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Key Stats to Help You Bet on Super Bowl in 2022

By Dan Vasta in Super Bowl
| February 11, 2022 11:51 am PDT

The Super Bowl is a national holiday for most sports fans and the amount of wagering and pre-game celebratory food and drinks is up there with any event of the year.

There are several nuggets of information that many are not aware of before they make their final bets. The NFC and AFC will be squaring off for the 56th time on the final weekend of the season with a Super Bowl at stake.

There are trends that often continue in sports and the Super Bowl has a few that could put you on the winning side.

Here are your 2022 stats you need to know for Super Bowl LVI. 

Key Stats for Super Bowl 56: 25-11

  • No. 25: NFC Teams are 6-2 in California Super Bowls since Super Bowl 17
  • No. 24: Only 20 players have thrown three or more touchdowns in the Super Bowl.
  • No. 23: The Bengals are appearing in their third Super Bowl, both of which have come against the 49ers
  • No. 22: Only eight Super Bowls have had a point spread under 3 points
  • No. 21: No NFL Super Bowl has had a point spread that has been a pick ‘em
  • No. 20: Joe Burrow is the quickest quarterback to take his team to the Super Bowl
  • No. 19: There have been seven Super Bowls with rematches, this is the first time these two have met in the postseason
  • No. 18: The NFC holds an edge over the AFC, 28-27 in the history of the Super Bowl
  • No. 17: This will be the second consecutive time and overall that the Super Bowl is featuring a team playing in their own stadium
  • No. 16: Cooper Kupp is the fifth player to lead NFL in catches, receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns
  • No. 15: The Los Angeles Rams would be the 15th franchise to have won multiple Super Bowls
  • No. 14: First Super Bowl since 2003 not featuring Brady, Roethlisberger, either Manning, or the 49ers
  • No. 13: Cincinnati had lost seven postseason road games in a row, the second most of any franchise before winning one
  • No. 12: Joe Burrow can become the third-ever player to win a national title and Super Bowl
  • No. 11: Sean McVay would become the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl

There are several different nuggets to devour up before making final picks on the Super Bowl. I have my top 25 list, but there are some that couldn’t crack the top of the list.

Watching Burrow take his team to the Super Bowl in the second year of his career on a bottom feeding, basement dweller is remarkable. The Bengals have stunk forever, but sports are amazing watching results change seemingly overnight.

There have been 55 Super Bowls and not one of them has featured a game with an even spread. There is too much money wagering to see split sides and we have often seen the number change hours before kickoff.

The extra bye week helps the bettor determine what they want to do for the biggest game of the year. We have seen three Super Bowls have a point spread under 2 points and the sportsbooks can certainly change the numbers slightly.

  • Super Bowl LIV: Kansas City vs. San Francisco (+1.5)
  • Super Bowl XLIX: New England vs. Seattle (+1)
  • Super Bowl V: Dallas vs. Baltimore (+1)

There are several other nuggets to share, and I have a favorite list of my Top 10 stats to know before kickoff between the Rams and Bengals.

No. 10: Bengals Are 2nd Longest Shot to Reach Super Bowl

Cincinnati Bengals team logo

Time to start off the stats with some fireworks according to SportsOddsHistory.com. Only the 1999 St. Louis Rams, which now have a movie on their star quarterback, has reached the Super Bowl with longer odds (150/1).

Cincinnati (125/1) was only one of five teams entering the year with odds of 100/1 or worse. They joined the Texans, Jaguars, Lions, and Jets.

And yet here they are playing in the Super Bowl. The six other teams besides the Bengals and Rams that made the Super Bowl as massive preseason dogs ended up all losing.

No. 9 – Underdogs Rule the Day

Nobody wants a blowout Super Bowl unless they are on the winning side. The biggest game of the year that has an entire day worth of coverage loses its luster when the game is a snoozefest.

We want instant classics, if possible, but the underdog has been the way to go as of late. In fact, dogs of 3-plus points have gone 8-1 ATS and 7-2 outright since 2007. When the dogs have been getting 3.5-points or more, they have gone 6-0 ATS and 5-1 straight in that timeframe.

Since the 2001 Super Bowl, dogs of 3-plus have gone 12-3 ATS and 9-6 outright. Plus, the Bengals have been flawless as the underdog. They are 7-0 when getting points, which includes the postseason with a 6-1 record outright.

