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How to Make Money Betting on Super Bowl 55

| February 5, 2021 7:57 am PDT
How to Make Money Betting on the 2021 Super Bowl

Super Bowl betting and making money are synonymous. You need to find the right bets and be on the correct side of them, but to say there are endless ways to make money betting on the Super Bowl is an understatement.

It seems the top Super Bowl betting sites push the envelope every single year, too.

Just when you thought you knew of all the ways to make money from Super Bowl betting, the best sportsbooks surprise you with new props.

Old or new, though, the point is there will be plenty of ways to bet on Super Bowl 55 and win money.

If you’re not totally familiar, join me as I break down the best ways to make money betting on the 2021 Super Bowl.

Use the Best Super Bowl Betting Sites and Apps

Before you can make money betting on Super Bowl 55, you need to find the best spot to do so. There are a lot of different Super Bowl betting sites and apps, and they all have something to offer.

Some carry risk or aren’t easy to trust, or maybe they just don’t offer great wagers or odds. Whatever the case, you want to like where you bet on Super Bowl 2021, and you certainly want to feel comfortable with that betting site.

Stick with the best Super Bowl 55 betting apps and sites above, and I think you’ll be good to go.

So, how does using the best 2021 Super Bowl betting sites help you make money? Pricing, my friends.

The best Super Bowl LV betting websites are understandably going to offer competitive pricing. The more you frequent the top sites, the better chance of getting the best price available.

Here’s a quick example.

Super Bowl Sportsbook Bet Offered Odds Offered
Site A Patrick Mahomes to Win MVP -115
Site B Patrick Mahomes to Win MVP +100

Most sites are posting this bet at -115, but what if you could find a reputable Super Bowl betting site listing Mahomes at plus money?

Assuming you think Mahomes is the winner, how do you not make that bet? Right there, without any real strategy, you’re making money betting on the Super Bowl.

You still obviously need Mahomes to win the MVP award, but by betting at the site offering +100, as opposed to -115, you’re automatically making more money by choosing the site offering superior odds.

Take Advantage of Super Bowl Promotions & Bonuses

This goes right along with picking the right sites to bet on the Super Bowl and is relatively self-explanatory.

You can make money betting on Super Bowl 2021 just by picking the right site, but you can make even more money if you use sites offering top-shelf bonuses and promotions.

Our Super Bowl 2021 betting guide touches on this in greater detail.

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Most Super Bowl betting websites will offer some type of sign-up or Super Bowl-specific bonus.

Take advantage of that to enhance your bankroll in some manner, and also hunt down other bonuses and Super Bowl promos that reward you for betting on the big game.

You’re risking cash anytime you bet, and you only get back what you win. By using promos and bonuses, the earnings only get bigger.

Bet on Who Will Win Super Bowl 55

Okay, now we can get into the actual act of placing Super Bowl 2021 bets that can win you money. The most obvious and one of the more popular options is simply betting on who will win the 2021 Super Bowl.

For this bet, you just find the best moneyline available and bet on the team you think will win.

Here’s how the pricing shakes out at the top Super Bowl 55 betting sites at the moment.

SB 55 Betting Sites Buccaneers Odds to Win Chiefs Odds to Win
MyBookie +140 -170
BetNow +144 -165
BetOnline +143 -163
Bovada +145 -165
BetUs +145 -165

This is easily one of the easiest ways to make money betting online when it comes to Super Bowl 55.

Most Super Bowl LV betting sites have very similar pricing, so it’s quite arguable the difference in pricing doesn’t matter that much. If you really value one site over the other and the difference is +143 to +145, I don’t think you’re going to bet on a site you like less.

As for figuring out the right bet, that’s totally up to you. However, Michael Wynn and I did break down compelling arguments for both sides going into the 2021 Super Bowl.

Use the Point Spread to Your Advantage

Not sure who will win Super Bowl 55? Don’t love the pricing? Maybe you just don’t want to put a bunch of money on the line for such an absolute wager.

After all, if you’re wrong, you win nothing.

You can make a similar Super Bowl 55 bet without as much risk, and that’s betting on the point spread. The current Super Bowl 55 point spread is at 3 or 3.5, depending on where you like to bet.

For a point of reference, here’s how the spread looks at BetUs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3.5)-115
Kansas City Chiefs (-3.5)-105

Obviously, you want the spread thicker to bet on Tampa Bay and thinner to bet on the Chiefs.

That could help you decide where to bet on Super Bowl 55, but as I mentioned, I personally wouldn’t let it dictate things too much.

Check out these tips for betting on football point spreads if you’re new to the wager. To put it simply, though, you’re just betting on if a team can keep a game within a set amount of points or if the favorite can win by a set amount of points.

So, why bet on the Super Bowl 55 point spread rather than just predict the winner? Because you might love the Buccaneers but aren’t totally sold, they actually win.

Or you may like Kansas City, but betting on the Chiefs to cover offers more betting value than getting them as the winner. A pretty clear example is that BetUs spread above has KC at -115, while their moneyline there is -165.

If the Chiefs can win by four, that may be enough of a difference in price to get you on that bet.

However, you opt to exploit the Super Bowl 55 point spread is up to you. You can attach it to moneyline bets, or just pick one or the other.

Personally, I like to shop alternative lines. The Buccaneers at +7.5 files in as one of the safest Super Bowl 55 bets for me.

