere when Owens attacked.

Many believe that Paul will turn on Zayn at WrestleMania 37 Night Two and the social media star’s acting certainly points in this direction.

The price for Owens might be a bit short, but it feels like this is one of the more straightforward predictions for April 11.

Riddle vs. Sheamus

Riddle to Win-130
Sheamus to Win+100

The United States Championship will be on the line when Riddle meets Sheamus at WrestleMania 2021 Night Two. The Irishman has had a great run this year and his stocks certainly had a strong boost.

He lost against superstars like Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley recently, but he started his feud with Riddle with a dominant victory just before WrestleMania.

The duo will meet again on Sunday and the big question here is if Sheamus can repeat that. I believe that his positive trajectory this year leads to a title, so I’m backing him in my predictions for WrestleMania 37 Night Two.

It should be close, but it’s time for the Irishman to get a belt for his efforts and this rivalry could then continue in the next few months.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs. Tag Team Turmoil Winners

We know for a fact that Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler will defend the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on the second day of WrestleMania. The big question is who’s going to challenge them?

There’s a Tag Team Turmoil fight on day one that features four teams (possibly even five) and the winner gets another match on the second night.

I believe that the Riott Squad is the most likely option, but we’ll see on Saturday. Either way, I don’t think that any of the contenders could win against Jax and Baszler.

The only reason the champions could lose is the hint that they could be involved in the Raw Women’s Championship. Still, they don’t have to necessarily surrender their belts for such a scenario to come true.

Final Words

I love the show’s two-day format because it will bring a ton of action and plenty of WrestleMania 37 betting opportunities.

What are your predictions for the second day of the event? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you want to back them with a real money wager, you should check our WrestleMania betting guide. It includes the top WWE sportsbooks online and useful tips on finding the best picks for The Show of Shows.

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