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Playing Baccarat on the Internet for 2+ Days for Only a Hundred Bucks

| July 16, 2018 12:00 am PDT
Baccarat Table Money Bag and 50 Hours with Clock

Baccarat started out as a game for the wealthy and elite. In fact, it was once difficult to find baccarat games where you could play for less than $100 per hand.

You can still find these “big” baccarat tables at many popular land-based casinos. But this has since become a game that players of all bankrolls can enjoy.

The rise of “mini” baccarat helped expand the game to a more diverse group of players. And you can now look forward to playing baccarat in many land-based casinos for as little as $10 per hand.

While $10 seems cheap in comparison to the old baccarat scene, it still represents a significant amount of money to some low rollers. What if you want to play this popular casino game for even cheaper?

Find out as I discuss how you can play baccarat for 50 hours or more with just a $100 bankroll.

Make the Best Baccarat Bet

The first place to begin is with baccarat strategy, because you want to lower the house edge and improve your chances of winning.

The only real baccarat strategy is choosing the right bet. This is made easier by the fact that this game only offers three wagers.

These are wagering on the banker hand having the best score, the player hand having the highest score, or both hands tying.

You don’t typically need to know the scoring system to make any of these three wagers. But the goal of both the player and banker is to get as close to a score of 9 as possible.

The banker wins 45.86% of the time when ties are accounted for, while the player hand wins 44.62% of hands. Not counting ties, the banker wins 50.68% of the time versus 49.32%.

Casinos don’t just let players win over half the time in any game, which is why they take out a 5% commission from winning banker hands. But even with this rule involved, the banker hand is still the best wager.

Here are the house edges on each baccarat bet.

  • Banker bet 1.06% house edge
  • Player bet 1.24%
  • Tie bet 14.36%

You can see that the banker hand is slightly better than the player hand from the house advantage perspective.

Some players alternate back and forth between these bets based on which one is on a winning/losing streak. But you might as well take the banker hand because it has a 0.18% lower house edge.

Consider the Hand Rate

Big baccarat is one of the slowest games in the casino because it only sees 40-45 hands per hour. These high-roller tables allow 12-14 players and let participants shuffle – both points that greatly slow down these tables.

Mini baccarat is a direct contrast because it sees 150-200 hands per hour in a casino. The speed depends upon the dealer and how many people are at the table.

But you can generally expect a fast-paced game with mini baccarat. Reasons why include a smaller table (vs. big baccarat) and how the dealer is the only person who handles the cards.

Online baccarat is also different because you control the speed of play. This means that you can play as quickly or slowly as you want.

I go through 10 hands per minute when I’m playing internet baccarat at a fast pace. This translates to 600 hands an hour, which is triple what a fast land-based table offers.

Realistically, though, you’ll take a few breaks for each hour you’re playing. You may even change your bets, which also slows the pace.

Therefore, the average online baccarat player will play somewhere between 5 and 10 hands per minute, which translates to 300-480 hands per hour.

Again, you control how the fast an internet baccarat game moves. But also note that you’ll be playing faster unless you purposely take lots of breaks to slow your play rate.

Online Baccarat Offers the Cheapest Way to Play

Online casinos offer the cheapest way to play baccarat and stretch your bankroll further.

Many online casinos allow you to play for as cheaply as $1 per hand. NetEnt even offers a game that lets you play for just $0.10.

The $1 minimum wager is 5x to 10x cheaper than anything you’ll find in a land-based casino. And the $0.10 wager is 100x smaller than the average land-based baccarat bet.

Let’s begin by looking at how long you can play internet baccarat with a $1 minimum bet and $100 bankroll.

  • $100 bankroll
  • 06% house edge
  • $1 minimum bet
  • 300 hands per hour
  • 300 x 1 = $300 wagered per hour
  • 300 x 0.0106 = $3.18 theoretical hourly losses
  • 100 / 3.18 = 31.45 hours

You can see that it’s unlikely for you to play for 50 hours with a $100 bankroll with these variables. But that’s not to say you can’t change things by playing slower or finding even cheaper stakes.

