LCK Preview and Predictions for July 18th

By Jerry Summer
Published on July 17, 2017

Tuesday was always a bit slow when it comes to League of Legends. Today we’ll cover two games from KR LCK. The first game will be a doozie. SK Telecom 1 is going against the Jin Air Greenwings, and let’s hope that JAG brings their A game, because otherwise, they are in for a world of hurt. The stream starts on Tuesday at 5 p.m. EDT.

The second match of the day is between the BBQ Olivers and Afreeca Freecs. BBQ Olivers is currently in the lower part of the bracket and they are trying to avoid relegation. On the other hand, Afreeca Freecs are trying to get their hands on the playoffs. They need one more victory to make sure that JAG doesn’t get any crazy ideas about taking their spot.

SK Telecom 1 vs Jin Air Greenwings

SKT is on a losing streak for the first time in years. I’m guessing that SKT Kkoma is furious. His team is really under performing. First, they lost in the Rift Rivals finals against Team WE, and now they’ve lost against the Samsung with a clean 2-0.

How did this happen? Well, my guess is that they are just tired. They played every single international tournament in the past year and a half. For instance, they played almost twice as many games in comparison to the rest of the league.

On the other side of the rift, we have the Jin Air Greenwings. JAG is a mediocre team without any star players. So far, they didn’t really do anything to stand out from the crowd. At the moment, JAG is the sixth-placed team in LCK with a 5-7 score. They need to climb one more spot in order to catch the playoffs. With just a few more games to go and with a pretty hard schedule, my guess is that they shouldn’t get their hopes up.

Past Performances:

SKT is not looking their best at the moment. Their performance against Samsung was not terrible, but then again it wasn’t the SKT we are used to seeing. In the first game against the Samsung, everything started out fine. SKT’s Blank was doing an excellent job and all the lanes were ahead. However, Samsung calmed down and just kept playing their own style. In the end, Samsung won.

The second game was pretty much the same thing all over again. Samsung went with the team composition. They focused on Braum/Sejuani combo, and their endless crowd control. If you ask me, this is the blueprint how to beat SKT. Stay focused, don’t let them bully you in the lane, and try focusing on getting as many minions as possible.

SKT made quite a few mistakes. Samsung is one of their scrim partners so I’m kinda surprised they came in so unprepared. They lost the game in the champion select. There was no way they could reach the back line of Samsung with that composition. In game 2, they were up against exactly the same composition, and they still didn’t change anything.

JAG is also on a two game losing streak. In the last two matches, they looked below average. In the game vs BBQ Olivers, they lost without firing a single bullet. They were looking for a late game engagement, but their early game was so bad that they didn’t reach the late game.

Before losing to BBQ Olivers, they played against KT Rolster, arguably the second best team in the world. They even managed to take a game with an unorthodox team composition in the 60-minute game. The game was pretty damn entertaining so I would recommend everyone to check it out.


SKT current team is probably one of the best, if not the best team ever. Since morale is a bit low I’m guessing they won’t take any big risks. Just aim for the late game and don’t let JAG surprise you.

JAG, on the other hand, is a pretty hard to predict. They lost against the Team Ever8 but won against KT Rolster and Samsung. I’m not really sure how is that even possible but hey, we are talking about JAG so everything is possible.

Player to Watch:

I believe SKT Faker needs to step up to the task. He has been the team captain from day one. You could say that their schedule took its toll on the players. Just in comparison, I believe that they had at least 20 games more than their opponent, also they had far more travels (Worlds, MSI, Rift Rivals,…). Maybe this time the answer is not to train more but to train less. Take a few days off to recuperate their thoughts.

Our Prediction: [email protected] (bet365)

Jin Air Greenwings are exactly what SKT needs right now to get back on the track. You could even go with -1.5/SKT.

BBQ Olivers vs Afreeca Freecs

The second game we’ll cover today is between the BBQ Olivers and Afreeca Freeks. They are both looking for a victory to make their life just a little bit easier. BBQ Oliver is very close to the relegation zone, and they desperately need a victory in order to stay away from the danger.

On the other hand, Afreeca Freeks are in a good position to catch the LCK playoffs but JAG is still pretty close. They need a victory to make sure that JAG doesn’t get any crazy ideas about contesting their place in the playoffs.

Past Performances:

BBQ Oliver is struggling to make an impression, but they are not really a threat to anyone in the upper part of the table. At the moment, they have 3 wins. They won 2 games against the last-placed team Ever8 Winners, and once against Jin Air Greenwings.

Afreeca Freecs is the most volatile team in LCK. This week they’ll beat SK Telecom 1, and then they’ll lose against The Team Ever8. It’s hard to say how they will perform in this match but there is a lot at stake. If they lose a single game, they’ll give a chance to the Jin Air Greenwings to make a comeback.

BBQ Olivers and Afreeca Freecs met 2 months ago in the LCK and it was a short game. Afreeca Freecs won without giving away a single kill. The game was just 26 minutes long. It was pretty hard to watch how powerless BBQ Olivers were.


BBQ Oliver doesn’t really have a playstyle. In most cases, another team is the one calling the shots. They are just following along trying to make something happen.

Afreeca Freecs usually prefer playing a safe, mechanically perfect playstyle (something that their coach Iloveoov brought over from Starcraft).

Player(s) to Watch:

AF Marin was the best top laner during his time in SKT. Today he’s a leader of the Afreeca Freecs. If he gets an early kill, the game is over before it even started.

Our Prediction: Afreeca [email protected] (bet365)

AF is a far better team. They managed to beat teams like SKT, KT etc. This game has a lot at stake, and they won’t mess this up.

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