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New Online Slots for Mid September 2020 – Latest Megaways Game and More

By Daisy Williams in Slots
| September 11, 2020 3:53 am PDT
New Online Slots for Mid September 2020

Summer’s winding down, and I’ve got the best new online slot releases for mid-September.

As we’re moving out of a more relaxed season, I thought I’d start the list out with a bang. The first two new real money slots include a Megaways title and an expanding reels feature that can get you to a million payout possibilities.

Don’t feel that you have to overwhelm yourself with so many options, though. I’m rounding out the list with 20 and 30-payline opportunities that are better suited for mobile play. You’re about to be introduced to firefly features, werewolf strikes, and a slot race that goes wild.

There’s a trip to the Emerald City with four jackpots and a new cast of characters, and a unique cascading reels game with re-spins that only include some of the symbols. 

Racing, rising, striking, syncing, and fluttering – here are the five best new online slot releases for mid-September 2020.

Curse of the Werewolf Megaways

If you’ve spent any amount of time in online casinos, then you’ve undoubtedly come across some Megaways slots. I see new titles roll out monthly, if not more often.

But I will say that Pragmatic Play’s new September release, Curse of the Werewolf Megaways, is one of the more entertaining versions that I’ve come across. It’s cartoonish, but it integrates some random modifiers and an attaching werewolf bonus feature designed to give you the high-pay advantage.

Curse of the Werewolf is a relatively high-stakes online slot for a Megaways version. Many games that hit the five or six-figure winning ways mark tend to stick to 10.00 or 20.00 maximum bets. However, this particular game lets you wager anywhere from 0.10 to 100.00.

Is the Werewolf Cursed or Lucky?

The wolf/werewolf is number one on the paytable with an X10 payout for every six-of-a-kind. With 46,656 possibilities, that could be substantial.

Instead of multipliers or wild variations, Curse of the Werewolf maintains a focus on high-value rewards, as listed on the paytable. In the base game spins, a mystery wolf could reveal all kinds of howling matches. There are also two different random features with Super Spins that rotate stacks of high-value symbol matches, and a Guaranteed Win twist that takes you from none to some.

Once you get to the bonus, the wolf goes nuts with attacks called werewolf strikes. One by one, they turn villagers into wolves, once again giving you a better shot at monster payouts. Plus, if you’re anxious to see the wolf’s wrath in action, you can buy your way in at any time for the (low?) price of 100 times your total bet – full moon not required.

The Grand Galore

The Grand Galore numbers to consider are 10,000 and 1,000,000.

With its expanding reels re-spin concept, you can take a four-row game and expand it to ten. That process gets you to a whopping million ways to win.

But what about the 10,000? Elk Studios’ new September 2020 slot release, The Grand Galore, has the potential to pay X10,000 based on your total stake in a single spin. That’s not the end of the numbers game either, as you start with 4,096 possibilities, have six rotating reels, and can claim up to 25 free spins in the bonus round.

Start With 4,000

You’ll start with a 6 x 4 setup and place your bet, which can be anywhere from 0.20 to 100.00. The four rows get the round kick-started with the 4,096 ways. The key to expansion, though, is repetitive wins and re-spins.

Here’s the scoop, though, as this isn’t like your standard cascading reels or Megaways slot. It works a bit differently.

When you win, the matching symbols disappear, and each reel with a blank adds a symbol spot. For example, if you received just one three-of-a-kind, then the three identical images dissolve, and reels 1, 2, and 3 each expand from four to five rows.

Some Symbols Spin Again

Now it’s time for your re-spin. However, not everything spins. Your re-try involves the three blank spots, the ones left behind from your winning combination, and the three newly added. The process continues as long as you rack up consecutive victories. But a few other things can happen as well, as stacked winners lead to a stacked re-spin.

Three scatters lead you into the Grand Synced Re-spin Bonus, where every fifth win gets you a re-try with up to five matching reels. Synced reels, re-spins, and the potential for a million possibilities – isn’t life Grand?

24 Hour Grand Prix

You get the checkered flag as soon as you hit the track on 24 Hour Grand Prix, Red Tiger Gaming’s new online slot release for September of 2020.

Compared to other new games on this list, 24 Hour Grand Prix is pared down gaming. So, if you’re not interested in tens of thousands of ways to win or crazy features that slow down the reels for a bit, then this particular slot could be your new favorite.