Here’s how long you can theoretically last with $0.10 baccarat hands.

  • $100 bankroll
  • 06% house edge
  • $0.10 minimum bet
  • 300 hands per hour
  • 300 x 0.10 = $30 wagered per hour
  • 30 x 0.0106 = $0.32 theoretical hourly losses
  • 100 / 0.32 = 312.5 hours

You can see that $0.10 hands give you an incredible amount of time on the internet baccarat tables. And this is even without slowing down from a typical hand rate or taking frequent breaks.

I’ll cover one more example involving if you played fewer hands with a $1 minimum online bet.

  • $100 bankroll
  • 06% house edge
  • $1 minimum bet
  • 150 hands per hour
  • 150 x 1 = $150 wagered per hour
  • 150 x 0.0106 = $1.59 theoretical losses
  • 100 / 1.59 = 62.89 hours

By playing 150 hands an hour, or 2.5 hands per minute, you can theoretically extend your bankroll well past 50 hours. This means that the best formula for conserving your baccarat bankroll involves playing the game online and slowing your hand rate.

You can really extend your play by finding baccarat tables with $0.10 stakes. But even if you play at $1 tables and your $100 only lasts for 30+ hours, then chances are that you won’t be too disappointed.

Can You Play Land-Based Baccarat for 50 Hours with $100?

I established that it’s possible to play baccarat for 50 hours with $100 at online casinos. But is this even remotely possible at brick-and-mortar casinos?

The hardest part about making your baccarat bankroll last at land-based casinos is the stakes. Earlier, I mentioned how average land-based baccarat bets are $10.

But you can find some casinos that offer stakes as low as $5. Certain Vegas casinos even have minimum bets worth $3.

It’s important to understand that $5 stakes are an exception rather than the norm. But it’s possible to find these games if you look in the Vegas area.

Here’s the math on how long your $100 bankroll will theoretically last in a $5 land-based game.

  • $100 bankroll
  • 06% house edge
  • $5 minimum bet
  • 150 hands per hour
  • 150 x 5 = $750 wagered per hour
  • 750 x 0.0106 = $7.95 theoretical hourly losses
  • 100 / 7.95 = 12.58 hours

This is the lowest amount of time that we’ve seen for how long your will bankroll last. It’s especially bad when considering that not many land-based casinos offer $5 stakes.

Now I’ll look at what happens with the ultra-low $3 minimum bets in land-based casinos.

  • $100 bankroll
  • 06% house edge
  • $3 minimum bet
  • 150 hands per hour
  • 150 x 3 = $450 wagered per hour
  • 450 x 0.0106 = $4.77 theoretical hourly losses
  • 100 / 4.77 = 20.96 hours

The $3 minimum wagers give you more time on the tables than $5 bets. But we’re still in a situation where the $100 won’t last anywhere close to 50 hours.

Considering that these are the ideal low-roller conditions, the math just doesn’t add up to you being able to play for a long time in brick-and-mortar establishments.

Don’t Forget That Comps Can Help

One thing that I haven’t covered up to this point is comps, which can improve your win rate. And if you’re getting cashback, then the extra money can help you play baccarat longer.

The amount of comps that you receive depends upon whether you’re in a land-based or online casino. Brick-and-mortar venues are more generous with rewards, offering baccarat players a 0.1% comp rate.

Here’s how much this comp rate would give you back.

  • Comp rate is 0.1%
  • $5 minimum bet
  • 150 hands per hour
  • 150 x 5 = $750 wagered per hour
  • 750 x 0.001 comp rate = $0.75 comps

Considering that rewards are based on your total bets, you won’t receive many comps per hour when wagering $5 a hand. But this is still something that can extend your play.

I’ll plug the comps into a previous example on how long your $100 baccarat bankroll will last on a $5 table.

