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Is Firing Mike McCarthy the Right Move for the Dallas Cowboys?

| January 18, 2022 12:58 pm PDT

The Cowboys had possibly the worst ending to a team’s season in recent memory. They were one of the most talented teams on both sides of the ball. Since they couldn’t capitalize on such a good team this year, does that mean they should fire Mike McCarthy?

This would be a big move for the Cowboys given their current contract with him. McCarthy’s first season was in 2020 and he doesn’t become a free agent until 2025. With the Cowboys needing a Super Bowl or bust with their current team, anything can happen.

Here are the current odds for Mike McCarthy to be the Cowboys’ head coach for next season.

Odds McCarthy is Cowboys’ Head Coach for 2022


From the first look at the odds on BetOnline, we can see that he is slightly favored to return next season for Dallas. You might be asking yourself, why would the Cowboys fire their head coach after a 12-5 season?

At the end of the day, the regular season record is scrapped once the playoffs begin. Every team has a shot at the Super Bowl, and it is going to come down to every single person involved. The 49ers were the better team and won the game fairly, no matter what the last play involved.

Check out the Cowboys’ disappointing end to their season to get more details.

Why the Cowboys Shouldn’t Fire McCarthy

Would it be smart to shake things up right now for the Cowboys? Their season was very successful and firing your head coach is not common when you have an impressive record like 12-5.

Let me ask you this, if the Cowboys last play was a game winning touchdown instead of the botched quarterback spike, would we even be talking about this? Is it too greedy to want a better head coach every season you don’t win the Super Bowl?

These are all questions Jerry Jones must answer sooner rather than later. Other NFL teams have already been interviewing the top candidates for next season. That means if the Cowboys wait too long on a decision here, they likely won’t be able to grab one of the top guys for next season.

McCarthy has had his fair share of questionable decisions, but a potential downgrade here is a real possibility. If you want to be a successful football team for longer than a season or two, you must have consistency in the head coaching spot.

Bouncing around from coach to coach would mess with the rhythm of this Dallas team. They arguably have one of the most complete rosters in the entire NFL. Capitalizing on this amazing roster should be the main focus.

McCarthy is not the best NFL head coach by any means, but messing with the rhythm of this Dallas team could hurt their chances even more.

With the Cowboys seemingly unprepared to decide quickly, they could miss out on a top tier head coach prospect and ruin their chances even more.

Why the Cowboys Should Fire McCarthy

When the Cowboys were under Jason Garrett from 2010 to 2019, they were unable to make it past the Divisional Round. They had plenty of capable rosters and had a solid record of 85-67 (.559 winning percentage) during those nine and a half seasons.

The thing that seemed to haunt them is mediocrity. Being unable to win more than just a Wild Card game in almost 10 seasons is disappointing for any team. The fact that the Cowboys moved on from Jason Garrett should imply that they are chasing more than just a Wild Card win.

In the NFL, you need to be nearly perfect if you want to win a Super Bowl. You can’t have a head coach who makes boneheaded decisions and expect to be able to beat another tough NFL team.

This play sequence basically sums up Mike McCarthy’s coaching career and happened in the Cowboys devastating loss to the 49ers this past week.

The Cowboys seemed to just confuse themselves on that play and burned through a ton of time. Wasting a bunch of time and taking a delay of game penalty when trying to mount a comeback is a serious momentum killer.

That play along with countless crucial penalties were huge factors in deciding the winner of this game. Whose fault is that? I would say the head coach Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy is unlikely to lead a team to the Super Bowl without another Hall of Fame quarterback and maybe more. The Cowboys have a more than good enough team to win a Super Bowl and the head coaching position seems to slow them down.

The decision to fire McCarthy has to happen fast so they can try and grab one of the top head coaches on the market.

Prediction for Dallas’ 2022 Head Coach

In my eyes, the Cowboys will have to fire Mike McCarthy if they want to win a Super Bowl. With that said, it is not my decision to make. Jerry Jones is the one who is going to have to pull the trigger.

Jones is not one to make a big decision like this. Jason Garrett couldn’t make a deep run for about a decade and Jones didn’t fire him. Jones simply didn’t offer an extension to Garrett and moved on.

McCarthy being under contract until 2025 is a doomsday scenario for this team. I expect the Cowboys to be one of the more talented teams from now until at least that time. If McCarthy is the head coach all the way through, they will severely hurt their chances to win a Super Bowl.

You must be chasing perfection from every level of your team if you want to win a Super Bowl. It seems the Cowboys still have ways to go to get to “perfection,” so drastic steps have to be taken.

  • Do I think the Cowboys have to fire McCarthy if they want to win a Super Bowl? Yes.
  • Do I think Jerry Jones will make the correct decision and fire McCarthy? No.

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