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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 Betting Guide – Odds with Top Picks and Props

| December 15, 2021 12:26 pm PDT

The betting odds for Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 favor another win for the social media star.

With Tommy Fury dropping out with injury at the 11th hour, Woodley gets another bite of the cherry against the brash Paul. Although the former mixed martial arts destroyer came close to pulling off the win in their first fight back in December, it was the Disney star who emerged as the better man on the night.

Will the former UFC star get his revenge this Saturday, December 18 in Florida? Are the odds for Woodley to KO Paul good enough to take? Or will it be business as usual for the yet unbeaten 24-year-old?

I’ll be answering those questions for you today in this preview for betting on the fight. Furthermore, I’ll be including the top picks for Paul vs. Woodley 2, as well as the best props online.

Before we get to any of that, let’s set the tone with my prediction for the fight.

Prediction for Paul vs. Woodley 2

  • Predicted Winner: Tyron Woodley
  • Method of Victory: KO/TKO

Quite often in life, following the money will lead you to the heart of a situation.

Now, that’s not to say that there is any funny business going on between these two. Still, you must admit that, generally, the only thing more lucrative than a rematch in combat sports is a trilogy. And wouldn’t it benefit both men if they could make that happen?

It’s not out of order to have some reservations before betting real money on the Paul vs. Woodley rematch. Predicting the winner in this fight is tough because we don’t know exactly what these two have agreed to.

Jake Paul Tale of the Tape Tyron Woodley
Cruiserweight Weight Class Cruiserweight
24 Age 39
6’1” Height 5’9”
4-0 (3 KOs) Boxing Record 0-1
76” Reach 74”
Orthodox Stance Orthodox
“The Problem Child” Ring Name “The Chosen One”
USA Nationality USA
Cleveland, Ohio Hometown Ferguson, Missouri

Regardless, I’m going to apply logic here and say that Woodley should be able to get the win on the night. He looked to have it in the bag last time, only to take his foot off the gas when he had his shot. A no-knockout clause was suggested as the reason why.

This time around, Paul has pledged that there is nothing of the kind in the contract. In fact, he will give up $500,000 if Woodley stops him. There could be a stipulation in the contract that offers Woodley $1m not to stop him, of course, but let’s assume everyone is playing by the rules.

The trilogy fight would draw huge interest. Woodley is a seasoned combat sports veteran. The “Chosen One” winning by KO/TKO would sell mega pay-per-views, so it kinda makes sense.

Again, my prediction for Paul vs. Woodley 2 is the latter by KO/TKO.

Moneyline Odds for Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2

Jake Paul to Win-285
Tyron Woodley to Win+210
Jake Paul

Once again, Paul is the bookies’ man for the job. Bovada has set the odds for Paul to beat Woodley in the rematch at -285.

The Ohio-native is a significant favorite to earn back-to-back wins against the former UFC welterweight champion.

A lot can happen in the space of just a couple of years. By the time Paul had made his debut in the squared circle in January 2020, his opponent was less than one year removed from being considered one of the greatest welterweights in UFC history.

The moneyline odds for Woodley to win the rematch against Paul look much sweeter at +210.

But the betting public can’t be blamed for any trepidation when it comes to backing the Missourian to win. After all, the last bout did little to inspire gamblers that this feud was anything less than a ploy to clean up cash at their expense.

What’s different this time around is that there are reasons to believe something has to change. Even if things go in the favor of Paul again, these two can surely not get away with anything less than a competitive fight.

Woodley has been training in the run-up to the bout, so should be in good shape. Paul has based his training camp on fighting Tommy Fury, which could give the former mixed martial artist an edge.

Ultimately, the decision to gamble on this fight lies with the bettor. If the moneyline odds aren’t doing it for you, perhaps there is value to be had in the props for Paul vs. Woodley 2?

Best Props for the Paul vs. Woodley Rematch

There are some appealing prop bets for Paul vs. Woodley 2 doing the rounds on the leading boxing betting apps.

From specific prop bets for Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley to bet builders, there should be a fair amount of interest going into this fight.

Method of Victory Props for Paul vs. Woodley 2

Here’s a look at the Paul vs. Woodley rematch props for how the fight will end.

Paul By KO, TKO, DQ+190
Woodley By KO, TKO, or DQ+325
Paul By Decision or Technical Decision+125
Woodley By Decision or Technical Decision+750
Draw Or Technical Draw+1400

The shortest method of victory odds for the Paul vs. Woodley rematch are Paul to win by decision.

This is closely followed by the betting favorite to pull of the stoppage. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that we will see the YouTuber sparking Woodley out, so I would avoid this one at all costs. Especially at odds of just +190.

Woodley to win by stoppage, which includes a DQ, comes in at +325. These are better odds for a scenario that certainly has a chance of happening. Especially if it is cockiness, rather than any other exterior factors, leading to Paul laughing off his chances of being stopped.

  • Pick: Woodley by KO/TKO

Knockdown Props for the Fight

If you’re looking to bet on whether Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley, or both will be knocked down, check out these odds.

Will Jake Paul Score a Knockdown?


I can’t see Paul having the type of power required to put Woodley down.

Unlike Ben Askren, Woodley has a sturdy chin. He was only ever stopped by strikes once in 27 pro MMA bouts if you disregard the rib injury that led to a TKO loss against Colby Covington in 2020.

It’s a no from me.

  • Pick: No (-140)

Will Tyron Woodley Score a Knockdown?


