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NFL MVP Betting – Steer Clear of Backing Aaron Rodgers to Win the 2020 Award

| May 8, 2020 4:28 am PDT
Reasons Why Aaron Rodgers Won't Win the 2020 NFL MVP

The people in Green Bay want answers.

After reaching the NFC Championship game with a depleted supporting cast, surely the plan in the offseason was to get Aaron Rodgers some help. Instead, Brian Gutenkunst traded up in the first round to draft Rodgers’ heir apparent. The Packers GM made nine selections overall, yet not a single one was utilized on a wide receiver to aid his star player.

These actions beg the question — are “The Pack” trying to win games right now, or are they focused on rebuilding for the future?

Either way, the current status of this franchise doesn’t bode well for A-Rod’s chances at winning the Most Valuable Player Award for the third time.

In a typical year, seeing Aaron Rodgers’ MVP odds at +2200 would be an NFL futures bet the public would be pouncing all over.

I’m here to shed light on why you should actually stay away with 4 reasons why Aaron Rodgers won’t win the 2020 NFL MVP.

Have You Heard of Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson?

The 2020 NFL MVP race won’t come into clear view until the season is in full swing. However, two names that figure to be at the forefront of the discussion are the two most recent recipients of the award: Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

The fact of the matter is Mahomes is just a more dynamic version of Rodgers, plus he plays on a better team. Lamar Jackson does things A-Rod could only dream of, and there’s a reason these two guys are at the top of the NFL MVP odds list.

Let’s also account for guys like Russell Wilson and Christian McCaffrey, or all the reasons why Tom Brady can win the 2020 NFL MVP. The bottom line is there are lots of genuine competitors standing in Rodgers’ way of capturing this piece of hardware.

There’s Clearly Some Disconnect

Brian Gutenkunst has attempted to smooth things over since the draft by offering public praise to Aaron Rodgers. But make no mistake, there’s some sort of disconnect between Rodgers, Matt LaFleur, and the rest of the chain of command.

I’m not saying the Packers are thinking about trading Aaron Rodgers, but to pretend the relationship between A-Rod and the front office is hunky-dory just wouldn’t be accurate.

It’s one thing to trade up on Day 1 and select your successor.

To not draft a wideout with nine picks when it’s such a glaring need is a total slap in the face directed straight at your starting quarterback.  

Emphasis on Running the Football

You can debate whether the Packers taking Jordan Love was one of the worst picks in the 2020 NFL Draft.

What I find inexplicable is spending a second-round pick a 250-pound running back who will be relegated to running in between the tackles on first and second down. I guess it’s the organization’s way of being transparent about their intentions of transforming into a run-first team. Keep in mind that offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s last two stints came as the OC in Jacksonville and Buffalo — two systems where the air attack was subpar.

Maybe it works in Green Bay, maybe it doesn’t, but it certainly doesn’t promote Aaron Rodgers as a credible MVP candidate. Aaron could have been reenergized had the Packers drafted a speedy WR in round two, and there were all sorts of them on the board when Green Bay was on the clock at #62.

But that didn’t happen, and now we’re left wondering how much longer Rodgers will be leading the charge for the Green and Gold.   

Shortage of Playmakers 

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t amassed more than 26 touchdowns passes in a season since 2016. A big part of that is the lack of playmakers he has been surrounded with.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that much has changed heading into 2020.

Jimmy Graham and Geronimo Allison are both gone, leaving Davante Adams on an island all by his lonesome. I’m not convinced that Devin Funchess will make a difference, and we saw the inconsistencies in Marquez Valdez-Scantling’s game throughout 2019 (46.4% catch rate).

Consider the video-game-like numbers other QBs will be putting up, and account for the shortage of capable pass-catchers Rodgers has to work with.

Now you see that it’ll be awfully hard for Aaron to keep pace.

Will Aaron Rodgers Win the NFL MVP in 2020?

In order to win the league’s Most Valuable Player Award, your team has to be a legitimate SB contender. Do you think the Green Bay Packers can win Super Bowl 55?

I don’t see it, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as to why Aaron Rodgers’ NFL MVP odds aren’t as enticing as they seem at first glance.

The Packers are going to rely on Aaron Jones and their ground game a lot more in 2020. There aren’t enough weapons on the outside to enable Rodgers to put up beefy numbers, and the bond between “The Bad Man” and team ownership needs some TLC.

Feel free to place NFL bets online. Just don’t back A-Rod to win the 2020 MVP. The value simply isn’t there.

We have plenty more content available in our NFL blog, including articles to help you find wagers more profitable than this one. Head over there for predictions and more.

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