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How to Make Money From Betting on the 2020 NBA Draft – 7 Tips for Profitable Betting

| November 1, 2020 5:39 am PDT
Best Ways to Make Money From the 2020 NBA Draft

It feels like the NBA was just here. We had some fun times in the Orlando bubble, and then we watched the Los Angeles Lakers coast to a fairly easy title in the 2020 NBA Finals.

The NBA will hit the reset button and do it all again, in short order. The 2020-21 NBA season will be unlike any other, as it will start later, and we’re unsure how Adam Silver and co. will navigate COVID-19 without a bubble.

Before we get there, of course, we have the 2020 NBA Draft, free agency, and potential trades looming.

Let’s start with this year’s draft, which is already super weird considering it usually goes down over the summer. It obviously won’t, and we also have to digest all 30 team’s needs and try to assess which prospects will go where.

If you can do all that, you also may be able to make some cash off of this thing. You’ve been able to bet on the NBA Draft for some time now, but with each passing year, there are more ways to do so.

Should you be interested in profiting off of this huge event, join me for a look at 7 ways to make money betting on the 2020 NBA Draft.

Take Advantage of These Bonuses

The first way to make money betting on the 2020 NBA Draft is by simply betting on it at all.

Sounds weird, right? Well, thanks to so many awesome NBA Draft betting websites and the endless bonuses and promotions sportsbooks offer, it’s really not.

Not every site does it specifically for the draft, but some online sports betting sites do see that this is a huge event. Not only do they offer terrific props with alluring odds, but they sweeten the pot by offering NBA Draft bonuses and promotions, as well.

Even if they’re not specific to the 2020 NBA Draft, most sites at least offer some type of welcome bonus, or have a promotion going on that’s worth tapping into.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best 2020 NBA Draft betting websites and the top bonus they’re currently listing for bettors.

Betting Site Current Bonus Get Your Bonus
MyBookie.ag 100% up to $1,000 Bet at MyBookie
BetNow.eu 100% up to $1,000 Bet at BetNow
Bovada.lv 50% up to $250 Bet at Bovada
BetOnline.ag 50% up to $1,000 Bet at BetOnline
Sportsbetting.ag 50% up to $1,000 Bet at Sportsbetting

The point here is that you’re basically getting paid to bet on the 2020 NBA Draft, in a sense.

If you’re interested in betting on the NBA Draft anyways, it only makes sense to add a little more cash to your bankroll, and these sportsbooks can help you with that.

You’ll want to check them all out, of course, as some offer better bonuses than others. Of course, you shouldn’t only choose where to bet on the 2020 NBA Draft  based simply on bonuses or promotions.

All of the sites listed above grade out well in that regard, but some of the above options separate from each other when you look at other criteria. Every site we list is worth using, though. You just need to find which fits your needs the best.

Don’t Bet on Anthony Edwards Going #1 Overall

Once you have the preferred site for your 2020 NBA Draft betting, you can start figuring out precisely how you can profit off of this event.

That leads us to one of the easiest ways to make money betting on the 2020 NBA Draft, which is placing a bet on who will be drafted first overall.

Our 2020 NBA Draft guide should point you to the top options, with Anthony Edwards pulling into first at the moment. His odds to go #1 overall can differ, depending on where you bet on the 2020 NBA Draft.

Here’s how BetOnline has him priced at the moment.

No matter what, though, you’re laying some money to bet on him.

The cheapest I’ve seen Edwards is -110, and most sites are either pushing -200, or they’re already there. Before long – assuming NBA Draft news and rumors continue bolstering his case – the odds may only shorten.

Suffice to say, if it hasn’t been the case already, betting against Anthony Edwards going #1 overall may be the way to go for bettors seeking upside.

Two key narratives leaking into this line of thinking are the fact that it’s not that crazy that Minnesota could trade this pick, and it’s also quite possible they like another prospect more.

LaMelo Ball is the likely second option they may covet, and he offers a much better price by comparison. There’s also James Wiseman, Deni Avdija, Obi Toppin, and Killian Hayes.

None of these other four options stand out as likely #1 picks at this point, but they’re all priced at +750 or more at most NBA Draft sportsbooks.

I’m not saying Anthony Edwards won’t go first overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. However, as his odds shorten, your ability to make money on this wager likely resides with a different option.

Predict the Order of the Top Three

Pricing aside, it’s looking increasingly likely that Anthony Edwards will be the top pick.

Your upside will reside with other bets, but if you don’t want to risk it (and also don’t feel inclined to pay to bet on Edwards), you may prefer to bet on the order of the top three picks.

This isn’t any easier than predicting who will go first in the 2020 NBA Draft, but if we’re to listen to the latest NBA Draft odds, Edwards at least takes care of the first spot for us.

If that’s true, you can then make money betting on the 2020 NBA Draft by correctly picking the next two players to be selected.

You’ll have to combat an endless string of NBA Draft rumors, of course. Depending on where you look, LaMelo Ball is the top pick, going second to the Warriors, or looking at a potential free fall.

And regardless of Ball, Golden State has also been linked to Deni Avdija and James Wiseman. They’re lately been more smitten with Avdija, for what it’s worth.

So, which of those guys get into the top-three, and what’s the order? Getting that 100% won’t be easy, but most 2020 NBA Draft betting websites will at least allow you the opportunity to bet on it.

Bet on Obi Toppin Going in the Top 4

If you haven’t noticed, the 2020 NBA Draft is a lot tougher to peg than most people thought. There has been even more movement beyond the top pick, too, as guys like Deni Avdija and Killian Hayes have ascended mock drafts.

