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Monday Night Football DFS Picks and Lineup Advice – Seahawks vs. Eagles (Week 12)

| November 30, 2020 1:13 am PDT
NFL DFS Showdown Picks for MNF Week 12 - Seahawks vs. Eagles

NFL fans get a weird game on Monday Night Football in week 12. On one hand, both the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles are potential playoff teams playing for first place in their respective divisions.

On the other, only one of them is actually any good.

Seattle overcame a little dry spell to upend the Cardinals in their last game, and if they win here, they can keep the race in the NFC West extremely tight.

The NFC East is far from decided, either, but the Eagles probably can ill afford to keep losing. They’ll have a chance to get the job done at home, but it won’t be easy.

You can try to find the proper betting angle for this game at the top NFL sportsbooks, but there’s also an opportunity to make money off of this game in NFL DFS.

Here are my favorite NFL DFS Showdown picks for MNF week 12 if you plan on building some lineups on Monday.

Top Showdown Picks for MNF Week 12

  • Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks ($12.6k)
  • DK Metcalf, WR, Seahawks ($11.4k)
  • Carson Wentz, QB, Eagles ($10.4k)
  • Tyler Lockett, WR, Seahawks ($9.6k)
  • Miles Sanders, RB, Eagles ($9.2k)
  • Chris Carson, RB, Seahawks ($8.8k)

This is also a list of the six most expensive players on the Monday Night Football Showdown slate. I’m not saying to try to play all these guys (you can’t), or that I even necessarily love all six of them (I don’t).

However, they absolutely are the guys with the best floors and ceilings in this game.

On paper, the Eagles actually have a pretty good pass defense. Of course, upon further review, their last four games have come against garbage offenses, or the quarterbacks they’ve faced have at least been weak.

This defense got smoked by Ben Roethlisberger and Jared Goff. Lamar Jackson ran all over them. Maybe they’re good, but they also just haven’t faced anyone.

That changes on MNF, when they have to try to corral Russell Wilson.

I’ll just fire up my Seahawks stacks here, and it starts with Wilson and Metcalf.

Lockett is right there, too, and Chris Carson actually has the better matchup by the numbers. If people are a bit gun shy as he returns from injury, all the better.

Philly should be desperate here, but I’m not over the moon to pay for their studs. Carson Wentz could in theory be a smash play against a porous Seahawks secondary, of course, and we all know what Miles Sanders can do.

All of these guys are worth a look, but I’d probably start by building around a Russ/DK/Carson stack and see what pops in lineup builders.

Best MNF Showdown Sleepers for Seahawks vs. Eagles

  • Jalen Hurts, QB, Eagles ($7.2k)
  • Will Dissly, TE, Seahawks ($3.6k)
  • Alshon Jeffery, WR, Eagles ($1.6k)
  • Boston Scott, RB, Eagles ($1k)
  • Freddie Swain, WR, Seahawks ($200)
  • Penny Hart, WR, Seahawks ($200)

Hurts isn’t priced like a sleeper, but he’s very interesting due to an uptick in playing time. Per reports, he could get even more work going forward.

Whether or not that’s true, you have to believe the Eagles are growing tired of Carson Wentz’s bad plays and turnovers. If you think for a second Hurts gets a big role and/or an in-game benching is in the cards, he’s very appealing.

The rest of these guys are legit MNF DFS Showdown sleepers.

Greg Olsen is out with a foot injury, so Will Dissly steps up into a bigger role. No tight end has crushed for Seattle, but he’s shown good chemistry with Wilson in the past. It can’t hurt that Philly ranks 27th against the position in 2020.

Jeffery is a total waste of space and actually saw his snap count decrease in his second game back. But he’s also a big body who can score touchdowns. Considering his price and the matchup (Seahawks rank 32nd vs. WRs), he’s worth a roll of the dice.

Scott is also a nice sleeper play, just because the stubborn Eagles refuse to give every tough to Miles Sanders. You might be able to get 5-8 touches and perhaps a vultured touchdown here at a really nice price.

It could make sense to dumpster dive with Seattle’s spare receivers, though. Freddie Swain is a bit nicked up, but both he and Penny Hart could benefit from David Moore potentially being out.

Hart is ultra sneaky if Moore sits and Swain suffers an in-game ailment. I tend to think Wilson just features his top receivers and tight ends even more, but YOLO.

My Favorite Week 12 MNF Lineup

  • Captain: DK Metcalf, WR, Seahawks ($17.1k)
  • FLEX: Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks ($12.6k)
  • FLEX: Miles Sanders, RB, Eagles ($9.2k)
  • FLEX: Freddie Swain, WR, Seahawks ($200)
  • FLEX: Will Dissly, TE, Seahawks ($3.6k)
  • FLEX: Jalen Reagor, WR, Eagles ($5.8k)

This is an NFL DFS Showdown slate, and the possibilities are kind of endless in the pursuit to get the perfect lineup.

The first step is trying to decide who you think the top performer will be, how big the gap will be, and how using them meshes with piecing together a complete lineup. Then you want a squad that not everyone will have, too.

It all needs to come together perfectly, and getting it right in one shot like this isn’t very easy.

That said, I expect the Seahawks to win this game, I think we get a good amount of points, and I also am not afraid of Philly’s defense. I think it’s a bit fraudulent based on a really nice string of games against bad quarterbacks, or offenses that simply don’t throw much.

Wilson should have his way here, but I’ll capitalize on Metcalf’s absurd explosive play. He’s been a bit too quiet over his last two games, too, and he’s due a breakout.

On the biggest stage the NFL has to offer, I think we get a massive night out of Metcalf.

You can force Lockett in, but these guys normally don’t go wild on the same day. Instead, I’ll pivot to Sanders, who has a tough matchup, but has the role and scoring upside to off-set it.

Swain is a pure pricing play. I probably need David Moore to be out to go here, and obviously a nicked up Swain needs to play, himself.

Dissly is also a nice way to save salary. He won’t have a high-volume role, but he and Swain could get a handful of looks, as well as a shot at a touchdown. They’re the ultimate contrarian pivot to go against all the shares people will grab up with Lockett.

I’ll end things with Reagor, who is really explosive and is bound to pop off. There isn’t really a better matchup to ask him to try to deliver his best performance yet, either.

His big play ability makes him a better play than the more expensive Fulgham, and by using him, I also leave $1,500 on the table, which by itself could be a contrarian approach.


Fading Carson Wentz, Tyler Lockett, and Chris Carson is one move to make here. I’ll pay for Metcalf, Sanders, and Russ, though, and honestly, you can’t have them all.

Those are the three I want, and if the others also fare well, I’ll just have to hope my MNF DFS Showdown picks do well enough, and the sleepers around them aren’t awful.

Said sleepers carry some upside, should be relatively low-owned, and the idea of leaving some extra cash should help to make this a pretty unique build.

Whether it (or a variation of it) carries you to the top of Monday Night Football DFS Showdown contests, of course, remains to be seen.

Ideally, my NFL DFS Showdown picks for MNF week 12 help you win. If not, maybe you can use my insight to bet on MNF props and the game itself.

If you have any intention of doing either, be sure to check out the MNF betting advice posts below.

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