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Last-Minute Super Bowl 2021 Bets for Kansas City Fans

By Jennifer Hassan in Super Bowl
| February 7, 2021 3:03 am PDT
Best Last-Minute Super Bowl 55 Bets for Kansas City Chiefs Fans

There are so many reasons to be a Kansas City Chiefs fan right now. Their recent Super Bowl victory and the presence of a certain Mr. Patrick Mahomes are the first two that come to mind.

Here is another: The Chiefs are a complete team. By that, I mean that the offense is world-class, the defense is dependable, and the team works as a cohesive unit.

The Buccaneers, on the other hand, are a more middle-of-the-road team who happen to currently enjoy a few superstars on the roster.

So, here’s the real question: Will the totality of the Chiefs overpower the combined force of Tom Brady, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski?

This is precisely why so many people are tuning in to Super Bowl 55 on Sunday. The game will be the future versus the past, the power of a battalion versus the power of the individual. And it Will. Be. Epic.

Okay (wiping sweat from forehead), here are the best last-minute Chiefs bets for the 2021 Super Bowl.

In most cases, the Chiefs are the favorites but do keep in mind that sportsbook experts are confident the Buccaneers will score in the final quarter. How will this affect your own calculations?

Chiefs to Win Both Halves

Do you believe Kansas City will be leading at the end of the first half? What about winning the second half, as well?

Here are the odds on this wager:

0 Halves Won+375
1 Half Won-180
2 Halves Won+225

These are very interesting Super Bowl odds. The statisticians believe that the Chiefs are highly unlikely to lose both halves. This is why, if you bet on zero halves won, you can win great money—almost four to one.

But those same number crunchers strongly believe that the Chiefs will win one half of the game, which is why you’ll make less of a return (bet $180 to win an additional $100).

But here is what is strange about this Super Bowl bet; the sportsbook I am currently logged into asserts that the Chiefs will not win both halves! They are offering +225 odds on the Chiefs winning both halves, which means they are willing to award $225 on a $100 bet if this turns out to be true. Which means they don’t consider it likely to happen.

So, to recap, the odds are on the Chiefs to win the game. The odds are also on the Chiefs to win one of the game halves. But the odds are not on the Chiefs to win both halves.

It is likely that the sportsbooks are taking Tom Brady’s ability as the Comeback Kid into consideration. They know he kicks into high gear when the chips are down and has been known to even take the title this way.

It’s tough to hear, I know. But, hey—anything can happen on Sunday. How will you wager?

Chiefs to Score a First Quarter Touchdown

Kansas City Chiefs player making a touchdown

Wow, the odds are absolutely upon the Chiefs to take the offensive position, begin the game dominant and aggressive, and mark their territory with some points.

All the best sports betting apps for the USA believe that yes, the Chiefs will score a 1Q touchdown, and the payout is at -135. This means (for example) that if you bet $135 on them to score, and they do, you win a profit of $100. Therefore, a total of $235 will be deposited into your account—your initial bet plus your winnings.

Note: I use $100 numbers to make the betting odds clear. You can bet less than that, of course, or much more if you feel strongly about the likelihood of a first-quarter touchdown.

The numbers guys at the sportsbooks simultaneously believe the Bucs will not score in the first quarter.

Keep in mind that you can bet on either option.

Chiefs to Score in Every Quarter

Now, this is a very interesting wager. Yes, you expect the Chiefs to win, for a number of reasons. They won recently, and they are still riding that high. Their QB is considered the best in the league by many. And the Buccaneers, until recently, were a rag-tag team that couldn’t win a raffle at their grandmother’s house.

The Buccaneers are now a rag-tag team with Tom Brady at the helm. But Brady is offense, and there is nothing he can do when the defensive line is on the field.

Can the Bucs’ defense prevent the mighty Chiefs from scoring?

Here is what the sportsbooks think for this Super Bowl bet.


These numbers tell us that no, the Chiefs will likely not score every quarter. However, it is a bit iffy. The sportsbooks will pay slightly better money to you if you say yes, they will, and you are right.

Ultimately, it is your call since the odds are nearly even money on yes, and 35% less than even money on no.

To recap: put $105 on yes to win a profit of $100, for a total of $205 deposited into your account if you are correct. Put $135 on no to win $100, for $235 back into your account if you are right.

The betting sites are not going too far in either direction on this wager, which means it can go either way.

Super Bowl MVP Betting for Chiefs Fans

Patrick Mahomes

Right now, Patrick is the odds-on favorite to win Super Bowl MVP.

Why? Because the quarterback of the triumphant team tends to take home the award, and it is believed that the Chiefs will go home victorious.

But if you believe differently—and there are dozens of players to choose from—you can benefit from odds that are much more in your favor.

Check it out.

Patrick Mahomes-115
Tom Brady+200
Leonard Fournette+2000
Rob Gronkowski+5000

As you can see, the less likely the recipient, the bigger the earnings if you win. And since this has already been a crazy, upside-down season, who knows?

Will the Winning Coach Be Drenched Before the Final Whistle

Yes, this is a purely whimsical wager, like so many of the best Super Bowl prop bets for 2021. But since the winning coach is likely to be Andy Reid, it applies to Chiefs fans.

If the Chiefs are winning by a comfortable margin in the last minutes of the game, I suspect that players on the sidelines will not be able to contain their enthusiasm at winning the Big Game twice in a row.

Let’s hope they don’t do it too soon, however, which could set them up for a massive humiliation if the Bucs work a miracle. (Sorry! Someone had to say it!)

The odds say “Yes,” the coach will be soaked in Gatorade before the final whistle is blown.

Aside: If I become an NFL coach, I’ll insist on being drenched in Super Bowl cocktails.

Thoughts in Closing

My go-to bets for the Super Bowl are the coin toss and the MVP recipient. Why? Because these two moments cap the game, and you’ll be captivated from the first moments to the final hurrah.

But any of these 2101 Super Bowl bets for Chiefs fans will ramp up your excitement in the game, even betting on the color of the halftime act’s outfit.



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