How to Watch March Madness 2020 – Channels, Streaming, and More

By Jennifer Hassan in March Madness
| March 6, 2020 7:19 am PST
How to Watch March Madness (channels/streaming/etc.)

Of all the sports tournaments on the annual calendar, March Madness is the one that seems to generate the greatest degree of frenzied craziness.

Even when one’s favorite team is not in the match, whichever teams make it to the Final Four will have spectators in front of far-flung televisions yelling, screaming, stomping, and checking in constantly with their accounts at online March Madness sportsbooks.

Of course, knowing where to find those games is a key part of the whole process, whether you’re going to be watching the games on TV or using a streaming service. Here’s how to watch March Madness 2020.

March Madness Streaming

You can stream the tournament at You will have to click on a few tabs to link your internet provider to the website, but you can watch at no cost.

Visit and click on the small link in the lower right-hand corner of the blue header box that says, “Select TV Provider.” Then just follow the instructions, and you’ll be hooked up with major, mesmerizing March Madness melodrama and merriment. Mostly.

You may also stream the tournament using TNT, TruTV, and TBS through Sling TV, YouTube, Hulu, and Fubo, as well as AT&T TV Now.

Literally…there is just no way you are going to have to miss a game.

Channels Playing March Madness 2020 Games

Between Ted Turner’s television stations and CBS Sports, you’ll be able to watch every game of the tournament live.


On Saturday, April 4th, this is where you’ll find all the Final Four action, live and in yo’ face. Check local listings for precise start times. You won’t want to miss the pre-game hype.

Predictions by sports professionals that turn out to be dead wrong just two hours later is half the fun.

TBS doesn’t start broadcasting games until Round One, since CBS and TruTV will be showing Selection Sunday and the First Four.

In Round One, TBS will be showing eight of the 32 matches. Once the final team list is determined and communicated on Selection Sunday, you’ll be able to determine the start times of TBS Round One games.

You may not, however, know all the teams playing in those slots yet, due to the First Four winners not being determined until the evening of Wednesday, March 18th.

In the 16 games of Round Two, TBS will be broadcasting four of the games across Saturday and Sunday, March 21st and 22nd.

As for the Sweet Sixteen, you’ll be able to follow four of the eight games on TBS. Again, you’ll need to check local listings for times and teams. But the TBS games will be on both days of this round, i.e., Thursday and Friday, March 26th and 27th.

The Elite Eight takes place over a Saturday and a Sunday, March 28th and 29th. TBS will broadcast both Saturday games, which are slated to be played at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. Eastern. Check listings for pre-game discourse.

The Final Four will be broadcast on three stations, TBS among them. The other two are TNT and TruTV.

The final game, the National Championship, will be broadcast on TBS, as well as TNT and TruTV, just as in the Final Four.


TNT only begins its broadcasting of the games with the first round of games, showing eight of the 32 free-for-all games. At this point, the title could go to anyone, from a top seed to a “who knew?” underdog.

When it comes to the second round, TNT will be showing four of the 16 games, sharing the spotlight with the other stations (all of which are owned by a one Mr. Ted Turner. Take that, anti-trust laws!).

As we progress to the increasingly rarified Sweet Sixteen, you’ll be able to watch ZERO games on TNT, and the same is true during the Elite Eight.

But fear not, TNT subscribers, because you—yes, you! —can return to the channel to watch both games of the Final Four as well as the championship game on Monday, April 6th.


As another li’l nest egg in Ted Turner’s lushly appointed Easter basket, this station will be one of the broadcasters giving mega airtime to March Madness.

TruTV will be showing all four of the First Four games, which will be shown on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 17th and March 18th.

This is the initial round that eliminates the lowest-seeded teams. Although some would assume it would be the most lackluster of the events, in actuality, these teams are spitting tooth and blood to continue with March Madness and make a name for themselves, so an argument can be made that it’s one of the most gripping events.

TruTV will also air some of the first round matches, showing eight of the 32 games.

In the second round, TruTV will only show one of the 16 games, and it will be on Sunday, March 22nd, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern.

TruTV will not be showing any of the Sweet Sixteen games, nor will it air any match in the Elite Eight.

The Final Four and the championship game will, however, be aired on TruTV on April 4th and April 6th.


This network will be broadcasting Selection Sunday on Sunday, March 15th, at 6 o’clock Eastern.

CBS will also be broadcasting eight of the 32 first round matches.

Of the 16 second round matches, you’ll be able to catch seven of them on CBS.

In the Sweet Sixteen, which consists of 16 teams playing eight games, CBS will be broadcasting four games.

CBS will be broadcasting both of the Elite Eight (four games) matches that will be played on Sunday, March 29th. Another network (TBS) will be showing the Saturday games the day before.

CBS will not be showing any of the Final Four games, including the National Championship.

Watching March Madness in Person

You can still buy tickets to all of the games in the 2020 NCAA Basketball Tournament, even down to the Final Four games and the championship match. Here are the dates and locations.

Ticket prices range from around $40 for the games in Round One to more than $100 for the Final Four games (nosebleed seats) and up (way, way up).

To Sum It Up

You have a number of options to catch all the games. Thus, there’s no excuse to miss the best month in college basketball.

Away from the socio-political effects of a giant NBA contract and before the pressure of justifying their professional contract becomes uppermost in the maturing basketball player’s mind, you have college ball.

Purists say that college ball, whether basketball, lacrosse, football, or any other physical pursuit, is the purest form of sport. The reasoning is clear; it’s the last time in a young man’s life when he can play for the sake of sheer enjoyment of the sport (boy…those purists don’t get the pressure of college ball, do they?).

Whether or not you agree, there’s no arguing the fervor and the fury of March Madness, when members of the most erudite institutions become card-carrying rioters in favor of a victory.

We’ll be covering March Madness 2020 in depth, so for all kinds of takes on the tournament, check out our March Madness blog section.



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