One of the best bets for Paul vs. Woodley 2 can be found in this market.

Rather than betting on Woodley to KO Paul, it might be smarter to gamble on him dropping Paul at some point in the fight instead.

At this price, I’d call this the top pick for Paul-Woodley 2 there is.

  • Pick: Yes (+160)

Will The Fight Go the Distance?


It’s pretty much a pick ’em here.

With everything I have previously mentioned, I am leaning more toward the fight not making it the full 8 rounds.

Will the Paul vs. Woodley rematch go the distance? I don’t see it happening. There might be some who disagree, but I’m sticking to my guns.

  • Pick: No (-115)

Rounds Betting on Paul vs. Woodley 2

You have a few options when betting on the round that Paul vs. Woodley will end.

In fact, you have more than a few. Eighteen, to be precise. And as you will see, the odds vary from the super-appealing to the, well, not so attractive.

Round Jake Paul Tyron Woodley
Round 1 +2000 +2800
Round 2 +1800 +2500
Round 3 +1600 +2200
Round 4 +1400 +2200
Round 5 +1400 +2200
Round 6 +1400 +2500
Round 7 +1600 +2800
Round 8 +2000 +3500
Decision +120 +750

Betting the round, a fight will end in is tough. But if you can land the right one, you could end up with a very handsome payout for your troubles.

I believe we will see a little bit of back and forth between these two with Woodley’s cardio making the difference toward the end of the fight. From here on, Paul should begin to fade, providing “T-Wood” with the opportunity to close the deal.

If you’re betting on the Paul vs. Woodley 2 rounds, I’d recommend going for more than one.

  • Picks: Woodley in Round 6 (+2500) and Round 7 (+2800)

Group Rounds Wagers for the Fight

If the prospect of picking the precise round the fight ends does not appeal, you might want to consider the popular alternative.

I am, of course, referring to group rounds. Although the odds are not as juicy, picking a couple of rounds together might make more sense.

Jake Paul To Win in Rounds 1-2+1000
Tyron Woodley To Win in Rounds 1-2+1400
Jake Paul To Win in Rounds 3-4+800
Tyron Woodley To Win in Rounds 3-4+1100
Jake Paul To Win in Rounds 5-6+700
Tyron Woodley To Win in Rounds 5-6 (+1200)+1200
Jake Paul To Win in Rounds 7-8+900
Tyron Woodley To Win in Rounds 7-8+1800

I don’t see the point in wagering on group rounds in an eight-rounder. Instead, I prefer to split my bet across two individual rounds, as recommended above.

Especially as my options are limited this way. For example, I can’t bet Woodley in Rounds 6-7 as I am restricted to either taking 5-6 or 7-8.

  • Pick: Avoid

More Props and Betting Specials for Paul vs. Woodley 2

As mentioned above, the sheer number of prop bets for the Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley rematch is staggering.

While it’s always a good idea to compare odds with various bookies, don’t feel as though you should go through every single one with a fine-tooth comb.

Here are a few of the best exotic props and specials for Paul vs. Woodley 2 to help you on your way.

  • Either Fighter to Be Knocked Down (-190)
  • Paul To Win and No Knockdowns (+155)
  • Woodley To Be Knocked Down in Rounds 1 To 3 (+285)
  • Both Fighters to be Knocked Down (+400)
  • Paul to be Knocked Down in Rounds 1 To 3 (+400)
  • Both Fighters to be Knocked Down and Paul to Win (+500)
  • Both Fighters to be Knocked Down and the Fight to Go the Distance (+700)
  • Woodley to be Knocked Down in Round 1 (+900)
  • Woodley to Win with no Knockdowns (+1000)
  • Both Fighters to be Knocked Down and Woodley to Win (+1100)
  • Paul to be Knocked Down in Round 1 (+1400)
  • Either Fighter to Win in 60 Seconds (+2500)
  • Both Fighters to be Knocked Down and Fight to End in a Draw (+3500)
  • Paul to Win in 60 Seconds (+4000)
  • Woodley to Win In 60 Seconds (+6000)
  • Both Fighters to be Knocked Down at the Same Time (+8000)

Of all the props for Paul-Woodley 2 above, the one that could be worth some small change is Paul to be dropped in Round 1.

I reckon we’ll get a feel for how the former UFC champion will perform from the first couple of rounds. I believe he will start fast and try his best to get in the social media star’s face from the first bell.

Pulling the trigger has been a problem for Woodley over the past few years. Just look at the stats from the first fight, above. But I don’t think he will be too concerned with Paul’s power this time around and will look to get a psychological advantage, at the very least, in the first round.

This could be worth a shot.

  • Pick: Paul to be Knocked Down in Round 1 (+1400)

Wrapping Up this Paul vs. Woodley Rematch Betting Preview

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley

You might look at some of my picks for Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley and see something you like.

Then again, you might not. After all, the first bout was hardly Hagler vs. Hearns now, was it? For all the hype, it lacked in the entertainment department. But were we right to expect anything else?

At its base level, this is a glorified celebrity boxing match. Ergo, I’d treat it as such before placing any Paul vs. Woodley rematch wagers. There is certainly money to be made in this fight, but you might be relying on Lady Luck a little more than you would like.

The bottom line is that there are a couple of bets that are worth a shot. Just don’t dedicate too much of your bankroll to Saturday’s fight.

You can find some additional betting tips and pointers that you can use for this fight, below.

As always, good luck with your bets!

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