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New Online Slots in Mid June 2020 – Multiplier Riches, Fortress Change, and More

By Daisy Williams in Slots
| June 23, 2020 10:16 am PDT
New Online Slots in Mid June 2020

It’s starting to feel like summer. Meanwhile, online slot developers have exceeded expectations with some new online slot releases in mid-June that’ll keep you entertained until winter and beyond.

It seems as if every time I turn around, there’s a new and unusual virtual gambling opportunity rolling out that takes online slots to a new level. I don’t think that you’ll be disappointed with the mid-June releases by any means.

I’ve got a bit of a theme going with my four picks this time. While the industry is typically busy cranking out Megaways games or slots with thousands of ways to win, these top titles max out at 20 paylines. Low payline counts aren’t usually my thing, but you’ll find that online slot developers have come up with some smart innovations to make a few winning ways seem like unlimited possibilities.

If you like to keep your slot gaming uncomplicated, then take a closer look at Multiplier Riches or ShowMaster. Arcane Gems kicks up the action by a few notches. But it’s Fortress Charge that zooms to the top of the list of best new online slot releases in mid-June, as I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like it.

Multiplier Riches

While most of us have been spending more time at home than ever before, we’ve had a yearning for nostalgia. Homemade bread, crafts, and reruns of our favorite shows from decades ago have been our go-to activities. So, it’s an ideal time for Red Tiger Gaming to introduce its throwback slot game.

One Payline

Multiplier Riches is a three-reel, one-line experience that you may pass by without knowing a bit more about it. I know that I tend to ignore games that are limited to 10 paylines, let alone one. However, this particular slot merits some attention.

I designate it as one of the best new online slot releases for mid-June for what it offers, not for what’s lacking. This particular 3×3 game screams Art Deco glam. It’s gold, elegant, and enticing. Wagering spans 0.20 to 20.00, but keep in mind that with one payline, your entire stake rides on every payout.

Guaranteed Multiplier Use

The special feature that takes Multiplier Riches from so-so to excellent, though, is the increasing multiplier. If a multiplier appears and can’t be used, then its value is saved. There’s a multiplier meter resting atop the screen that will continue to rise until you get a win.

So, Multiplier Riches may be simple, straightforward, and retro-inspired slot gaming, but its potential to pay is all over the place. Three diamonds will get you an X500 prize. But diamond appraisal can skyrocket if you’ve gathered up enough multiplier power.

Fortress Charge

I would need an entire review to do Fortress Charge justice. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the slot reels before, as it’s more like a video game storyline playing out in front of you.

I’m following Multiplier Riches with Fortress Charge, as it only bumps the payline count up by two. Multiplier Riches focuses on one middle line, while this new Microgaming release has three. But don’t be fooled by the three-line configuration, because it’s not your typical slot in any way, shape, or form.

A Fight to the Right for Rewards

Fortress Charge is premised on heroes versus villains. Instead of looking for matching images to claim your rewards, your hero needs to fight his or her way from the left side (reel one) to the right (reel six). You won’t always get that opportunity, either. The first order of business is to have a hero appear on the first reel before you get any action.

Once your valiant warrior hits the screen, then the second reel spins. It’ll pop up villains, multipliers, prizes, weapons, and other equipment that you may need along the way. You may claim cash en route. But your primary objective is to reach the sixth reel castle to claim the big prize for the game.

Betting starts at just 0.10 and is capped at 15.00. While there’s definitely cash potential in this particular slot, it’s more about the uniqueness and adventure. Not only is Fortress Charge one of the best new online slot releases in mid-June, but it’s on the list for the entire year.


It looks like an old-fashioned slot, and it sounds like one, but ShowMaster has some modern wizardry at play.

The new release by Booming Games has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, and they’re all initiated by the Wheel of Fortune. You’ll catch a glimpse of the colorful wheel above the 5×3 game board, but it’ll kick into gear every time you get a Bonus Wild symbol on end reels simultaneously.

Instant Prizes Up to X5,000

ShowMaster is one of those games that’s not as visually appealing or creative. But it’s what lies behind the mask that makes the difference. The Wheel of Fortune circles wild multipliers up to X5, wild reels, up to eight bursting wilds at a time, free spins, symbol upgrades, and other fun surprises.

However, you’ll be keeping your eye on the instant prize wedge. If you hit it, you’re on your way to bonus cash that can be as valuable as X5,000!

This particular slot has 20 paylines, with stakes that span 0.20 to 100.00. While standard spins are just that, the Wheel of Fortune is always standing by with a long list of special features and big-money awards.

Arcane Gems

Quickspin’s Arcane Gems picks up where ShowMaster leaves off with an excellent design and top-notch visual effects. But this mid-June new online slot release has unique gameplay behind the attractive cover.

Adjacent Ways Pay on the Line

Like the other slots on the list, Arcane Gems has a low payline count of just nine lines. However, it also incorporates adjacent pay mechanics, so you’ve got more than nine possibilities in every turn of the reels. Your matching symbols can start on the second or even the third reel, as long as you have at least three riding a designated line in adjacent columns.

The adjacent ways pay is just the start of things, though. Winning combinations stick around and prompt free re-spins. New symbols added to the screen will keep things going, with the ultimate goal of filling columns with identical images.

Adding Up the Multipliers

Every time you fill a column, you get a random multiplier above the reel, worth between X2 and X5. If you keep things going and add more, you could potentially multiply your award by X25, based on the sum of the values.

Arcane Gems is played with 0.10 to 50.00 stakes inside a treasure box filled with gems. It’s got the entire package of feature-rich gameplay and impressive visual presentation. You’ll find that the jewels tend to circle the reels in mini-stacks, so it’s possible to activate a multiplier on your first try.


My picks for the best new online slot releases in mid-June of 2020 prove that you don’t need hundreds of paylines to be entertained and engaged.

Fortress Charge only has three lines, but it’s as un-slot-like as it gets with its eastbound quest for treasures that turn into slot rewards for you. If you’re excited to try something really innovative, then give it at least a few minutes of your time, as my brief description doesn’t do it justice.

These new online slots are just the tip of the iceberg. The significant players in virtual gambling have all kinds of new games planned for the summer of 2020. So, be sure to keep checking in!



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