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NFL Win Total Betting – Predicting Cowboys’ Wins in 2020

| May 21, 2020 4:14 am PDT
Dallas Cowboys Win Total Predictions for 2020

The hype surrounding the Dallas Cowboys in 2020 is real. The arrival of a solid head coach in Mike McCarthy could light a fire under this team, while CeeDee Lamb joins an absolutely loaded offense.

That’s partially why I had the Cowboys among my Super Bowl 55 sleepers back in February. Of course, now most sportsbooks like them as viable contenders.

You probably have a good idea by now as to where you stand in any debate dealing with the Cowboys. But does all this talent equate to anything of merit in 2020, or will we again see the under-achieving group that sputtered to an 8-8 finish last year?

Only time will tell, but you can bet on how many games the Cowboys win this year. Here’s a look at the win total wager for Dallas over at online sportsbook BetOnline and how I think things unfold for them in 2020.

Cowboys’ Win Total Over/Under

Over 9.5 Wins-145
Under 9.5 Wins+115

Dallas finished with eight wins in 2019, so this Over/Under for their win total makes sense. Most project them to be a bit better in 2020, as they brought in a head coach upgrade, drafted CeeDee Lamb, and retained Amari Cooper.

The Cowboys lost some key pieces on defense and really didn’t address that side of the ball like they should have during the offseason. They also haven’t wrapped up contract talks with star quarterback Dak Prescott.

These issues could keep them from having an amazing year, but they still seem to be on the upward swing. Dallas getting ten wins doesn’t feel like a tall order, especially since my 2020 NFC East predictions put them in first place in their division.

Obviously, last year showed it doesn’t take ten wins to win the NFC East, but I see Dallas taking a step forward in 2020, and the value (-145) for this bet is solid.

  • Over 9.5 Wins

Cowboys’ Exact Win Total


If you’re with me on the previous bet, this one shouldn’t take much convincing. The only thing to consider is if Dallas is going to perform way below expectations or if they’re about to have an amazing season.

First-year NFL head coaches can lift their teams quite a bit, but Dallas getting 15+ wins feels like it’s asking way too much. They do operate out of the weak NFC East, though, so if you want a wild flier bet, there are worse wagers to tackle.

That’s still doubtful, but honestly, what’s even less likely is the Cowboys completely face-planting.

Mike McCarthy is a very successful head coach who routinely got his Packers teams to the playoffs. Dallas losing more than half of their games doesn’t seem all that realistic.

Since I have them winning at least ten games, the 10-14 range at -145 is the easy call.

  • 10-14

Betting on the Cowboys in 2020

You can look at the Cowboys in one of two ways in 2020 — they’re going to win Super Bowl 55, or they’ll just keep wading in a disgusting pool of mediocrity.

Okay, maybe it isn’t that extreme. In fact, I think they find a cozy spot somewhere in the middle.

Dallas showed last year that they’re good enough to slap around the weaker opponents. This season will be about proving whether or not they can hang with the big dogs.

I tend to think they can, if only to a certain degree. Dallas probably won’t win Super Bowl 2020, but they are absolutely threats to win the NFC East this year, and I think ten wins is a pretty good target for them.

That could allow you to convert the two wagers above, among others.

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