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New Online Slots in Early June 2020 – Io, Shadow Gods, and More

By Daisy Williams in Slots
| June 14, 2020 12:34 am PDT
New Online Slots in Early June 2020

The weather is heating up, and online gambling may not be first and foremost on your mind. But many of us are still in at least partial lockdown, so new online slot releases in June might be just the thing to alleviate boredom.

New games that are now rolling out pretty much stick with familiar themes like space and Ancient Egypt. But the gameplay in each of the top five titles offers something new and distinctive.

I’m starting with an unusual slot that has spheres rolling around in a cylinder. There’s also a tour of Italy, a football slot with four jackpots, a new Megaways game, and a more traditional 50-line game with re-spins and free spins.

These five are just scratching the surface of what you can expect, as top slots developers have planned an entire summer of new online games. You may be staying home more often than usual, so fun gambling is coming to you.


I’m starting with a game that I’m particularly excited about, as Io has a bit of everything. It’s an out of this world slot called Io that’s played in a tube. Yes, you got that right.

The cylinder, or symbol chamber, may remind you a bit of the Star Trek transporter. But instead of acting as a people mover, it holds round icons that drop into place. On the one hand, it’s similar to Megaways games, as you have up to 262,144 ways to win. There are six reels, even though it’s tough to tell sometimes. Also, like Megaways slots, you’re looking for adjacent ways to pay.

Symbol Rolls

But Io has some differences as well. The symbols are round, like marbles. When you get a winner, the matching “balls” disappear, leaving spaces open. But instead of sticking to vertical moves, as you would in a typical slot, the round symbols roll around and fill the gaps first. Then, new symbols come in to fill the cylinder a bit more.

In addition to the win, roll, and drop procedure, Io also has some unique features that show off when it comes to visuals. This is a modern slot, and it’s evident throughout your gameplay.

Wild Lasers

You’ll benefit from lasers that clear symbols along their paths. When lasers cross, wilds emerge. There’s also a wild forge feature that fills gaps with multiplier wilds.

One six-of-a-kind isn’t going to impress you much. But you’ve got to look at Io as the complete package. You’ll take advantage of the wild conversions, multipliers, symbol drops, and re-tries to combine your payouts into something substantial.

Shadow Gods

Ugh, I know, another Ancient Egyptian themed slot, because we just don’t have enough of them, right?

Well, I’m not thrilled with the theme because I’ve seen Horus, Anubis, and the Eye of Ra on so many slot screens that it’s hard to distinguish one from the other. However, Shadow Gods is a new release by RealTime Gaming, so it gives US players something new to try.

While I’d prefer to see different subject matter, there’s a lot to like about Shadow Gods, and it earns its place on the list of best new online slot releases for June.

Re-Spins and Free Spins

Shadow Gods is a 50-line game with a betting range of $1 to $200. The gameplay gets frequent boosts courtesy of nudging wild reels, Eye of Ra re-spins, and two bonus rounds. Horus and Anubis are Wild, and when they show up on their respective reels (two and four), they’ll be pushed into place to cover the column.

Six Eye of Ra coins will lead you to three Coin Re-spins, where you’ll attempt to add to the Eye count. If you cover the screen, you’ll get a grand prize, but if not, you’ll add up the value of each coin symbol for an extra payout. Bonuses start with scatter pays and then give you the choice of Sticky Wild spins or Treasure Spins.

The imagery will look familiar, but there are some design elements, like dust storms, that attempt to make Shadow Gods stand out from its Ancient Egypt competitors.

Check out the top US online casinos to play this game.


I may have a solution to your problem if you haven’t been able to locate a slot that lets you stake 3,000.00 per game, and it’s called Scopa.

Scopa is Habanero Games’ Italian inspired June 2020 slot release. It features an unusual reel configuration of 1-3-3-3-1, giving you 27 ways to win with a 15-coin wager required. But those 15 coins can add up to 0.15, or as much as 3,000.00. How’s that for a betting range?

Italian Game Travels

The premise of Scopa is to take you on a tour of Italy. Train scatters will get you 13 free spins at a time. Bonus train spots include Venice, Genoa, Milan, Tuscany, and Naples. Each place you visit has a slightly different feature to offer, but you have to take the tour in its proper order.

You’ll come across multiplying wilds, expanding symbols, and other bonus enhancements. There’s also the Scopa payout that’s worth an extra X25 should you cover all 11 spots on the screen with the same symbol.

11 Champions

It’s unusual to have a slot game without a free spins bonus. But in Microgaming’s 11 Champions, you won’t mind very much when you find out that four jackpots are on display. Claiming one of them, including the grand prize that’s worth 5,000 times your total bet, is all about the selection process.

A pick and click bonus is behind 11 Champions’ jackpot awards, but the entire game is played like one continuous bonus round. That’s because, in addition to looking for five symbol payouts within the 20-line slot, you’ll be moving the football player around the board.

Slot Coaching

Above the 5×3 screen is a horizontal reel that rotates Dribble, Pass, Shoot, and blank spaces. The goal is to get the player to move as much as possible during dribble and pass. Then, when it’s time to shoot, you’ve covered plenty of territory that will lead to wild conversions.

You’ll find that, when it comes to sports-themed games, 11 Champions is a cut above. It’s a 20-line slot with betting that starts at 0.20 and allows for up to 50.00. You’ll hear the roar of the crowd, and the announcer will provide slot play by play.

Starz Megaways

I started with Io, an intergalactic odyssey type of slot. Now, I’m going to wrap up the list of the five best new online slot releases for June of 2020 with another space-themed experience.

Starz Megaways is the latest in a long line of “mega ways to win” slots. This one, though, is relatively simple, despite the 117,649 possibilities. There’s one feature under the spotlight, and it’s the expanding wild. During the main game spins, wilds expand to cover the reel. In the bonus round, wilds expand to cover the reel, and they become sticky.

Wild Focus

That’s about the extent of things, though. Bonus symbols will award you those free spins with sticky wild reels. Three scatters will get you six attempts, while six are good for 15 complimentary games.

There is one thing that’s highly unusual about Starz Megaways, though, and that’s the betting. Usually, you’ll find that Megaways titles stick with low-stakes wagering that maxes out at 10.00 or 20.00. But Pragmatic Play’s Starz slot lets you risk as much as 100.00 at a time. You don’t need to do that, though; minimum bets are only 0.20. But it’s good to have options.


The five slots that I’ve chosen to highlight as the best new online slot releases for June may have features that surprise you. After all, the 50-line slot about Ancient Egypt has quite a bit going on, while the newest Megaways release sticks to basics.

Each of the June 2020 slots is from a different software provider. So, regardless of your online casino of choice, you’re sure to come across at least one new and entertaining gambling opportunity. If you don’t happen to have somewhere to play, then you’re covered there as well. The following are just a few of the online casinos that we’ve reviewed, ranked, and now recommend.



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