Thirty Lines and Six-symbol Payouts

This race-inspired game is played on a 6 x 4 board with 30 fixed paylines. You can stake as little a 0.20 or as much as 40.00 for a shot at one main game feature, a free spins bonus round, and a top six-of-a-kind that’s worth X1,050 based on your wager.

Cars and card suits rotate the reels, as well as a Race Spins’ scatter that’s behind your entry into bonus laps.

Adjacent Parking is Wild

During the regular game, you’ll notice that the symbols tend to hit the screen in stacks. That’s good for you, as two matching stacks on adjacent reels turn into full reels of wilds. When I played, it was hit and miss. There were long dry spells of no wild transformations. But then, once the cars parked properly, they continued the patterns for a while.

The Race Spins aren’t too different from the earlier laps. The one difference is that low pays are removed, so the winning rewards are much sweeter.

Sisters of Oz Jackpots

The sisters won’t resemble anyone that Dorothy came across on the yellow brick road. But they may have even better powers than the great and powerful Oz, as they’re the high-value symbols in Microgaming’s Sisters of Oz Jackpots slot.

Giant Sister

Sisters of Oz features four siblings who can appear one, two, or three rows high. They also can combine in the middle and create a giant 3 x 3 image. That’s handy as the number one sister is worth 18 times your stake.

Betting is relatively low, as you can risk as little as 0.20 but only as much as 25.00 per spin. Now, the X18 reward is going to seem pretty darn stingy. But you have to keep in mind that half of the symbols are stacked and sometimes super-sized. Filling the entire screen and generating 20 fives-of-a-kinds isn’t nearly as challenging in this game.

Plus, when you hit the bonus screen, all of your payouts are doubled.

Four Semi-Random Jackpot Payouts

The main focus of Sisters of Oz, though, is the jackpot area. Four sisters and four jackpots are part of the action. The grand prize is worth 10,000 times your wager, and the Major award, which is next in line, is good for X500.

There’s no magical formula in the Book of Oz that’ll crack the jackpot code for you, though. As you play, you’ll collect little gold coins that affix themselves to the low-pay potion bottles. The more coins you accumulate, the better the odds of getting the jackpot invite. But, it’s a combination of symbol collection and randomness.

Of course, once you get to spin the wheel, you’ll end up with something, even if it’s the Mini jackpot, valued at X15.

Depending on where you decide to play Sisters of Oz, you may also have access to a Wow Pots! variation where the top prize is seeded at two-million!

Mystic Hive

Right on the heels of Betsoft’s release of The Hive, it comes out with a sequel-type of online slot called Mystic Hive.

Unique Configurations

This newer version has the honeycomb board where you’ve got 30 active lines, but they don’t necessarily start on the left and head right. Instead, the placement is all over, so it takes a bit to figure out how you’re ending up with payouts.

Instead of bees buzzing around the Mystic Hive, you’ve got fireflies. Green, yellow, and red fireflies each have distinct properties. Green and red will help you fill the nectar meter so that you can play some free spins with a special feature. But the yellow is my favorite, as it’s the only one with multiplying properties.

Mystic Hive is good for bets as low as 0.10 or as high as 90.00 to cover 30 paylines. Once again, payouts are low (very low!), but you rely on more than one to get you to where you’d rather be in this game.

Nectar Free Spins

When the nectar meter is almost overflowing, it’s time to hit the bonus hive for some more significant rewards. The bonus round is called Nectar Free Spins. That’s because a new feature called the nectar burst spreading wild emerges. A wild symbol will flow out in every direction and will continue to spread for the duration of the five freebies.

As Betsoft is one of the few slot developers providing for US-facing casinos, Mystic Hive is one of the rare new releases for American slot players.


I would think that a million winning ways or four jackpot prizes might be enough to attract your attention. But in The Grand Galore and Sisters of Oz, there are even more features to enhance your playing experience.

My favorite online slot release for mid-September, though, has to be Curse of the Werewolf Megaways, and it’s not because of the 46,656 possibilities. Instead, I like the cartoonish design and the ideal musical accompaniment that sets the stage for the wolf-driven fun.

The game isn’t over the top with one feature after another, but it’s just enough to be entertaining and make you want to keep clicking the spin button.



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