Long live the underdogs!

No. 8: Youngest Super Bowl Matchup Between Coaches

Zac Taylor

Sean McVay is 36 and Zac Taylor is 38, which is crazy to think about. Many questioned if the Bengals would get to the playoffs in the next few years.

Both coaches have gone through a lot to get where they are, and the winner is going to be remembered forever by their franchise.

The futures are bright for both squads, but this is one of those matchups that should be talked about the success for both coaches. Taylor and the Bengals have had a magical ride and they are getting counted out by many on a weekly occurrence.

The road to the Super Bowl is impossible and there can only be one team from each conference.

No. 7 – Point Totals Are Higher Than Ever

Scoring is king and most people enjoy pounding the over on point totals. They want excitement and plenty of games over the years have given us that.

While we are falling short this season, we have had three straight Super Bowls with a point total of at least 50 points. We had previously seen three straight Super Bowls with totals of 50-plus.

Who knows, perhaps some money will be flying in on the over, but the point totals have been flying off the charts these days. They involved some juggernaut offensive squads in the 1990s. Can you guess them?

  • 1995-96: Cowboys vs. Steelers (51)
  • 1994-95: 49ers vs. Chargers (53.5)
  • 1993-94: Cowboys vs. Bills (50.5)

Only one of those hit the over and the other two were within single-digit points of hitting the over mark. However, this Super Bowl matchup has exceptional playmakers on the outside that could light up the scoreboard.

Current day NFL has allowed the offense to get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to officiating. Buckle up, there could be some more fireworks with a record-setting fourth straight game.

No. 6: Bengals Tied for Largest Comeback to Advance to the Super Bowl

Joe Burrow happened, and the rest is history. One of the greatest postseasons we have seen despite the stats not showing it has led the Bengals to all the glory.

Trailing 21-3 marks the largest (tied) comeback in AFC/NFC Championship history. The Bengals were 21-10 prior to halftime.

Kansas City was driving at the goal-line and the game was seemingly over had another touchdown been put on the board.

Instead, Andy Reid and the Chiefs made one of the craziest and awful decisions of the entire postseason. With only five seconds left and no timeout, Kansas City went for it on third down from the one-yard line.

Mahomes threw a pass in bounds to Tyreek Hill short of the end zone and the clock ran out. Not only can you not run the clock out, but throwing short of the end zone made it an absolute joke of a decision and those three points proved to be costly.

The Bengals had 21 unanswered while trailing 21-3 but would put up 14 unanswered after their goal-line stand before halftime.

While betting on football, be sure to watch for all the latest info on the Super Bowl, study all the trends and check out our Super Bowl 56 betting lines breakdown.

No. 5: Signal-Callers Own the Day

Patrick Mahomes

We have had 31 different quarterbacks have won Super Bowl MVPs, which is over 54%. Marcus Allen and Lynn Swann are the youngest players ever to win MVP at 23 years old.

Patrick Mahomes was 24 years and 138 days old when Kansas City knocked off San Francisco to win Super Bowl LIV back in February of 2020.

The young signal-caller also became the youngest quarterback to be named the Super Bowl MVP in NFL history. The 31-20 victory for Kansas City was impressive.

However, we have not seen many non-quarterbacks win the award. Von Miller at linebacker and Julian Edelman at wide receiver won MVP’s.

Now the world belongs to Joe Burrow, who has been a stunning start to his career. The former LSU Tiger was flawless in his final season in Baton Rouge, but the sophomore campaign with the Bengals has been surreal.

For those interested in partaking in betting on Burrow to win the Super Bowl MVP, check out our recent blog involving the top contenders for the Pete Rozelle Trophy.

No. 4: Will AFC Continue Their Dominance?

The AFC has a few critical numbers in their favor. While riding with the underdog is something to look at, there is another that is quite appalling. The AFC has covered and won outright in seven of the past nine Super Bowls.

We have seen plenty of runs by both conferences over the years. Once upon a time, the NFC won 13 straight.

The era was from 1985-1997 and the successful franchises were dominant. There were a few nuggets that showed how elite the NFC was in their era.

