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Latest Matchup Odds for Super Bowl LVI

By Dan Vasta in NFL
| December 28, 2021 10:00 am PDT

The NFL is coming down the stretch run of the season. Even with an extra week added to the schedule, there are several teams trending in the right direction as the postseason nears.

Many gamblers enjoy picking the Super Bowl, but over the years there has been an increase in interest for other future bets. One fun wager is projecting who plays in the Super Bowl.

Yes, people enjoy risking their money on such a future. Here are your latest odds for the exact Super Bowl LVI matchup.

Super Bowl 56 Matchup Odds

There are only 27 matchups that sportsbooks are allowing at the moment. Projecting the exact Super Bowl matchup over a month in advance is a challenge. There are odds to wager on the outcome of the game with the correct two teams playing as well.

The Packers over the Chiefs is the favorite and the second most likely has the reverse outcome. It is ironic if these two were to match up since Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes have each missed a start in the past two matchups between these two franchises.

In what would be a rematch of the first-ever Super Bowl, Super Bowl LVI has several enticing matchups that NFL fans would be foaming at the mouth.

These matchups and odds will be changing by the week and were put together prior to all the games finishing in Week 16. Be sure to check out SportsBetting.ag for your best values in the NFL.

Recent Rematches

There are plenty of thrilling matchups that can occur between future Hall of Famers. The premier matchup that everybody wants is the one we mentioned above.

The Chiefs and Packers are +800 to compete on the second Sunday in February. Mahomes injured his knee and missed out on the Sunday Night Football matchup we saw in 2019.

Green Bay won that game at Arrowhead Stadium, 31-24. The October 2019 matchup still was an entertaining one, but it lacked both passers competing against each other. Two years later and we missed out on the two yet again.

One cannot make this stuff up, but to play twice in a few years and to randomly have each quarterback out is random as it gets. The 2021-22 season has been anything but a given, but those patient ones could get the top two passers in the league under the brightest of lights.

A rematch would be on the mind for the Packers since their offense is inept against the Kansas City defense. While the Chiefs defense has been impressive, Green Bay would have likely performed a bit better with Rodgers under center.

Another rematch that is under the radar between two potential Hall of Famers would be the Bills and the Buccaneers (+2500). Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. for most people, but Josh Allen put on a clinic in the fourth quarter in December against Tampa Bay.

These two have struggled a bit in terms of wins and losses. Both have had injury concerns, too. Tre’Davious White was the top defensive performer for Buffalo and the loss of one of the better corners in the league is a challenge.

Tampa Bay has had issues in their own secondary, but the injury bug has struck them down the stretch. Leonard Fournette (hamstring), Mike Evans (hamstring), Antonio Brown (suspension/knee/ankle/heel), and Chris Godwin (knee) have all had concerns.

If Brady can lead this team back to the Super Bowl, even the haters would have to admit the signal-caller has had magic on his side for the entirety of his career.

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Which Teams Could Play a Monday Night Football Rematch?

There was once upon a time a MNF thriller that turned out to be a game of NFL Blitz on N64. Jared Goff and Patrick Mahomes gave us an amazing matchup. Insert Matthew Stafford and the game could turn into a similar track meet.

The Chiefs can fill it up on any opposing defense and a matchup with the Rams (+1600) would be far more entertaining than many others. Two of the top faces of the league would feast on the national spotlight.  If we get anything close to the game we saw in 2018, I will be foaming at the mouth with excitement. 

Robert Woods has been replaced by Van Jefferson and Odell Beckham, which has given the needed options to move the sticks. Plus, Cam Akers was recently back from a devastating preseason injury that many had banked on him having no shot at returning.

Aaron Donald carried his squad to the Super Bowl a few years back to only disappoint in one of the worst Super Bowls.  This time around, I would expect more points from both sides of the ball.

There was another instant classic on Monday Night Football many moons ago. It was between the Bucs and Colts back in October of 2003. Brad Johnson and Peyton Manning put on a show on national television.

The current odds of this matchup (+3600) suggest it may not be as likely. However, Carston Wentz making it to the Super Bowl would be quite the storyline. Many have doubts if he can win one playoff game.

Jonathan Taylor has been an elite runner and is running hard behind an excellent offensive line. This would be one of the better values if you are looking for a Super Bowl long shot. There may not be a trendier and hotter AFC team these days.

What About Nostalgia Rematches?

Who is a fan of nostalgic matchups in sports history?

I miss football from the 1990s, but we have it pretty good in the NFL. Many people will voice their displeasure with the way football is officiated and certainly there are questionable calls made every week.

The top matchup I would love to see would be the Bills and 49ers, but not so much for this postseason. The 49ers are playing well down the stretch and the Bills can make a deep run like last season. However, the 49ers are not even on the board to bet on.

The Bills and Cowboys matched up in the 1994 and 1995 Super Bowls. The first one was a blowout and the second one was highly competitive for three quarters.

The current odds of +3500 is among the better values for matchups that have a puncher’s chance of occurring. Josh Allen and Dak Prescott are a pair of passers looking for success in the postseason.

