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New Online Slots in Late May 2020 – Arthur’s Fortune and More

By Daisy Williams in Slots
| June 1, 2020 10:59 am PDT
Best New Online Slot Releases – Late May 2020 Edition

Time flies when you’re having fun, huh? We’ve just entered June, and slot developers have been releasing more new titles before summer officially starts.

From a Monkey King to a Jaguar Princess, you’ll appreciate the creativity. I don’t think you’ll ALL be excited about ALL of the new games, though. They’re quite different and won’t appeal to everyone.

For example, you’ve got a relatively simple 50 payline slot with a betting range of 0.50 to 500.00. Then, there’s a new Megaways rollout with 0.20 to 20.00 wagering and non-stop action.

Regardless of which ones you gravitate to, though, the gameplay is unique. You can see that slot designers don’t rest on their laurels, as they’re always striving for bigger and better. So, keep an eye out for the 97.53% RTP option that will keep the reels in motion. There’s also a crystal ball that reveals your financial fortune, which comes true in front of your eyes.

Arthur’s Fortune

If you’re familiar with online slots, then you know that Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Roundtable have been rotating the virtual reels for years. They’ve morphed into standard symbols, wilds, and bonus features.

So, Yggdrasil’s Arthur’s Fortune isn’t going to give you anything new as far as the characters. But it does offer some wilder wilds and impressive magic tricks.

Magic Revealed

The May 21st release is a standard 20-line game. While you could risk as much as 100.00 per spin, you can also get away with as little as 0.04, as credit value starts at 0.002. Regardless of how much you decide to wager, Arthur’s Gold and Merlin’s magic put in contention for payouts worth up to 10,850 times your bet.

Two primary features and a fast-paced soundtrack should keep you engaged. Even though it’s a simple slot with a 5×3 setup and fixed paylines, wild conversions and a crystal ball full of prizes take things to the next level.

Gold Leads to Valuable Payouts

Scattering and converting wilds accompany legendary characters and lead to bigger payouts as well as bonus play. Anytime you click spin, you’ve got a shot at ten wild transformations, as colorful symbols turn to gold.

Three scatter wilds send you into bonus play with free spins and guaranteed wild conversions. If you get five scatter wilds, though, it’s even better as seven games jump to 14, and a single changing symbol becomes three.

During the main game, Merlin shows off his mad magic skills courtesy of the crystal ball. When the glowing orb hits the fifth reel, Merlin takes center stage, revealing a cash prize that’s worth up to 500 credits, or a trip to the bonus round.

Quest to the West

The next new release will be particularly appealing to Americans, as it’s from Betsoft. Along with Rival Gaming and RealTime Gaming, Betsoft comprises the big three for US-facing sites. With only three licensed software providers, new release rollouts aren’t as frequent.

Meet the Monkey King

Quest to the West hit the virtual floor on May 21st. It has a relatively high RTP of 97.53% and doesn’t feature a typical free spins bonus round. What it does have, though, is the Monkey King.

Characters in this slot have a menacing look about them. While you should be rooting for Monkey King-dominance, he’s intimidating. Nonetheless, you want him to be a part of every game. The Monkey King is wild and has some other special powers as well.

Meter of the Heavens

In this slot, you want your Quest of the West to fill the Meter of the Heavens.

Got it?

Okay, I’ll explain it. The Quest to the West is activated whenever three or more Monkey Kings hit the screen at the same time. The combination prompts the King to levitate off the screen and start a journey westward, or to the left.

When you’re on the Quest, you get to take advantage of free re-spins. With each one, the Monkey King walks to the left, reel by reel. When he exits the scene, the Meter of the Heavens moves up a notch.

Chain of Slot Events

The goal is for more Monkey Kings to emerge during the Quest. If you hit 15 or more, then the Meter of the Heavens fills and overflows with abundance for you. Whenever the meter is full, you get an instant 1,000X win.

Quest to the West is a 25-payline game with a betting range of 0.02 to 80.00. There’s a maximum win of 1,260.5X your bet.

Walk, Monkey King, walk!

Jaguar Princess

High 5 Games’ May release, Jaguar Princess, can be summed up in two words: Super Stacks.


The 50-line slot is all about vertically matching symbols. It’s not uncommon to have full columns with identical images. So, 50 paylines of six-of-a-kinds aren’t out of the realm of possibility. With 100 credits for every Princess six-of-a-kind, that’s 5,000 credits in one shot.

Jaguar Princess is played on an oversized 6×4 board and features extra payouts for wilds and princesses. Not only is a series of six the best, but a pair of either of those two symbols is also a win.

Claw Your Way Into the Bonus

Unlike Quest to the West, Jaguar Princess has a free spins bonus. It’s not triggered in the usual way, though. Forget about three scatters unlocking the invisible door, as you’ll need at least 12 claw marks in the center four reels to claim a dozen freebies. More claws will get you additional spins as well.

Even though there are six reels of action, Jaguar Princess is a pretty simple slot. Super stacks and a bonus game are the two features. For the most part, though, you’re just looking for standard symbol combinations.

Covering the 50 paylines will cost you anywhere from 0.50 to 500.00. While Jaguar Princess isn’t a high-intensity slot, there are relatively big payouts circling the six reels.

Dragon Match Megaways

Last but not least is my favorite of the bunch for this week, and it’s called Dragon Match Megaways. Although it’s an iSoftbet release, the Megaways feature is on license by Big Time Gaming.

Four Reels With Cascading Wins

Whenever you see that Megaways designation, get ready for some big-time action, as there are thousands of ways to win. This particular title may only have four reels, but they pack a punch with up to 3,136 possible winning directions.

In addition to the thousands of possibilities, each win prompts a cascade. So, the matching symbols explode, and new ones drop in to take their places. A string of payouts continues as long as at least one winning combination is on the board.

Two in the Tracker

Dragon Match gives you a clue about what to expect in the game. In addition to the four reels, there’s a top tracker with two symbol spots. Those two images are also part of the game and get factored into winning combinations. Additionally, though, they prompt special features with symbol matches.

The horizontally rotating reel spins in the same game symbols. When a matching pair emerges, they turn wild. Then, any other matches in the column below morph into wilds as well.

There are also two halves of a dragon on that top tracker. When the two pieces merge to make one dragon, the bonus round is activated.

Strategize Your Multiplier Action

Bonus play in this game is even more exciting, and that’s saying a lot, as there’s quite a bit going on in Dragon Match Megaways. But when you head into the free spins round, you get the benefit of an increasing multiplier and the chance to strategize.

You can select fewer free spins with a higher starting multiplier of X5. Or you can opt for a dozen bonus games with an X1 to start. Each successive winning cascade prompts a rise in the multiplier, and there’s no limit to how high it can go in this game.

Dragon Match Megaways is a lower-stakes slot with a range of 0.20 to 20.00. If you like to keep things simple, a game like Jaguar Princess is more up your alley. But if you’re like me and you like to see as many features pop up as possible with symbols flying in from every direction, then Dragon Match is your ideal match.


Now that you’ve got a glimpse of four of the hottest slots for late May 2020, you can see how each one has something particularly appealing.

Each one, except Jaguar Princess, is suitable for recreational players with low minimum bets starting at just 0.02. But for more cash in the game, avoid the Quest, Dragon, and Arthur. Jaguar Princess’ 500.00 maximum is one of the more generous around and allows you to reel in big bucks every time you click spin.

But if you’re looking for something different (and, let’s be honest, there are plenty of slot options in the virtual world), then just check out any of the top online casinos and get spinning!



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