Bet on the Super Bowl 55 Game Total

Another extremely popular way to make money betting on Super Bowl 2021 is to bet how many points will be scored in the game.

You have two options; bet on the Over, or bet on the Under.

This refers to the amount of points going “over” the game total or going “under.” For Super Bowl 55, most sportsbooks have this total hanging right around 56 or 56.5.

You obviously have a 50/50 shot at picking the right side, which gives you a reasonable chance at a winning Super Bowl bet.

There is a certain amount of research that can help you profit from this wager, too. Here are a few things I’d definitely consider before placing a bet on the Super Bowl 55 over/under.

  • Over/Under Record in respective team’s games
  • Past meeting game totals
  • Offensive upside
  • Defensive ability
  • Team scoring average
  • Plays per game

I am sure even more can go into it, but this is typically what I look at the most when trying to project game totals.

If you have one or two elite defenses, teams that play slow, and/or teams that don’t typically put up a ton of points, the Under is going to look quite attractive.

For Super Bowl 55, though, both of these offenses are stacked. Tampa Bay and Kansas City both resided in the top-5 for points per game on the year, Kansas City owns the league’s #1 passing offense, and the previous meeting resulted in a cool 51 points.

I’ll let you decide how that sways things in trying to make money betting on the Super Bowl 55 game total, but it’s clearly a great bet to consider.

Target Super Bowl 55 Game Props

Whether you attack the more popular Super Bowl bets or not, you can always break off into the alluring world of Super Bowl prop bets.

The most basic way to bet on Super Bowl props is to just target props dealing with the game itself.

They are virtually endless, but they can deal with some of the following.

  • Scoring by quarter
  • First half/Second half scoring
  • Total yardage
  • 4th downs converted
  • Penalties committed
  • Time of score
  • Exact score

This is just scratching the surface, as basically any part of the game you’d want to bet on can be bet on when it comes to the Super Bowl.

I won’t do a deep dive into all the game props that can make you money during Super Bowl 2021, but that’s definitely a great way to profit from the big game.

Bet on Super Bowl 55 Player Props

This is just as extensive as betting on Super Bowl 55 game props, but it deals with individual players only.

All of the top stars from either side are on the table here, and you can bet on any number of player stats, milestones, or over/unders.

There’s all kinds of wild Super Bowl player props that can change based on the year and the players involved, too.

Here’s an example of player props you can target at most Super Bowl 55 betting websites.

  • Patrick Mahomes Passing Yardage
  • Tom Brady Touchdown Passes
  • First Player to Score a TD
  • Tyreek Hill Receiving Yardage
  • Travis Kelce vs. Mike Evans: First Touchdown

Betting on Super Bowl player props adds a little extra excitement to Super Bowl Sunday, and it’s a somewhat more appealing bet style.

Why? Because how the game actually plays out doesn’t necessarily have any bearing on whether or not your player prop can hit.

Game flow can play into how you bet on NFL player props in the Super Bowl, but your props can convert no matter what happens in the game.

There is still a bit of a science to picking the best Super Bowl 55 player props, but that process and the actual picks are ultimately fairly subjective.

Predict Who Will Win Super Bowl MVP

Okay, so this is literally still just another player prop for the Super Bowl, but it’s also kind of its own thing entirely.

Unlike most Super Bowl player props, however, this one kind of depends on how the game goes.

Only once in history has the Super Bowl MVP come from the losing side, while the award is notoriously dominated by the quarterback position.

Seriously, take a look at Super Bowl MVP awards won by position.

Position That Won Super Bowl MVP MVP Awards Won
Quarterback 30
All other Positions Combined 24

That is damning evidence. Also, the next closest position is a tie between running back and wide receiver, both of which got a whopping seven.

Suffice to say, barring something wacky, you’re betting on a quarterback to win this thing.

For the 2021 Super Bowl specifically, that brings you to Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, but there’s also a bet out there (-350) to just bank on a quarterback claiming it.

Whatever way you go, the point is you’re betting on the Super Bowl 55 Most Valuable Player.

Their team almost certainly needs to win, they probably need gaudy stats in the game, and they had to be a key reason for their team’s success.

In a Super Bowl like this year’s – where the game has a high total and two loaded offenses – betting on anything, but one of the quarterbacks doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Run Your Own SB 55 Contests

Lastly, if you don’t love how you can make money betting on Super Bowl 55 on sports betting sites, then just take the whole process into your own hands.

You can run Super Bowl 55 betting contests on your own, and a great way to do that is with prop betting sheets.

Hosting a party, or just watching the big game with your family? Use our free printable Super Bowl 55 prop bet sheets and fill out your answers before the game starts.

You still get all of the fun of betting on the Super Bowl, but you can decide precisely how it’s done, what you bet on, and what’s at risk.

Win Money from Super Bowl Betting in 2021

Hopefully, this breakdown helps you win some money from your 2021 Super Bowl betting.

From betting on who will win to betting on a variety of Super Bowl props, you now know the best ways to make money from betting on Super Bowl 55.

Ideally, some of my advice sprinkled in through this post also helps you decide how to bet this year.

I’m just one voice, though, and the “how” is only part of mastering Super Bowl gambling. For a little more insight, check out some helpful post for Super Bowl 55 betting.

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