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Who’ll Be the First NFL Coach Fired in the 2020 Season?

| September 25, 2020 7:57 am PDT
First NFL Coach to Be Fired - Odds and Prediction

Well, that didn’t take long.

Just a couple of weeks into the 2020 NFL season and few fan bases are already seething. Some can’t even stomach the thought of watching their team play.

The end of the year is typically when we see the coaching carousel begin, but a few head honchos seem destined to wind up less fortunate. In fact, there are a handful of guys who are skating on thin ice as we break into week 3. 

One more move in the wrong direction and it’ll all come crashing down.

Adam Gase  – New York Jets

Seriously, what are Christopher Johnson and Joe Douglas waiting for? Just fire Gase and get it over with already.

The Jets are quickly turning into the laughing stock of the league and their head coach’s lack of preparation is a big reason why. Just ask New York’s starting safety, Bradley McDougald.

“It all goes back to practice. We’ve had some slow practices, and it correlates to the game. We need to have a complete, full week of just great practices, and I don’t think we’ve had that yet. The sooner we realize that and hone in on how to important practice is and coming out and winning at practice, then it will translate to the games on Sunday.”

Talk about an indictment directed at your head coach. McDougald isn’t some uniformed rookie just spouting off either – he played for Pete Carroll in Seattle the last three years and knows a little something about laying the groundwork.

Certainly a lot more than his own head coach.

Matt Patricia – Detroit Lions

When Matt Patricia was hired in Detroit in 2018, the Lions were coming off back-to-back nine-win seasons. Any notion that he inherited a feeble roster can quickly be dismissed.

6-10 in his first year wasn’t what management had in mind, and a 3-12-1 mark in 2019 was a major setback. If the Bill Belichick disciple was hoping to right the ship early in 2020, he’s yet to do himself any favors.

Instead, he’s done quite the opposite.

The Lions blew a 17-point 4th quarter lead to the Bears in week 1 and got absolutely trounced by the Packers in week 2. Should things continue on this downward trend, Patricia could be looking for a new job before Halloween even arrives. 

Dan Quinn – Atlanta Falcons

Some folks in Atlanta still haven’t forgiven Dan Quinn for coughing up a 28-3 lead in Super Bowl 51. Those same men and women surely aren’t going to feel any better about the Falcons head coach after his latest debacle against the Cowboys in week 2.

Coming into 2020 on the heels of consecutive losing seasons, Quinn’s seat was plenty warm before the games even got underway. Getting bludgeoned by the Seahawks in the opener turned up the flames, and blowing a nine-point lead with under five minutes to go last Sunday has the fire department on standby.

Isn’t this guy supposed to be a defensive guru?

This version of the Falcons defense could be historically bad.

Bill O’Brien – Houston Texans 

Bill O’Brien is fortunate he’s so tight with Cal McNair. Otherwise, the Texans CEO would have likely already moved in a different direction.

Stating that O’Brien could be the first NFL coach fired in 2020 may seem a bit harsh – especially considering that Houston has won the AFC South four of the last five years. The problem is once the Texans have landed in the playoffs, the franchise has nothing to show for it.

A 2-4 postseason record and zero appearances in the conference championship tells me a ceiling has been reached with O’Brien at the helm. Trading away DeAndre Hopkins less than 50 days after being appointed as the team’s GM tells me the dude is on a power trip.

It was a mistake to give Bill autonomy in the first place. Now it’s time for McNair to cut his losses.

Vic Fangio – Denver Broncos

It usually doesn’t take John Elway long to decide that the grass is greener on the other side. Two seasons to be exact. That’s how long Gary Kubiak and Vance Joseph – the last two Broncos head coaches lasted serving underneath Elway.

Evaluating Vic Fangio – now in his second season – things aren’t off to a very promising start.

Injuries have and will continue to play a role in the potential demise of this organization, but don’t get it twisted and let Fangio completely off the hook. Denver could have finished off the Titans on MNF in week 1 if it wasn’t for Vic’s blatant mismanagement of his timeouts.

Perhaps it’s time for Elway to go back to the drawing board.

John went with a “defensive” guy previously (Vance Joseph) and that project failed miserably. He tried it again by hiring Fangio, the former Bears DC, so you’d think by now maybe Elway would just take his medicine.

The Broncos have won three Super Bowls – two under the guidance of Mike Shanahan and one under the leadership of Gary Kubiak. Both are “offensive” guys.

First NFL Head Coach Fired in 2020 Prediction

Bill O’Brien and Vic Fangio may very well get canned. However, chances are it wouldn’t happen until after the completion of the 2020 campaign.

With that being said, the other three head coaches featured on this page are unlikely to last that long. The guy who stands out among the rest who simply has no business being in charge of an NFL franchise is Adam Gase.

Slated to coach against his former team on November 15th (week 10), it’s a bit premature for Adam to make any plans to see old friends in South Beach. I’d say it’s about 50/50 that Gase will make it through October.

Michael Wynn
Michael Wynn

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