  • $5 minimum bet
  • 150 hands per hour
  • 150 x 5 = $750 wagered per hour
  • 750 x 0.0106 = $7.95 theoretical hourly losses before comps
  • 95 – 0.75 comps = $7.20 theoretical hourly losses after comps
  • 100 / 7.20 = 13.89 hours

The previous example showed that $100 would theoretically last for 12.58 hours on a $5 table. But if you include the value of comps at a 0.1% rate, then your play extends to 13.89 hours.

This still isn’t a tremendous boost by any means. And it’s worth noting that casinos usually give comps in the forms of free meals, show tickets, and hotel stays.

But you can see that the comp value at least gives you a slight boost, especially if you’re receiving cashback.

Online baccarat also offers comps, but you must play at the right casinos. Not all online casinos offer baccarat comps, because this game features such a low house edge.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you look at a casino’s terms and conditions page to ensure that baccarat offers rewards. Otherwise, you won’t get to enjoy freebies like you do at land-based casinos.

Baccarat rewards are normally measured against what online slots, keno, and scratch cards offer. The reason why is because these games all have a higher house edge than baccarat, meaning a casino can afford to comp players better.

Online baccarat normally delivers 30%-50% of the same rewards that online slots offer. If you’re getting a 0.1% comp rate for internet slots, then you’ll receive between a 0.03% and 0.05% rate for internet baccarat.

Here’s an example of how much this would help you extend your bankroll in online baccarat.

  • Comp rate is 0.05%
  • $1 minimum bet
  • 300 hands per hour
  • 300 x 1 = $300 wagered per hour
  • 300 x 0.0106 house edge = $3.18 theoretical hourly losses
  • 300 x 0.0005 comp rate = $0.15 hourly comps/cashback
  • 18 – 0.15 = $3.03 theoretical losses
  • 100 / 3.03 = 33 hours

The good thing about online baccarat comps is that you receive cashback. Therefore, you can look forward to receiving money that’ll help sustain your bankroll.

I previously did an example on these parameters that didn’t involve comps. And your bankroll would normally last for an average of 31.45 hours without including rewards.

You can see here that your baccarat bankroll extends to 33 hours when including a 0.05% comp rate.

This isn’t going to help you play baccarat for an unlimited amount of time. But it does at least improve your chances of winning and keep you on the tables for longer.

Baccarat Volatility Can Change Everything

All the examples presented so far are theoretical scenarios backed by the math. But gambling doesn’t always play out like the numbers suggest.

These are games of chance that involve volatility, which measures how closely results line up with the statistical average.

Baccarat is one of the least-volatile casino games, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t see your share of long winning and losing streaks.

This is a good thing in some ways because it means that lucky players can win money over the long run. Furthermore, you could go on an extended hot streak and last much longer on the tables than what my examples show.

The reverse side is that you can also lose money faster and not be able to play as long.

Baccarat’s luck factor is one of the things that make it so exciting. That being said, don’t go into the game expecting to last exactly X number of hours.


Baccarat is one of the best casino games for stretching a small bankroll out. This game has a low house edge if you stick with banker bets on every hand.

If your bankroll is only worth $100 or less, then baccarat is a great choice. You can especially expect a strong chance of winning, or at least extending your bankroll, with online baccarat.

Most casinos allow you to wager as little as $1 per hand, which only leads to $3.18 in theoretical losses over the course of an hour (300 hands per hour). You can even find $0.10 minimum bets through certain online providers/casinos that help you seemingly play baccarat for endless hours.

$0.10 online wagers are definitely the best way to stretch $100 out over 50+ hours. Even if volatility isn’t on your side, you can still look forward to countless hours on the tables.

If you only have access to $1 baccarat games, then you can still give yourself a chance of making $100 last for 50+ hours. The key is to take breaks and slow your play rate.

You have very little chance of stretching a small bankroll over 50 hours in a land-based casino. But you’ll at least improve your chances of lasting longer by picking tables with $5 or $10 minimum bets and taking advantage of comps.

Land-based casinos offer better comps than online casinos. But make sure that you sign up for the players club and ask the pit boss about having your play rated.

In summary, the best way to play baccarat longer is to visit an online casino. Your next-best option includes looking for land-based casinos with the lowest stakes.



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