  • Winning Streak: 13
  • Average Margin of Victory: 20.8 points per game
  • Close Victory: 1 point in 1991, Giants over Bills

The 49ers, Cowboys, and Packers were offensive juggernauts. A three-touchdown spread during the 13-game winning streak was absurd. Joe Montana, Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and Brett Favre were a slew of the superstar passers that owned the national spotlight.

Jerry Rice had a three-touchdown performance in 1994 against the Chargers, but similar to college programs we often see feast or famine in eras.

The tides have now turned in favor of the AFC, but will the streak continue? The AFC won six of the first seven Super Bowls to start off the 2000’s.

Tom Brady won three of them and the dominance was impressive. Knocking off the Rams was the start of a special dynasty run and the AFC flexed its muscles in five of six seasons. Will the Chiefs keep the good times rolling?

No. 3: Tail Super Bowl Teams With Fewer Wins

All hail the underdog. Here is your top underrated stat for Super Bowl 56 that all bettors need to jot down.

In the last 27 seasons, (since 1995) there’s been 20 Super Bowls where one team won more games than the other and those teams with fewer wins is an astonishing 17-2-1 ATS.

The last three Super Bowls have featured the lesser hyped team on paper as the outright winner. That includes the Buccaneers last season and the Chiefs and Patriots prior to that. So much of the public has lost their money.

Yes, the underdogs are alive and well. The favorites are a trendy selection because they often have more talent on paper. Paper champions are a strange pick to make on Super Bowl Sunday.

Double check the selections and study your matchups. Check injury reports and believe there has been factual evidence of the underdog winning the day.

We have seen several champions play on Wild Card weekend and some squads failed to win their divisions. The Packers caught fire at the end of their 2010-11 season and they finished it off against the Steelers.

More underrated teams from a record standpoint will win Super Bowls, we have often seen teams with lesser records find ways to earn a championship.

The hotter teams that can execute are often the ones that end up winning it all. Clutch quarterback play has always been vital, and these current Super Bowl squads rely upon their studs.

No. 2: Joe Burrow Can Be 1st Ever to Win Heisman, CFB Title, and Super Bowl

Joe Burrow

The career that Burrow has had since his college days has been insane. Coming off a knee injury, many believed he would never get to that elite level anytime soon.

The Bengals are far from the most talented team in Super Bowl history. They have a few young pieces that should be getting better in the immediate future.

Burrow has been remarkable and while the numbers in the postseason may not back it up, he has passed the eye test with flying colors. The arm strength is legit, but the pocket presence has separated him from the pack.

Chris Jones had him in his grasp a few times and somehow, someway Burrow escaped and picked up critical first downs when they would have likely punted the ball back to the Kansas City offense.

No. 1: First-Time Ever Without a Top 3 Seed in the Super Bowl

It is amazing to comprehend that all the top favorites have all fallen off the map. Many were banking on either the Packers, Buccaneers, or the Cowboys to reach the Super Bowl from the NFC side.

The AFC had the Chiefs, Bills, and Titans as consensus favorites. Those six options were easy to project reaching the big game. We have never quite seen a postseason like this, and the top teams all had disappointing performances.

The Bills and Chiefs put on a classic performance that many believe was the greatest non-Super Bowl we had ever seen. The winner of that game regardless of who it was was likely going to be gassed the next week some thought.

The Chiefs gagged away an 18-point lead and the Bengals continued their storybook season. The Rams nearly blew a 24-point lead, but hung on by kicking the game-winning field-goal as time expired.

They came back the following against the 49ers to give Sean McVay his second appearance in the Super Bowl. We are in uncharted territory and the NFL franchises that are a bit young have a bright future.

The Bengals and Bills are two of them, but the Rams could make the most of their opportunities in an NFC that doesn’t look nearly as deep as the AFC.

Betting on Super Bowl 2022

Super Bowl 56 betting graphic

Be sure to check out all the top betting sites for Super Bowl 56. Not every sportsbook is for everybody, so now is the time to study the odds and to compare all of them against one another.

We have our own Super Bowl blog that reviews all the matchups and gambling suggestions one could ask for. The hours are ticking, and the time is now to check it all out before kickoff.

Need a little more help getting ready to bet on the big game? If these 25 key Super Bowl 56 stats didn’t do the trick, be sure to head over to our guide for betting on Super Bowl 56.

Super Bowl 56 Betting Guide



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