How to Win a Million Pounds with BetVictor’s World Cup Challenge

By Jerry Summer
Published on June 14, 2018
The Million Pound Bet at BetVictor

When the FIFA World Cup finals take place, there are always plenty of exciting promotions and bonuses to pick from. 2018 is no exception, as most bookies are trying to get as many people to bet with them as possible.

I already shared a post with some of the best World Cup deals you could find, but I want to pay some special attention to one particular offer.

BetVictor has launched “The Million Pound Bet.” As the name suggests, you have the chance to win £1,000,000 during the World Cup.

The rules are simple – place the bet that wins at the highest odds during the tournament, and you will take the jackpot home. On top of that, BetVictor has a separate prize pool of £5,000 for each day.

While winning the grand prize of one million may seem like a long shot, I believe it is worth a try. With the correct strategy and a bit of luck, you never know.

This is why I intend to share my daily pick dedicated to this promotion on a regular basis as I try to win it. Simply follow the blog, and you will see the BetVictor Million Pound Bet included in the previews of all soccer World Cup games.

Of course, I won’t leave it all to luck, and I have a plan on how to proceed.

But first things first, so let’s start with the rules.

The Rules of the Million Pound Bet

The whole concept is rather simple. Place a bet of at least £1 on any World Cup market. If it wins and is the wager with the biggest odds, BetVictor will award the £1,000,000 jackpot.

There is a separate daily prize pool of £5,000 for 25 matchdays during the World Cup. The rules are similar, but only the bets for the particular day count.

It’s important to note that World Cup outrights and tournament specials don’t count for the daily competitions. Only bets placed on any of the fixtures for the day are included.

Also, no multiple bets or accumulators are included in the competition. BetVictor accepts only singles, so there’s no option to combine tons of different games and rely on that.

Here are some of the other important terms and conditions related to BetVictor’s World Cup Million Pound Bet.

  • The minimum stake is £1.
  • If you cash out a bet, it will be immediately disqualified from this promotion.
  • If the first place in the competition is tied, the prize will be split equally between the contestants.
  • The top 100 players in the daily competition will also share £5,000 in casino bonuses on top of the £5,000 prize for the winner.
  • If you win a prize, you have 30 days to claim it by contacting BetVictor. The bookie will also try to contact you via email and/or phone.

My Strategy to Win the Million

The rules should be clear at this point. To sum it up, place £1 at some crazy odds, win, and you have a shot. It’s as simple as that.

At the first glance, the whole thing looks like a luckfest, but I believe that the right strategy could give you a chance to win the grand prize or at least grab something from the daily leaderboards.

So, here are my tips for the BetVictor Million Pound Challenge.

Place Minimum Bets Only

BetVictor accepts all wagers that are worth at least £1. Since you will be going for some insane odds, the probability of winning is close to zero. You shouldn’t risk more than the required minimum.

This has another advantage, as you could place a bet for each of the 25 matchdays. If you play it smart, £25 will be enough to have a shot at both the grand prize and the smaller pools BetVictor will award.

User PriceItUp

I would suggest that odds in the 10-20 region won’t be anywhere near high enough to win a prize from the World Cup Million Pound Bet. In fact, even the likes of 50 or so might not suffice, and it’s close to impossible to find such high odds in the regular betting markets offered by BetVictor.

This is the reason the PriceItUp feature of the bookie is the way to go. It allows you to combine different markets for a game into a single wager. For example, player X to score, over 2.5 goals, over 2.5 cards, and the game to end in a draw.

As you could imagine, grouping up a few different options boosts the price significantly. PriceItUp wagers can easily feature odds of 100 and even significantly higher.

This is the best way to get the odds that give you a chance of winning the promotion.

I believe the markets I will be using the most are traditional stuff like match results, over/under goals, and anytime scorer.

However, I will include every option I feel makes sense, as I will have to combine at least 3-4 markets per game to achieve a price that’s high enough to top the leaderboard.

What’s the Target Price?

One of the key elements of the strategy would be to find the sweet spot where the price is high enough to compete for the million and still have a decent enough probability to actually happen.

There’s no point aiming at odds of 1,000 if 100 will do the job. Of course, you can’t know for sure what would be the optimal range, and it could change every single day.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a solid estimate. BetVictor will update the leaderboards for both the grand prize and the daily pools regularly, so we will know who’s leading the way.

My main strategy will be to start with some odds that aren’t that crazy, as we won’t have much information during the first couple of days. Once the leaderboards are up, I will be going for prices that are just a fraction higher than the current leader.

I believe this is the smart approach, and it’s worth a shot.

Daily Picks

As already mentioned, I will provide one pick per day during the World Cup.

Since I intend to post daily previews of all the games in the competition, with some betting tips included, the BetVictor daily challenge will be part of that.

I will include a paragraph with my Million Pound Bet pick of the day and a short explanation why I decided to go for this particular game and bet.

Feel free to follow my suggestions, although bear in mind that I’ll be placing these wagers myself. We may end up sharing the £1 million prize between us!

Final Words

This is perhaps not THE best soccer World Cup promotion out there, as it’s going to be extremely hard to win.

It’s the one with the biggest potential to change your life, though.

On top of that, it’s a really fun and exciting challenge that won’t require such a big investment. And it’s not like some other promotions that are basically impossible to win.

There’s one site, for example, that’s offering a £100 million prize to anyone who predicts ALL the results in the World Cup correctly.

That’s all but impossible to do, and this site will almost certainly be keeping the £100 million to themselves. BetVictor, on the other hand, will DEFINITELY be awarding the £1 million prize.

This is why I will be trying my best to earn top spot on the leaderboard. If you feel tempted to join me, I wish you luck!

How to Win a Million Pounds with BetVictor’s World Cup Challenge
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How to Win a Million Pounds with BetVictor’s World Cup Challenge
One of the most exciting promotions related to the World Cup is the BetVictor million pound challenge. Learn how it could change your life in a heartbeat.
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