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How and Where to Watch the Super Bowl in 2022 – Channels, Advice, and More

| January 31, 2022 8:24 am PDT

The Super Bowl is finally almost here after an amazing 2021-22 NFL season. We have had so many great games this year and the playoffs have been nothing short of spectacular.

With the Super Bowl, everything becomes amplified. In the biggest game of the NFL season, big plays are even bigger and every single small detail matters. With the NFL season coming to an end, make sure you have the proper set up ready to watch the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl is scheduled to kick off at 6:30 p.m. ET on February 13th, 2022. Make sure you clear your schedule and possibly call off that Monday if you aren’t ready to come back to reality yet.

If you are hosting a party or just watching for yourself, here are the best ways to watch the 2022 Super Bowl.

What Channel Will the 2022 Super Bowl Be on?

For cable watchers, the 2022 Super Bowl has bounced around between networks, but we have hit our final landing spot. The 2022 Super Bowl will be on NBC after originally being scheduled for CBS.

CBS traded the rights to Super Bowl 56 in exchange for Super Bowl 55 last year. NBC is up next in the rotation of hosting the Super Bowl, while Fox will be getting Super Bowl 57 next year.

NBC’s Sunday Night Football crew will be announcing this game, as Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth take the call.

These two legendary announcers will be doing the Super Bowl together again, but for the first time since Super Bowl LII in 2018. Al Michaels has a ton of Super Bowl experience, dating back to when he was a pregame host all the way in 1985.

He got the call to be the broadcaster in 1988 with Frank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf to start his legendary Super Bowl career. Michaels has also partnered with Boomer Esiason once, John Madden three times, and this will be his fourth time calling the Super Bowl with Collinsworth.

For what channel the game is going to be on, you’ll check your cable provider to know. Find the channel on your TV guide that says NBC or NBCS next to the channel number.

Top Tip
Be sure to check that ahead of time so you don’t have to scramble to find the correct channel and get the 2022 Super Bowl off on the right foot.

If you have the channel all ready for the game, the next step would be deciding on who you think is going to win the game. If you are interested in betting on the Super Bowl, here is a guide on where to bet on the Super Bowl online in 2022.

Where to Stream Super Bowl 56

You don’t have to have cable to watch the 2022 Super Bowl. Super Bowl 56 will be available across many streaming services, so you can watch the big game in whatever way works best for you.

First, you can log into your internet provider on the NBC Sports App to watch the game as well. You can also go to NBC Sports to find it too.

Another great streaming service that will be broadcasting Super Bowl 56 this year is Peacock. If you have the Peacock app for your favorite shows, now you can enjoy the 2022 Super Bowl in a convenient location.

Those should be the most reliable and easiest ways to watch the Super Bowl this year. It is vastly important that you ensure you have at least one of these methods ready to go and logged in ahead of time, just so you don’t run into any issues.

Next year will be different because of the rotation between the main 3 NFL networks. Since CBS swapped with NBC last year for this year, the next network up for Super Bowl 57 (2023) will be Fox.

After that, it is back to CBS for Super Bowl 58 (2024) and Fox follows that up for Super Bowl 59 (2025).

With that said, it is important to know that NBC will not be the permanent provider of the Super Bowl. With this 3-network rotation, you are going to have to check again to remind yourself who will be the broadcaster.

Staying up to date when it comes to the Super Bowl is very important for every year, not just this one. Be sure to check out our Super Bowl blog page so you can stay in the loop every time the big game comes around.

Streaming Service Details for Super Bowl 56

Streaming services can be a bit tricky sometimes and it is important to set it up before the day of the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a very important time for football fans as we celebrate a great 2021-22 NFL season and prepare for a long wait until next year.

If you don’t know how much the Super Bowl means to football fans, check out how much money is bet on the Super Bowl.

Here are some tips on several streaming services and how to make sure you set them up properly for Super Bowl 56.


Peacock is going to be the number one streaming service for the 2022 Super Bowl. They have partnered with NBC, so the Super Bowl isn’t the only thing going to be on Peacock from NBC.

If you love to watch the popular NBC shows like New Amsterdam, Ordinary Joe, Dateline, Kenan, Chicago P.D., Blacklist, Saturday Night Live, and more, then a Peacock membership is a must for you.

Peacock is a free service but has memberships that are ad-free. If you are interested in those, it will be at most $9.99 a month. Make sure you create a Peacock account to watch Super Bowl 56 and more.

Sling TV

Another growing streaming service is Sling TV. Sling is a very customizable streaming service that will be broadcasting the Super Bowl as well. The Sling Blue plan and the Sling Orange plan will carry the NBC Sports Network and the 2022 Super Bowl.

The Sling Blue plan is $35 a month with 42 channels to watch. The Sling Orange plan is also $35 a month but has 32 channels. The biggest difference is that you can steam from 3 devices on the Blue plan, but only one device with the Orange plan.

You also get 50 hours of DVR storage along with those plans, which would be great if you are interested in recording Super Bowl 56.


fuboTV is an amazing streaming service with a whopping 220+ live TV channels to watch. If you are interested in getting a ton of channels along with the Super Bowl, fuboTV is your choice here.

With all those live channels, you will have to pay more than Sling. The pricing jumps to $64.99 a month, but is a great value when you think of how many channels they offer.

A good way to try fuboTV out would be to start a 7-day free trial the week of the Super Bowl, then cancel or continue depending on how your experience goes.

YouTube TV

If you are a big YouTube fan, it just might be the perfect time to upgrade to YouTube TV. There was a bit of a scare to the YouTube and Google deal, but the two sides were able to seal the deal.

Now YouTube will be streaming the 2022 Super Bowl, as well as 85+ live channels. Along with those channels comes unlimited DVR storage, which is amazing news if you want to record Super Bowl 56 and more.

The base price for YouTube TV is $64.99 a month, but new users are offered a 5-day trail along with $54.99 for the first 3 months of their subscription.

Hulu + Live TV

If you are a football fan, I am sure you have seen plenty of Baker Mayfield commercials about Hulu + Live TV. They offer similar benefits to the other streaming services like 75+ live channels, 50 hours of DVR storage, up to 6 profiles, and access to Hulu Originals.

There is also a great bundle with ESPN+ and Disney+, so if you are looking for a nice way to get those subscriptions, Hulu is the best choice here.

You can also utilize the 7-day free trial the week of the Super Bowl to see how well you like it. The bundle is a great price overall and will come to $69.99 with all 3 services.

Watching or Streaming Super Bowl 56

The Super Bowl is one of those things that are just so popular that it’s basically a national holiday. Almost 115 million people watched the Super Bowl last year and that number just might rise with how many ways there are to watch.

If you are hosting a party for the Super Bowl, be sure to check out our tips for hosting a great Super Bowl 56 party. Once you get your bets in and your Super Bowl party all set up, all that’s left to do is watch and enjoy.

The Super Bowl is a great time for fans and non-fans of football to come together and enjoy the final game of the year. If you aren’t in it for the game, maybe you’re in it for the commercials or the halftime show.

Either way, February 13th is going to go down as a historic day in the NFL and you don’t want to miss it. Be sure to check out our Super Bowl content below for more.

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