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How BIG Won the DreamHack Masters and What This Team Can Achieve

| June 18, 2020 11:19 am PDT
How Did BIG Win the DreamHack Masters?

The CS:GO DreamHack Masters event is highly anticipated every year, and there are always loads of surprises en route to the Grand Final. However, not many people were expecting to see German organization BIG come away with the title.

The team has always been in and around the elite, but this season hasn’t seen them achieve anything of note in the advanced stages of the top competitions.

This all changed during the latest edition of the DreamHack, and this begs the question — how far exactly can this team go?

In this post, I provide a summary of the team’s DreamHack Masters triumph and an in-depth analysis of the players on the roster. I then conclude with my thoughts on what the ceiling is for this CS:GO organization.

The 2020 DreamHack Masters Title Win

This isn’t the first major achievement the team has had, but the manner in which they clinched the title raised a lot of eyebrows.

They started off with a 3-0 record in the group stage, and to be quite honest, I didn’t give this much thought.

Sure, beating teams like MAD Lions and mousesports is always a solid achievement, but there was context to this.

The Lions were in a bit of a hiatus after winning the Flashpoint event, and there was definitely some rust in there. On top of that, chrisj and his mousesports were in the biggest downward spiral they have been in years.

Complexity can always surprise an elite organization, but BIG’s resilience allowed them to clinch a 2:1 win this time around.

Prior to the start of the playoffs at the DreamHack, BIG recorded a couple of frustrating results, so nobody really expected them to do much in the Upper Bracket.

FaZe Clan was the huge favorite in the first playoff tie, and this is where BIG really made an impression.

There are certain areas in which NiKo’s FaZe team can still improve, but they were on a very decent run since the start of May, and BIG’s 2:0 win on Inferno and Nuke was highly unexpected.

Not only that, but the Germans limited The Clan to single digits on both maps.

It was a resounding statement of intent, and falling to G2 Esports in the next round made most people think that it was just a one-off.

Dropping to the Lower Bracket, BIG had to meet FaZe once again and got off to a great start with a 16:4 win. NiKo, broky, and coldzera did improve a lot on their pick Mirage, but BIG’s momentum and grit mentality allowed them to wrap up a thrilling tiebreak and oust their opponents from the tournament.

This set up a Grand Final with G2, and on top of being taken down by the Frenchmen in the previous rounds, BIG had to make do with a one-round disadvantage.

The prospects of winning the game became even more daunting as nexa, KennyS, and huNter- were at their best on Vertigo and fired the team to a 16:6 win.

And to be fair, I said to myself then that this tie was over. BIG could always win on their map picks, but overcoming a two-round disadvantage in a Best of 5 Grand Final against a top side didn’t seem likely at all.

But then the magic happened.

Every single player on the BIG roster suddenly upped the ante, and the team romped to two quick wins on Nuke and Dust II.

Again, an elite organization like G2 was limited to single digits, and the Frenchmen only managed to win 11 rounds on these two maps.

This was something that we’ve rarely seen even from Astralis and Natus Vincere in their best days.

It has to be said that when put up against the wall, nexa and his group reacted well and racked up an 11:4 lead in the decisive round on Mirage.

Despite that, BIG didn’t budge and managed to overcome another huge deficit to clinch a thrilling tiebreak with the scoreline of 19:17 and lift the DreamHack trophy.

Team BIG Analysis

After highlighting their success at the DreamHack event, it’s time to take a look at the players that achieved this against all odds.

Here is the full rundown on BIG’s current roster.

Tizian “tiziaN” Feldbusch

Rifler tiziaN is of German descent and is the member of the team that gets neglected the most.

However, his recent performances, especially on maps Dust II and Nuke, are bound to prove the doubters wrong.

He will most probably not be the leading piece on this roster anytime soon but provides ample support in the kills department and is highly committed to executing his captain’s tactics to perfection.

Can “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş

XANTARES is of Turkish descent, but he is fluent in both German and English, and there is absolutely no language barrier between him and his teammates.

His flamboyant nature fits perfectly into his role as a secondary rifler and entry fragger.

You won’t see him at the top of the individual charts too often, but XANTARES has found his niche under the tutelage of tabseN and is now a great contributor to what is becoming a well-oiled killing machine.

Florian “syrsoN” Rische

Quite possibly the most skilled aim on the team, syrsoN is BIG’s chief AWPer.

With all the hype surrounding players like NAVI’s s1mple and Vitality’s ZywOo, it’s hard to get ahead in this department, but syrsoN is certainly doing his part.

His outings at the DreamHack event were sensational, and he is one of the main reasons that the team didn’t feel down even when facing huge deficits.

The player is quite confident in his abilities, and this spreads to the other members who don’t have any problem letting him get the AWP and do his thing.

Nils “k1to” Gruhne

Another key cog in the BIG machine, k1to’s style very much resembles that of XANTARES.

As an entry fragger, the player is the team’s blitzkrieg weapon but is also very disciplined in his approach and rarely allows mistakes.

As a whole, k1to is the epitome of BIG’s roster right now. He is always locked in, follows the captain’s guidelines to the best of his abilities, and has a never say never attitude.

Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz

And last but not least, in-game leader tabseN, who is the glue that holds the whole BIG structure together.

The player is only 26 years old, but he is probably one of the most experienced pros on the European CS:GO scene, and the fact he has played Counter-Strike 1.6 professionally further enhances his credentials.

Johannes is definitely not your typical CS:GO captain.

Teams like Gen.G and Fnatic rely on their captains’ tactical ingenuity more than anything. Other organizations like Brazilians MIBR bank on the fact that their captain is a skilled aim.

Both approaches are fine and can be deadly if executed correctly, but tanseN seems to be able to draw from both.

First off, his experience allows him to be an expert on every single map that is played at competitive games.

Furthermore, the German has an almost encyclopedical knowledge of the strategies that BIG’s opponents employ and has great ideas on how to counter them.

And to top it all off, he is one of the best riflers out there. Sure, there are better players than him on that front, but tabseN simply brings the whole package and is the key element in BIG’s recent rise.

What Can This Group Achieve Going Forward?

Naturally, after a triumph of such proportions, the first question on everyone’s lips is, “How far can this team go?”

And my opinion is that the sky is the limit for BIG right now.

They have always had the quality, but the application they are currently showcasing can make them one of the most elite forces on the CS:GO scene.

Clearly, tabseN has the right ideas, and the whole roster is reacting well to his leadership.

There is always a bonus when your captain can not only lay out a good tactical plan but also has the ability to gun down multiple opponents every round.

The confidence is clearly high right now, and with the way teams like Astralis and mousesports have fallen, BIG will feel they have every chance of entering the Top 3 soon. And this could be only the beginning.

Everything is clicking for these guys right now, and the manner in which they completely obliterated teams like FaZe and G2 at the DreamHack event bodes well for their future.

Wrapping It Up

This team is really going places, and their collective approach coupled with the camaraderie they have built is a joy to watch right now.

They still have some areas to improve on, but they look very ambitious and disciplined.

Players like ZywOo, dev1ce, and s1mple will also give you a hard time, but I feel that BIG’s team approach and loyalty to captain tabseN is yet to yield great results against the elite opposition.

I’ve never thought that I would say this, but it does look very likely that we’ll be seeing a BIG hegemony in the next few months.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece, and if you’re looking for more analysis and betting previews on the main esports events, you can also check out the esports section of our blog.

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