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How to Make Money Betting on the 2020 NBA Finals

| September 29, 2020 10:25 am PDT
2020 NBA Finals Tips

The 2020 NBA Playoffs have been remarkable and we’ve seen some excellent basketball. There are only two teams left and it’s the Lakers vs. the Heat for the championship. Many expected to see LeBron and AD here, but Butler and his crew were not part of the script.

I’m sure that most people can’t wait to see if the underdogs can upset the odds once again. And I know for a fact that many of you are willing to try their luck by betting on the 2020 NBA Finals.

If you are part of that group, you’ve come to the right place. This post includes my top five tips for making money on the 2020 NBA Finals. The betting advice here is a mix of gambling fundamentals that you can’t afford to ignore and my observations of the two teams left to fight for the title.

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They certainly are excellent when it comes to betting on the 2020 NBA Finals and you can’t go wrong with picking any of them.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at my top tips for betting on the NBA Finals in 2020.

Adjust Your Expectations

This NBA campaign has been different than anything else we’ve seen. The regular season was interrupted by the global pandemic and there was a long pause in the spring and the summer. That allowed the players to rest and has benefited veterans like LeBron James.

On top of that, there have been no fans since the NBA returned and the players have been locked inside the NBA Bubble, so there’s no such thing as a home advantage.

Simply put, it’s a unique season and that’s probably part of the reason we saw so many surprises. The seeding doesn’t matter as much and it’s about the present moment.

That’s why you should throw your expectations out of the way and focus on the facts. Your bets should be based on the objective NBA reality after the restart, not on subjective opinions that might have been valid before that.

Use Multiple Betting Sites

After starting my tips for making money on the 2020 NBA Finals with a borderline philosophical piece of advice, it’s time for something concrete. I urge you to use multiple betting sites for several reasons.

For a start, the lines and odds of the online sportsbooks for the NBA Finals are extremely competitive. They are all trying to attract as many customers as possible, so you can easily shop for the best lines and get higher prices if you have access to more than one bookmaker.

You can add to that the various promotions and bonuses that you could use. Many betting sites launch exclusive deals for the NBA Finals that can make the difference between winning and losing.

Simply put, you get more value if you use multiple betting sites. One of my colleagues has a blog post on where to bet on the NBA Finals in 2020, so that’s a great starting point if you want to join another bookie or two.

Beware of Erik Spoelstra’s Adjustments

We often tend to focus on the players when it comes to the biggest NBA moments, but the coaches can be the deciding factor as well. I believe that Erik Spoelstra is the best in the league right now and he’s one of the reasons why the Heat can win the 2020 NBA title.

The guy has been awesome during the playoffs and he has a group of players that are willing to listen and execute his plans.

Spoelstra has managed to adjust both his offense and defense on multiple occasions, based on what the opponent has to offer. If you are going to bet on the NBA Finals, don’t expect to see games that are too similar to each other.

The Heat coach will make sure to surprise the opposition and prepare new ways to exploit any weakness shown. You should be aware of that and try to stay on board or you risk losing money.

Consider the X-Factors

One of the main reasons why both teams are here is the performance of some of the fringe players. We all know who the 2020 NBA Finals MVP contenders are, but the X-factors have been crucial and they might be once again in the last battle.

For the Lakers, we have Playoff Rondo who has been exceptional. The point guard has helped his team with crucial plays on both ends of the floor and has served as the main ball handler when LeBron has been on the bench.

When it comes to the Heat, there are plenty of guys that could explode. We know what Iguodala can do and Tyler Herro has been insane for a rookie, carrying the team in some key moments against the Celtics.

You should certainly approach your analysis of every game in the 2020 NBA Finals thinking about the X factors that could make the difference.

Follow the Battle of the Big Men

Part of the reason why the Lakers were so successful up to this point is that they had a huge advantage in the paint against every opponent. The Blazers simply don’t have enough good big men to stop Anthony Davis and LeBron James, while the Rockets have no big men at all.

Nikola Jokic certainly caused some trouble, but the Lakers could rotate a bunch of big guys to help on the defense and exploited his deficiencies on the other end.

Both LeBron and AD have been dominant in the paint, but they will have to face Bam Adebayo next. The Heat center is one of the best defenders in the league and his willingness to constantly improve makes him a dangerous opponent.

He had a rather mediocre game 5 against the Celtics and that’s the only average performance so far in the series. And Adebayo followed that with one of his best in the next clash.

The guy can protect the paint, he can switch, and he can guard pretty much everyone. There are some other players that can help, like Jae Crowder, so the Heat certainly can put the Lakers to the test under the rim.

Final Words

I hope that my tips for making money on the 2020 NBA Finals can help you with your bets. Feel free to add your advice in the comments below and good luck!

I also want to remind you that our team will cover every single game from the upcoming finals with a detailed preview with prediction. You can find them in our NBA betting picks section.

Jerry Summer
Jerry Summer

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