Allen reached the conference championship last season before falling short against the Chiefs. Dallas has not appeared in the conference championship since 1995!

The Packers and Patriots once met in a Super Bowl back when Drew Bledsoe and Brett Favre owned the spotlight. At +1700, this matchup is the fifth-most likely to occur according to the experts.

Aaron Rodgers is looking for his second Super Bowl and Mac Jones will be appearing in his first postseason. The Packers have been excelling down the stretch and are returning some vital pieces.

Both the Packers and Patriots are two well-coached teams, and they should be top two or three seeds if everything goes as planned.

The Rams and Titans are at +6500 to appear in the Super Bowl together. Ryan Tannehill has already gotten to the AFC title game, but the big one could propel him to elite company.

Stafford has never won a game in the postseason (0-3), but many believe he is a safe bet to win plenty of them in the coming years. A rematch of an instant classic with Steve McNair playing elite ball against Kurt Warner in 2000.

While the Packers and Chiefs are the favorite (+800), there are several exciting matchups on paper that could come to fruition.

Luckily, Rodgers and Mahomes have won a Super Bowl entering the 2022 calendar year. However, there have been many others that have missed out.

The Odd Matchups Nobody Saw Coming

Remember the thrilling finish we had between Pittsburgh and Arizona in 2009 for XLIII? The game was my favorite in the history of the Super Bowl. Titans and Rams is up there, but there were about three plays that I would rank with any other game.

The matchup is what made it such a joy to watch. The Steelers are a household franchise that has won as many Super Bowls as any other franchise. The Cardinals made their lone appearance. So, which other potential thrilling matchups that nobody sees coming will go down?

The Colts and Cowboys are currently at +5000 to occur. Two former legendary Big Ten backs would be featured in this one, but both franchises full of blue would have history on their sights.

A Super Bowl victory would make the Colts one of ten teams with at least three Super Bowls. The Cowboys would tie the Patriots and Steelers for most Super Bowls (6).

The Cardinals and Titans (+7500) have the longest odds available to wager on this future. Arizona has questions to answer without DeAndre Hopkins (knee) and Kyler Murray hasn’t performed the way we saw in September and October.

The same issue occurred last season with injuries taking a toll. Tennessee could be sneaking around the chicken coop if Julio Jones and AJ Brown can perform like they are capable of. 

The Bills and Cardinals (+4100) have the shortest odds among odd matchups we have never dreamed about. Murray and Allen are two superstar signal-callers that can carry their franchise on their backs for the next decade-plus.

The 2020-21 sports year has been chaotic and there is at least a possibility we see these teams make a deep run into late January.

Most Likely First-Time Matchups

Chiefs-Rams (+1600) would be a fun one, but many would love for a Cowboys and Chiefs Super Bowl (+1700). Suddenly, there is a strong possibility one of these two squads end up with the bye and they are likely to have some home field advantage.

The Chiefs have been stepping their game up in November and December. January football is where Andy Reid has been at his best. They will be looking to become the fourth team to appear in three consecutive Super Bowls (BUF, MIA, NE).

Another potential first-time matchup that brings odds would be the Packers and Bills (+1800). Those are the sixth-best odds and we saw both lose on Championship Sunday last year.

They could both breakthrough and win their respective conferences this time around. Stefon Diggs and Davante Adams have two of the five or so best wideouts in the NFL due to similar skill sets.

Adams is a bit lankier and has a better catch radius, but they could be the top two route runners in the NFL.

Both are exceptional at getting open and are pivotal for their offenses. Plus, Allen and Rodgers slinging it would be a treat on the night before Valentine’s Day.

What Super Bowl Matchup Do Fans Want to See the Most?

Tampa Bay against New England has been a matchup that many folks have been wanting since TB12 left the Patriots two seasons ago.

The matchup between head coach Bill Belichick and Tom Brady could be the most-watched Super Bowl. Last year was projected to be a great one, but the first half was a dud and the second half got ugly.

The Patriots are tied with the most Super Bowl victories, all thanks to the top coach-player combination in the history of the NFL. Matching up against each other in Los Angeles would be bonkers.

Tom Brady lost his final game on Wild Card weekend with the Patriots. It was Derrick Henry’s birthday and boy did he eat against the New England defense. TB12 thought it was best to leave Foxborough and head to greener and sunnier pastures.

Winning the Super Bowl in the first season made it seem like a slam dunk of who was more important to the Patriots. However, Bill was able to build the defense and find ways to win without superstars for most of the dynasty.

We know that it is a challenge to win in the NFL without a relevant quarterback, but New England believes Mac Jones can lead them to the promised land. Brady looks like he is on the last few holes of his career.


Be sure to check out the top NFL betting sites. There will be different numbers giving value across most sportsbooks.

These were your top projected Super Bowl matchups, and the consensus sportsbooks will be updating the odds throughout the remainder of the season. Injuries and COVID protocols have been impacted every weekend.

The season has plenty of pivotal matchups remaining and these odds will change by the day in many aspects. Check back throughout the postseason for all the latest updates, predictions, and odds discussion on our NFL blog.

Which matchup would you like to see this season? Be sure to leave a comment below on which one you would like to witness.



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