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Most Bizarre Injuries in the History of Soccer

| December 10, 2021 10:31 am PDT

Injuries happen in professional soccer all the time. Sometimes they’re scary, sometimes they’re not. In this blog post, I’m going to focus on the latter category.

I’ll discuss some of the most bizarre injuries in the history of soccer, starting with one that just happened in 2021. Let’s get into it, shall we.

Rami Kaib Breaks His Jaw on a Carrot

They say carrots are good for you, but Rami Kaib disagrees. The Swedish left-back broke his jaw on a carrot this past August.

Okay, the carrot wasn’t the only one to blame. Before the incident, he played a game in which he got hit repeatedly in the jaw.

Rather than reporting to his team’s doctors straight away, Kaib got the post-game munchies. Unfortunately, his injured jaw was no match for this particularly crunchy carrot.

Angry Cow Injures a Scottish Goalie

Queen of the South is one of the oldest Scottish clubs, formed more than a hundred years ago. The team, however, hasn’t been playing in the top league for ages, so there haven’t been too many stories about their games.

There was a newsworthy story a few years ago, which didn’t involve anything happening on the soccer field. It did, however, happen on a field.

The story goes that the goalkeeper of Queen of the South was injured by a runaway cow at his father’s farm.

Assistant manager Dougie Anderson told the press the following statement.

“Sam has missed training this week after being struck. It could have been worse as the cow ran at him for a second time but he managed to get out of the way.”

The angry cow injured his shoulder, but luckily, the injury wasn’t too serious.

Leonid Slutsky Falls While Trying to Save a Kitten

Sticking with the animal theme, the former manager of the Russian national team once ended up in a hospital after trying to save a kitten.

The man in question is Leonid Slutsky, who’s now sort of famous for his rendition of Mariah Carey’s Christmas tune.

But, back in the day, he used to be a promising goalkeeper. Who knows what he could’ve achieved if it weren’t for the cat?

According to the man himself, he was 18 when the incident happened. His neighbor’s cat got stuck in a tree, so the goalie felt like it was his duty to save the animal.

The rescue mission turned out to be impossible. A branch broke under Slutsky’s weight, causing him to drop some 20 feet.

Funnily enough, he landed on his feet – like a cat – but the impact ruined his knee for good.

Darius Vassell the Handyman

The former striker for Aston Villa once had to miss a couple of games due to a blood blister on his toe. Sure, it doesn’t sound like a serious injury, but Vassell made sure to make it serious.

Rather than letting his club’s medical team do their job, he decided to take care of the blister on his own. What did he do?

Vassell used a drill to puncture a tiny hole in the blister. It’s needless to say that things didn’t go as he planned.

Thibaut Courtois Is Injured Doing an NBA Promo

A self-professed basketball fan, the Real Madrid goalkeeper injured his ankle while shooting a promotional video for the NBA in early 2017.

Back then, he was playing for Chelsea and because of the injury, he had to miss a couple of games, including some really important ones. Like the one against one of Chelsea’s biggest rivals, Manchester United, for example.

Carlos Tevez Injured During a Prison Visit

If you thought he got beaten up in a prison fight, that wasn’t the case. Instead, the inmates treated the Argentine superstar very well; the injury happened during a friendly soccer game inside the prison yard.

So, how did he end up there?

Carlos came to the prison to visit his brother Juan, who’s serving a 16-year sentence for an armed robbery.

Although I’m not sure this is a common practice in maximum-security prisons, Tevez did play a game against the inmates.

Unluckily for him, the prison game proved costly, with him tearing a calf muscle.

Leg Shaving Goes Wrong for Marco Asensio

The Real Madrid playmaker once ended up on the injury list because of an infected pimple.

How did it get infected? Asensio accidentally cut it while shaving his legs with a razor.

Luckily for Asensio, the pimple problem caused him to miss just one game. Unluckily for Asensio, it was his team’s Champions League opener in the 2017-18 season.

Santiago Canizares – The Sweet Smell of Failure

Asensio missed just one game for his silly injury, but his fellow Spaniard missed the entire 2002 World Cup for his little accident.

Spain’s then-no.1 goalie was famous for his safe hands, but in this instance, his hands failed him – Canizares dropped a bottle of aftershave.

That wasn’t the disastrous part of the story. What happened next is that his instincts of a soccer player kicked off. He tried to land the battle with his foot, which proved to be a very bad idea.

The bottle smashed, severing his tendon along the way.

Canizares said this in the aftermath of the accident.

“I do not consider myself to be unlucky by any means. I still believe that the best moments of my career are yet to come.”

The best moments never came for Canizares. He lost the starting position in the Spanish squad, subsequently playing only another 14 games for his national team. Only one of those was at the World Cup.

Kirk Broadfoot’s Exploding Eggs

For this recipe, you need a couple of eggs and a microwave.

The story goes that the Scottish defender made poached eggs in a microwave. Apparently, he didn’t let them cool down properly, so when he tried to get to the yolk, it exploded into his face.

The hot yolk scalded his face, for which he ended up in a hospital. The good news is that he sustained no serious injuries.

Rio Ferdinand Injures His Knee By Playing PlayStation

The former England captain was struggling with a back injury, the treatment for which was to get plenty of rest. Well, the defender apparently took too much rest.

Ferdinand spent hours playing Play Station with his leg resting on a coffee table. By failing to move, he ended up straining a tendon in his knee.

This wasn’t the only instance in which a soccer player got injured by playing video games. A few years before Rio Ferdinand’s injury, something similar happened to Alessandro Nesta.

The Italian World Cup winner ruptured a tendon in his left thumb after an all-night PlayStation playing session.

If you’re interested in more soccer content, be sure to check out our soccer blog.

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