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My Live Betting Strategies that Can Help You Make Money

| October 4, 2020 12:49 am PDT
Strategies for Live Betting on Sports

I’ve mentioned in many of my posts that I love live betting, and I believe it opens the door to plenty of opportunities to find value. The problem is that you need experience with both gambling and the specific sport to recognize them.

I’m sure that some of you have your own systems for in-play betting, but maybe some of you can’t quite get it right. I believe I can help both groups improve their chances of winning money by sharing my favorite strategies for live betting.

They are targeting several different sports and esports that I have been following throughout the years, so you can find in-play betting tips on the likes of soccer, Dota 2, tennis, and the NBA. Enjoy!

Betting on Big Turnarounds in Female Tennis

Everyone who has been following female tennis for long enough knows that there is one huge difference compared to the men’s matches. The women’s serve is significantly slower, and there aren’t so many easy points in favor of the serving player.

That opens the door to more breaks and huge streaks of games in favor of one of the players. While the top ATP athletes can always rely on their serve to put an end to a bad sequence, that’s not the case in the WTA matches.

As a result, there are more big comebacks, and I would argue that you can hit high odds more often. The trick here lies in two major factors.

The first one is to identify potential matches that could have plenty of twists and turns. Look for streaky players who are inconsistent in their performance before the match starts. You need at least one of them, ideally, two involved in order to target the clash.

Garbine Muguruza is the perfect example of such an athlete. At her best, she can destroy anyone on the tour, but the Spaniard often has bad streaks when she is making too many errors. A perfect example is her match against Sachia Vickery in the 2018 Indian Wells.

Muguruza started with a bang, building a 6-2 3-0 lead, only to end losing the clash, as you can see from the highlights below.

She has been on the other end of comebacks too, and there are certain players who have been involved in plenty of encounters like the one above.

Make sure to identify them and start following their matches. Once the fixture begins, look for signs that the tide is turning. The momentum might shift after a close game that was lost in a dramatic fashion, or the change could come after an argument with the referee. There are different scenarios here.

Look for the body language and the mood of the players, as well as her shots to determine if something’s wrong. If you see some enough evidence that a comeback might be on the cards and the odds are solid, go for it. You will be surprised by your success rate.

Betting Right After the Drafting Stage in Dota 2

Every game of Dota 2 consists of two main stages: the drafting phase and the game itself. The more experienced players and bettors can often identify if one of the teams managed to gain the upper hand by selecting the stronger lineup.

In certain cases, you could even see that before the drafting stage is finished, and it happens even at the highest level of Dota 2. Most betting sites don’t have specialists in the game, so they don’t react accordingly and don’t adjust their odds after the drafting stage, or at least they don’t do it fast enough.

You can punish them by watching the drafting stage live and placing your wagers right after you know if one of the teams has the advantage. You can easily find the games on twitch with a small delay, and that usually works.

This is one of my favorite live betting strategies because it’s designed around one of the few mistakes that the betting sites tend to make.

Betting on Cards in Soccer

If you have been watching soccer for long enough, you know that specific feeling that a player will inevitably get booked or even sent off. It sometimes happens in big games when some of the athletes have succumbed to the pressure.

In other cases, a defensive player might be looking to intimidate a certain opponent and is going too far with the pressure. There are all sorts of cases in which you simply know that a guy is going to get carded, and I’m sure that the soccer fans among you understand that sensation very well.

 A story that involves Mario Balotelli and Jose Mourinho is a good example of what I’m talking about. The Italian was simply determined to get a second booking and that’s exactly what happened, despite his manager’s best efforts to prevent it.

There are in-play betting sites out there that offer the option to place a wager on any player to receive a yellow or a red card. Simply find one of them and make sure to take full advantage of that market.

Since this doesn’t happen too often, investing time and energy to proactively look for profitable spots for this strategy doesn’t bring a good return.

I recommend that you use this system for in-play betting as something “on the side.” Just make sure to keep your eyes open when you’re watching soccer and go for it when the opportunity presents itself!

Betting on Streaky Shooters in the NBA

Another one of my favorite strategies for live betting is to look for streaky shooters in the NBA. We all know how the drill works; someone like Davis Bertans or Duncan Robinson can always get a hot hand and score a ton of threes in a matter of minutes.

You can easily recognize the player’s desire to get more and more shots. They are flowing with confidence, and their team usually is trying to give them the ball as often as possible. If you have been betting on the NBA for long enough, you probably can recognize such moments.

Now, making the most of them is another story. There are several ways to approach this, and one of them would be to find some betting market related to the player’s performance, like the number of points he will score.

Another option to go would be to back the team in the short-term, like by the end of the quarter or something like that. That one is tricky, and you should always consider other factors, of course.

The point is, learning how to spot hot streaks in the NBA can be profitable in the long run.

Final Words

If you are looking to try some of my favorite live betting strategies, I recommend you to check the top sites for in-play betting. They cover plenty of competitions and offer good odds, so that’s a solid start for any system for live betting.

Also, feel free to add your own strategies in the comments below. I’ll be more than happy to hear about them and even try them myself.

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