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How and Where to Bet on The Masked Dancer Season One

| December 24, 2020 6:13 am PDT
The Masked Dancer Season One Judges

The entertainment betting scene is looking for the next show to profit from. The entertainment industry is getting a tad desperate.

It’s a perfect marriage once season one of The Masked Dancer arrives on December 27th. How’s that for a belated Christmas gift?

Kidding about desperation (I think?), because 2020 has been a beating, and we all can use any form of entertainment to distract us.

It comes at a great time, as a lot of people will be on vacation and spending time at home with their families. What better time to unleash a dancing competition where the dancers conceal their identities?

We’ve seen it work swimmingly through four seasons of The Masked Singer, so don’t knock it until you try it, I guess.

No matter your take, The Masked Dancer is coming, and much like most reality TV shows, you’ll probably be able to bet on it. For the how and where to bet on The Masked Dancer, dive into this betting guide.

Where to Bet on The Masked Dancer

Step one before betting on anything is finding a site to actually gamble at. At the same time, you also need to find the right site.

It isn’t just about only using The Masked Dancer betting sites you see above. Those are the best options out there when you factor in safety, customer service, payout speed, bets offered, odds – you name it.

But you always need to do what feels best for you, as a bettor. Sometimes what you value as a bettor will trump various aspects that others value. Or maybe you prioritize wagers, odds, or a specific payment method above just the sites being the overall top options.

Whatever the case, you still don’t want to be scammed, and you also don’t want to be leaving money on the table. If you go with the entertainment betting sites listed above, you’re at least checking those boxes, and arguably so much more.

There are so many sites to bet on entertainment online, so feel free to look around and make a decision for yourself. If you’re looking for advice, though, you can trust the options listed in this section.

What is The Masked Dancer?

Before you even begin thinking about where to bet on The Masked Dancer, or how you can actually make money betting on this show, you might want to know what it is.

To put it simply, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

You can get a quick taste by checking out the trailer for season one, too.

If you’re familiar with betting on The Masked Singer, you already know how this show will operate. If not, here’s the rundown.

  • Celebrities perform live to advance
  • This show will see celebrities compete in dancing
  • Identities will be withheld and revealed upon elimination
  • Judges will try to guess celebrity identities
  • Acts will get voted out until someone wins

It’s unclear if The Masked Dancer will follow the exact same format as The Masked Singer, but there are already rumblings of some small changes.

Since the same company created it and one of the same judges (Ken Jeong) is taking part in it, however, it stands to reason the two shows will be very similar.

In a nutshell, The Masked Dancer is literally a bunch of masked celebrities competing in a dance competition. 

This sounds not that different from The Masked Singer, and depending on your opinion; this show is either a lot harder than the original, and/or a lot less interesting.

Maybe both!

The nice thing is it doesn’t necessarily matter if it’s better than The Masked Singer, especially when you can still factor in the guessing game of which celebrities are competing, as well as the prospect of making money from betting on The Masked Dancer.

Who is Hosting?

Before you can successfully bet on The Masked Dancer, it’s suggested you find out all you can about it.

Even the seemingly meaningless stuff can be helpful, especially if any entertainment betting websites offer “celebrity identity guessing” props. Affiliating the logic and ties between the cast can lead you to uncovering key details and connections.

Hosting season one of The Masked Dancer is Craig Robinson, who is undoubtedly best known for his role as Darrell on The Office. He’s also played bit parts in Brooklyn 99 and Mr. Robot, among other shows.

The comedian and actor is an affable personality that should bring a light feel to the show. It will also be interesting to see if any of his former castmates end up hitting the stage.

Robinson has already said he feels like he’d be able to recognize some of them right away.

Who Are the Judges?

It will be unlikely to connect Robinson to any of the acts, but the judges are the ones who break down all of the clues the most.

They not only tend to get creative with their guesses, but they often make connections with the artists, considering they happen to be celebrities, themselves.

Judging season one of The Masked Dancer are former 90210 star Brian Austin Green, pop icon Paula Abdul, singer Ashley Tisdale, and The Masked Singer alum, Ken Jeong.

All of these judges are household names that have either dabbled in singing and dancing themselves, or have had some affiliation with the industry and/or contest judging.

