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Manchester City Season Preview for 2019/20 With Odds and Predictions

| June 17, 2019 12:00 am PDT
Manchester City Odds and Predictions for the 2019-20 EPL

The soccer season in Europe is over, and we will miss the top club competitions for a couple of months.

This is probably the most boring period of the year for most fans of the sport.

I decided to make it a bit more interesting by taking a deep look at all teams that will play in the English Premier League season. I will share a short analysis of the previous season, then explore the squad and the manager, as well as the expectations for the upcoming campaign.

First in line are the champions from Manchester City. Pep Guardiola and his boys won the double, but I’m sure they will be looking for Champions League glory in the next campaign. Can they achieve it?

Well, I will share my picks and predictions at the end of this post. Of course, I will also add some betting odds by the leading EPL bookmakers online and try to find valuable wagers.

Manchester City 2018-19 Season Review

The logical place to start would be the previous season. The expectations were that Manchester City most likely will retain the title in the English Premier League, but the big goal was to fight for the UEFA Champions League. Of course, the reigning champions were also among the favorites in all of the other competitions.

Pep Guardiola certainly had a squad capable of fighting on a couple of fronts. If you ask me, this is the strongest group of 25 players in the history of English soccer. Some of the greatest teams of the past are capable of fielding a starting eleven that could compete with the best City can offer, but none could compare when it comes to depth.

With that in mind, the title was almost mandatory. Still, Manchester City had to face a gigantic leap from Liverpool, and this was one of the most incredible finishes to an EPL season. The reigning champions had to win 14 games in a row and collect 98 points to retain the crown.

It was a massive achievement, and City deserves a lot of credit. The side was able to withstand the pressure and prove that this is the best team in England.

Winning the two domestic cups was great too, but in a sense, it was a logical scenario. All EPL clubs are rotating a lot in both the League Cup and the FA Cup. The bench of Man City is by far the best, and despite a couple of tough moments, the Blues won most of their games comfortably.

I realize how weird I sound up to this point, as I’m talking about the domestic treble of Manchester City as something that was supposed to happen. The truth is, the club has invested so much in the past decade or so and has such a squad that it should be winning a ton of trophies every year.

That doesn’t mean that the manager and the players don’t deserve credit for that. They certainly do, and I feel that the campaign of Manchester City was phenomenal.

And yet, there’s the issue with the UEFA Champions League. We all know that glory in Europe was the main target, but City once again came up short. The side was knocked out by Tottenham in a dramatic encounter.

I would say that Pep Guardiola has to take some of the blame. In the first match of the tie, the Spaniard abandoned his usual system. He picked a more conservative approach, and the Spurs took a precious 1-0 lead. It was enough after a frantic second leg, and City’s European dream was over.

In my opinion, Manchester City had an exceptional season. However, the high expectations in the UCL and the failure to at least reach the final there add a pinch of salt. Guardiola and his boys will be eager to make up for that next year.

What Manchester City Needs This Summer

What does the strongest squad in Europe need? Manchester City has all the quality and numbers in the world. On the surface, you would struggle to find a position in which the champions might have any kind of issues.

Keeping most of the team together will be one of the main targets for Guardiola, but there are two other tasks, if you ask me.

First of all, he should add a couple of hungry players that will be eager to prove themselves on the biggest stage. The current group, as good as it is, features plenty of guys who have already done it all multiple times.

Their experience and confidence are invaluable, but sometimes, you need the passion of players who haven’t tasted success at the highest level. A good example from last season is Riyad Mahrez. The winger wasn’t the most important player of Manchester City but had key contributions on the road to another EPL title.

With the potential departure of Leroy Sane and the age of some of the other attacking players, it would be a good idea to add someone.

The second and probably most important task would be to find a back-up for Fernandinho. The Brazilian defensive midfielder doesn’t have a direct replacement in the current squad and is already 34. He was injured for a while in this campaign, and that was the worst run Manchester City had all year.

The team needs another anchorman who can recover the ball and instantly move it up the pitch. A guy like N’Golo Kante, for example. I expected to see Leandro Paredes as one of City’s main targets, but he was bought by PSG.

Paredes would’ve been the perfect replacement choice, but I’m not exactly sure who else could be acquired. The likes of Brozovic and Pjanic are potential targets, but they will cost a lot. The good news for City is that they could afford pretty much anyone out there.

Manchester City Betting Odds for 2019-2020

It’s time to focus on the betting angle and see what the leading betting sites offer for Manchester City’s next season.

Manchester City to Win the EPL1.65

Let’s start with the English Premier League. Manchester City is the favorite once again, and you can back them to defend the title at the price of 1.65. While I certainly agree that Guardiola and his men are the best team in England, the odds are too low.

Jurgen Klopp is starting a dynasty at Liverpool, and the Reds will be full of confidence after winning the Champions League this season. They will be the main threat, while the rest of the top 6 should improve as well.

City will probably win the title again, but the price is about fair.

Manchester City to Win the UEFA Champions League6.00

The early odds for next year’s Champions League are out, too, and Man City is one of the favorites. You can get a price of 6.00 for the Blues, and only the likes of Barcelona, Liverpool, and Juventus are close to that.

It’s always tough to predict a knockout tournament, but I actually like what I’m seeing this time around. I expect Manchester City to be at least on the same level this year. The team was a bit unlucky in the past two seasons, too.

First, there were some referee mistakes against Liverpool in 2017-2018, while the clash against the Spurs this year was really close.

Guardiola and his team will be desperate to prove they are the best in Europe, so the Champions League will be their top target. With so many quality players in the squad, I expect City to challenge for the trophy. The only missing ingredient is some luck in the decisive moments.

The price of 6.00 for the best team in the competition sounds good to me, so I would certainly give it a shot.

Other Domestic Competitions

A couple of bookmakers already have released the odds for the FA Cup and the League Cup for the 2019-2020 season. As you would expect, Man City is the favorite there too, but the prices are around the 4-5 mark or so.

That’s far too low, especially since the leading EPL teams will play their best after a certain stage of the tournament. I don’t think there is any value in betting on Man City to win the domestic cups right now.

Final Words

I expect Pep Guardiola to buy a solid replacement for Fernandinho and add even more quality to at least a couple more positions in the squad. This will keep Manchester City fresh and hungry for more trophies.

The team should be the favorite in the English Premier League and pretty much every single competition. I have a feeling that the Champions League might finally end up in the blue part of Manchester, but there’s a long road ahead.

Do you agree with my expectations for Manchester City, or do you believe I’m missing something? If that’s the case, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

I will be adding similar posts for other teams, too, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you could check out my grades for the 2018-2019 English Premier League season.

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