Nobody knows if that’s just buzz, or if these guys are actually being seen as better picks than elite talents like Obi Toppin or James Wiseman.

This brings us to the idea of betting on NBA Draft position for certain players. Most sites are offering this type of bet for Anthony Edwards, Deni Avdija, James Wiseman, LaMelo Ball, and Obi Toppin.

Before long, you should be able to bet on NBA Draft position for all of the big names, but you’ll want to focus on bets that feel like locks, and others that offer the most value.

There’s nothing truly locked in about this draft, but Obi Toppin going under 4.5 picks at +135 feels like a very good way to make money betting on the 2020 NBA Draft.

Golden State is reportedly interested in him, too.

Toppin has been one of the most rock solid draft prospects over the past year, and he’s done nothing to drop from the top portion of the lottery. It’s really only all the LaMelo Ball chatter, and the supposed rise of Avdija and Hayes, that could knock him down.

That said, Toppin has been in the mix as a top-three pick this entire time, and you’re getting a nice value bet to see him taken among the first four picks.

Bet on Over 3.5 International Players Going in the Top-10

To be clear, this wager has a ways to go for it to pay off. However, it’s not that unrealistic, seeing as the only picks seemingly guaranteed for this year’s draft make up the first 5-6 picks, or so.

Those picks also are likely to include two international prospects in Hayes and Avdija, so over the next 4-5 selections, you just need two more international players to sneak inside the top-10.

Guaranteed? Of course not, but considering this prop boasts a nice +250 price at most NBA betting sites, it’s a leap of faith worth taking.

Of course, like I suggested in my NBA Draft betting guide linked earlier in this post, a key thing to eye for NBA Draft betting is value. You’re not really making money by attacking the Under at -400.

It’s the safer bet, but this draft could be wild, and after those would-be locks, the second half of the top-10 could be fair game. That is especially true when you start looking at viable overseas products like Aleksej Pokusevski, Leandro Bolmaro, Theo Maledon, and others.

The reality is some overseas prospects get overlooked every year, too, so it wouldn’t be that crazy to have someone not even remotely on our radar sneak into the top-10.

One other thing to consider here is which players do the top NBA sportsbooks consider to be international players? Technically speaking, guys like LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton are U.S. born prospects. But literally, they played overseas last year.

If those guys are deemed to be international prospects when looking at this prop, I’d be all-in on the Over.

The safe play is the Under, but if you want to make money betting on the 2020 NBA Draft, going big with the Over makes sense with this wager.

Bet on Over 4.5 Freshmen Being Drafted Inside Top-10

This is another fun wager where the numbers currently suggest you bet on the Under (-340), but the upside obviously lies with the Over (+220).

It’s likely that you need to pick a lane here, when considering the previous prop mentioned. Of course, it’s not impossible for them to live together.

As things stand, Anthony Edwards is the only freshman who is a 100% lock to go inside the top-10.

Almost certainly joining him, however, are James Wiseman and Onyeka Okongwu. Possibly joining him are Isaac Okoro, Patrick Williams, Tyrell Terry, and Vernon Carey.

This over/under is a bit steep, as we can basically bank on getting three of these kids selected inside the top-10. The problem is we need five.

I think the odds are good enough for Okoro and Williams to go for it at this +220 price. It’s not safe, but it’s the bet that offers way more upside.

Let’s keep the door open to something zay helping bettors out, too. After all, if you look at a lot of 2020 NBA mock drafts, you’ll see a ton of freshman players are in the mix to be taken in round one.

The trick would be if you’re going for both of these top-10 wagers, though. Before finalizing either of these wagers, I suggest doing plenty of research.

Back Grant Riller to Go in the 1st Round

This isn’t a bet that I’ve actually seen yet, but there are always NBA Draft props involving whether players will be taken in the first round or not.

If one pops up for Grant Riller, it’s likely a bet that will get you plus money, or at least the opportunity to do so. He is currently not slated to go in the first round per a lot of 2020 NBA Draft mocks, but he’s among my favorite 2020 NBA Draft sleepers.

Riller is the rare four-year starter who offers nice upside for the next level, and that has everything to do with his scoring ability.

The lack of size and facing weak competition are understandable knocks, but this is your classic small school offensive stud. Some teams will be totally comfortable hoping he slides to them in round two, but he’s good enough to take a chance on in round one.

Finding the next Fred VanVleet has its value, so betting on Grant Riller to go in the 1st round could, as well.

This idea doesn’t start and end with Riller, specifically. He’s just a really good example for this prop bet, which allows you to bet on first round prospects sliding into round two, and projected round two guys potentially creeping into round one.


There are undeniably more ways to make money betting on the 2020 NBA Draft. Depending on the site (and odds), there may also be prop bets dealing with positions, colleges, player specific props, trades, and so much more.

My goal with this post was two-fold; to remind you that you can bet on the 2020 NBA Draft in a number of different ways, and also to show you that there is real value in chasing the seemingly unattainable.

Each bettor will need to look at these bets and decide if the safe route is going to be the right bet, or if it makes more sense to chase the value.

The reality is nobody really knows what to expect this year. It’s a completely unique NBA Draft process, and beyond the very best prospects, this draft could go differently than anyone expects.

There are safer ways to make money from betting on the 2020 NBA Draft, but the options listed above – at least right now – feel like some of the best.

The draft will be here before you know it. Whether you’re down for rolling the dice on said bets or not, be sure to brush up on all of the prospects, team needs, and anything else to give yourself a chance to profit.

For a lot of it, you can head over to our NBA blog. Thanks for stopping by, and if you plan on betting on the NBA Draft in 2020, I wish you luck!

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