While it remains to be seen if they’ll give enough hints to help you guess the identities of The Masked Dancer cast, they will surely offer some lighthearted commentary along the way.

Who is Competing?

Okay, so who will the actual cast of The Masked Dancer be? You won’t know the true identities until each contestant is sent packing, but you at least know their monikers going into the December 27th premiere.

Here’s a list of all the cast members.

  • Tulip
  • Sloth
  • Moth
  • Ice Cube
  • Hammerhead
  • Exotic Bird
  • Disco Ball
  • Cricket
  • Cotton Candy
  • Zebra

There are 10 celebrities in all competing to be the winner of The Masked Dancer. It will be extremely interesting to see how this plays out, both from an identity reveal perspective, and also simply in regards to the dancing competition itself.

Much like The Masked Singer, there are sure to be at least a couple of celebrities that are in way over their heads.

Factor in the intense choreography, a live performance, and the heavy gear associated with the masks and costumes, and this could prove to be quite the daunting competition for an inexperienced dancer.

How to Bet on The Masked Dancer

Okay, so you know where to bet on The Masked Dancer, and you’ve (kind of) had a chance to meet the cast of the new show.

But how do you actually bet on The Masked Dancer?

That can be viewed in two different ways; the literal process of betting on The Masked Dancer, and strategic advice to help you win.

Basic Betting Advice

You probably only need to hear this if you’re completely new to betting, but it’s still worth repeating. The process for betting on reality TV shows (or betting on anything) is fairly simple.

  • Pick a site to bet at
  • Deposit money
  • Find the bet you like
  • Place a bet

Not sure where to bet or how to pick a site to bet on The Masked Dancer? That’s what this post is for, as I’ve already pointed to the best The Masked Dancer betting sites.

Most sites make it pretty easy to deposit money. Just make sure you put deposit options on your checklist of “things to look for” before latching onto a betting site.

Once you have the site and have deposited, you can scour their betting lobby for their entertainment props bets. In this case, you’d look for any The Masked Dancer props they offer.

In the event some sites are slow to push out The Masked Dancer odds, it makes sense to have a rolodex of betting sites to turn to.

Once you locate your preferred bet and ensure it’s the best price available online, lock your bet in and sit back and enjoy the show.

Ways to Profit

The process involved to wager on The Masked Dancer isn’t complicated, but actually getting the winner right for reality TV shows can be difficult.

Usually the main favorite going into the season – or at least the favorite after the initial episode(s) – is a great place to start. However, the favored act does not always win.

I can’t tell you how many times a person has been the favorite to win a reality TV show for almost the entire season, and then lost to a would-be upset.

You can go back and forth with that, but ultimately, who you actually bet on will be up to you. The most popular ways to make money from betting on The Masked Dancer will undoubtedly be the following.

  • Who will win The Masked Dancer
  • Dancer identity predictions
  • Judge props
  • Sex of winning dancer
  • Random show props

The best way to profit from The Masked Dancer (and pretty much every reality TV show competition) is predicting who will win.

Most of the reputable entertainment betting sites really only offer this prop for the big shows, so the only issue is deciding who to bet on, where to do it, and when.

Regardless of price, you obviously just want to be right. But assuming you’re predicting correctly, you also want the site that offers the best odds.

Beyond betting on who will win The Masked Dancer, you could also stumble upon other wagers that deal with predicting dancer identity, question certain things about the judged or what they might do, the sex of the winner, or just anything random affiliated with the show.

Things that would make sense include episode ratings, viewership, number of contestants eliminated, and so much more.


I’m writing this breakdown of how and where to bet on The Masked Dancer before the season even starts. Entertainment betting sites do know the monikers of the cast, so it’s only a matter of time before The Masked Dancer odds will be released.

If you’re not able to wager real money on The Masked Dancer prior to the start of season one, you surely will be able to do so in short order.

Hopefully this The Masked Dancer betting guide can assist you through the first season, as well as future seasons.

At the very least, you now have a good idea as to where to start your search for the best The Masked Dancer betting websites, as well as which bets you can target.

For more entertainment betting breakdowns, odds, and predictions, bookmark our entertainment betting blog.

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