New Orleans Saints’ Super Bowl 55 Odds – Are They a Good Bet to Win in 2021?

| May 25, 2020 12:49 am PDT

The New Orleans Saints walk into 2020 as good as ever. They didn’t add a ton of bodies in the 2020 NFL Draft, but they made them count, and they still have the ageless Drew Brees under center.

On paper, the Saints still look like the class of the NFC South. The NFC is loaded, but the other team you could argue is “for sure” better than them (and you still might be wrong) would be the San Francisco 49ers.

Brees leads a still explosive and incredibly dynamic offense. New Orleans is still underrated on defense. Does it all make the Saints an elite option to back at the top Super Bowl betting sites?

Only time will tell, but it’s certainly worth thinking about. To do that, let’s note their latest Super Bowl 55 odds and gauge why they could win it all and why they might not.

Saints’ Super Bowl Odds for 2021

  • BetOnline (+1200)
  • (+1000)
  • Bovada (+1000)
  • (+1200)

What if I told you that the loaded Saints were priced more like a sleeper than a true favorite to win Super Bowl 55?

No, this isn’t the start of an ESPN: 30 for 30 episode, but it is a reminder that the Saints may offer elite betting value in 2020.

BetOnline and offer the best pricing as I write this, even though New Orleans ranks third in odds at BetOnline.

Drew Brees and co. have shot themselves in the foot in each of the last three years, but the one thing we can all bank on is New Orleans being in the playoffs.

It’d take some insane regression to stop it, and no, I’m not afraid of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The latest odds support that argument, but it’s worth taking another step further. Here’s a look at both sides of the argument to assist you in betting on the Saints in 2020.

Why the Saints Can Win Super Bowl 55

The Saints always seem to be in the playoff mix. They’ve won their division three years in a row, and at the end of the year, they always seem to have a shot at making a title run.

They’ve dealt with some epic gaffes to close out playoff games the last three years, but they’ve also gotten burned by some bad officiating, as well as some crummy luck.

If things start going their way a little more, they could turn this dynamic offense and underrated defense into a true championship squad.

Drew Brees may be nearing the end, so this being his potential swan song could serve as a motivator for 2020. He’s blessed with insane talent around him, too, so the title-winning window remains very much open for New Orleans.

Why the Saints Won’t Win Super Bowl 55

Well, as noted, the Saints really can’t get out of their own way. Three years in a row, they’ve looked the part of a Super Bowl winner, yet each time, they’ve lost in the final seconds of a big playoff game.

It wasn’t always their fault, but collapse is collapse. New Orleans is responsible for some of that, while Drew Brees specifically did not turn in his finest performances in the clutch over the last two years.

Were those signs that he’s nearing the end? Perhaps. That could spell disaster yet again in the playoffs, or worse, it could mean New Orleans regressed during the regular season.

There’s also the arrival of Tom Brady in the division. He’s probably too old to make a difference, but what if the move reinvigorates him? That’s a scary thought, indeed.

Will the Saints Win the 2021 Super Bowl?

The Saints have some mild concerns. Brady is here, Drew Brees could be on the way down, and this team can’t seem to overcome themselves late in the year.

I still like them as one of the best Super Bowl bets in 2020, and if I wasn’t so sure the Chiefs were going to repeat, I might go back to the well one last time.

New Orleans has been my pick out of the NFC for the past couple of seasons, and they could again be that good in 2020. I don’t see them winning it all this year, but their +1200 Super Bowl odds offer nice value, and they just might be the team to beat in their conference.

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