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NBA Finals 2020 – Are the Heat Threats to Win It All?

| June 15, 2020 3:40 am PDT
Why the Miami Heat Can Win the 2020 NBA Finals

The Miami Heat currently sit fourth in the Eastern Conference and have a shot at improving their seeding ahead of the 2020 NBA playoffs.

Given the shortened season and their impressive season, is it possible the Heat could pull off a shocker and march all the way to the 2020 NBA Finals?

Bettors can’t write them off just yet, as there are a number of reasons to be intrigued by Miami going into uncharted territory. Despite holding less than ideal +5000 NBA Finals odds, here’s why betting on the Heat isn’t so crazy.

Miami Is Playing at Home…Kind of

There are 22 NBA teams returning for eight more regular season games and then the playoffs. Just two reside in Florida.

One of them is Miami, who fared well in their home state this year, going a striking 27-5. This isn’t just a big deal because the Heat play their best ball at home, though. It also could protect them from travel and road performance woes.

Miami was a paltry 14-19 on the road during the regular season. Avoiding travel and even stepping foot out of Florida could give them a massive edge.

Jimmy Butler Is a Cold-Blooded Killer

Butler gets bad press due to basically demanding trades out of two cities and then bolting from a would-be title contender in Philly.

But props to the guy for knowing what he wants. I don’t think anyone would ever confuse Butler for a guy who didn’t work hard or want to win, either.

Butler’s insane work ethic and will to compete at a high level have helped him succeed at every stop. It also helped him instantly turn a Miami team that missed the playoffs a year ago into a viable contender.

The Heat Defend Well

Any team that is worth a bet in this year’s playoffs has the ability to stop the ball and prevent easy buckets. Butler’s presence as an elite isolation defender is obviously helpful, while his high basketball IQ trickles into the rest of Miami’s defense.

The Heat play slow, but they still offer the 12th most efficient defense in basketball. Prior to the league going on its hiatus, Miami ranked 11th in points allowed per game and 7th in overall shooting percentage allowed.

Miami isn’t an elite defense across the board, but they play hard and make defenses work. Their methodical offense also tends to keep games contained, which keeps them from getting blown off the court by faster squads.

The crazy part? Mid-season additions could eventually help their defense be even better.

Miami Is Only Getting Better

Perhaps the biggest advantage Miami has is their improving youth and the several months they’ll have had off to mature by the time the NBA returns.

The veterans get some much-needed rest, which is key for Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic, but young guys like Kendrick Nunn, Tyler Herro, and Bam Adebayo all had the opportunity to calibrate and prepare for a deep playoff run.

Nunn and Herro were at one time in the running for this year’s NBA Rookie of the Year award, so what does the rest of the Eastern Conference do if these guys come back even better?

The Heat Are Crazy Deep

Prior to the league suspending action, we were just scratching the surface of Miami’s depth. Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder have played 14 and 13 games, respectively, with their new team.

Those guys should prove quite useful when you look at their ability to defend the perimeter, as well as knock down open jumpers.

Miami also has viable bench bodies in Derrick Jones Jr. and Kelly Olynk, both of which can provide a spark as scorers.


The Heat start and end with Jimmy Butler, but he’s proven he can win at a high level. Heck, he and his Sixers were one lucky bounce away from potentially reaching the Eastern Conference Finals last year.

We know the Heat can defend. They’re also deep, they have a litany of scorers who can hurt you, and they’ll be spending the rest of the year at home in Florida.

Miami isn’t the first team bettors look to when picking who emerges out of the Eastern Conference, but it’s possible that’s a mistake.

Regardless of which side you’re on, be sure to use the best NBA sportsbooks before placing wagers ahead of the 2020 NBA playoffs.

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