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Are These the Hottest Online Slots in 2020?

By Daisy Williams in Slots
| October 22, 2020 11:55 am PDT
Hottest Online Slots 2020

I’m applying both definitions to the word hot in my list of the hottest online slots in 2020.

The following five new releases are engulfed in flames, but they also have special features that heat things up on the screen.

You’ll soon read about a slot hell hound and devilish skull, as well as some games that’ll deceive you. At first glance, these slots look like old-fashioned one-armed bandits, but they play like the sleekest new video games.

What makes these real money slots stand out from the rest are rising rows, double sets of reels, and payline counts that rise and fall. Even though all five of the games on my list are from different slot providers, they have plenty of similarities.

I’ve also thrown in a burning hot game that leans more toward traditional gameplay. So, if you’re not interested in too many features, there’s something special just for you.

It’s time to grab a cold drink and get ready to embrace the heat.

Diamond Inferno

It doesn’t get much hotter than an inferno, and in Microgaming’s Diamond Inferno, it stays that way. Every win gets you a re-spin and, not just any old re-spin. Consecutive victories take you to new levels with extra rows, more paylines, and, rising multipliers.

I’ll take you through this game step by step, as Diamond Inferno is an unusual online slot that’s highly entertaining and may pique your interest.

Payline Increases

So, let’s get the basics out of the way first. You can stake 0.20 or as much as 20.00 with each spin inside the fiery inferno. Your bet kickstarts the five reels on three rows, holding 20 paylines of possibilities. That all seems pretty straightforward, right? Well, hold on, as things are about to heat up in one of the hottest online slots in 2020.

Even though each game starts on a 5 x 3 game screen with 20 active paylines, three more rows rest above, just waiting to be called into action.

Every time you get at least one winning combination, a re-spin accompanies your payout.

Win and Spin Again

Each re-spin reveals another row and ten additional possibilities. So, your first on-screen victory will take you to a second spin, this time with a 5 x 4 board and 30 paylines. If you’re successful again, you get to 5 x 5 and 40, followed by the maximum six rows that accommodate 50 paylines.

Six rows stretch the reels to capacity, but they’re not the end of the re-spins rewards. After you hit the 5 x 6 mark, multipliers kick into gear. You’ll start with X2, and the consecutive winning streak continues, you’ll then go to X3, X5, and, finally, the end of the line with X10 and 50 paylines in action.

Fluctuating Diamond Value

I’ve already taken up quite a bit of real estate explaining Diamond Inferno. But I need to mention the other special feature, as it’s also unique. Scatter diamonds rotate the reels, but they don’t open the door to free spins. Instead, they’re good for cash prizes based on their positions.

Scatters on the first row are the least valuable, as they’re worth X1, based on your total stake. Diamond appraisal rises with the reels, hitting the X20 mark on the sixth row.

Now, you need at least three scatters on the screen at one time, but that’s all you have to do to reap the benefits, as the cash is yours. If all three are on the sixth row, you’ve got an X60 instant reward.

Burning Classics

I’m switching gears and going from the extremely feature-rich gameplay in Diamond Inferno to slot simplicity in Burning Classics.

Burning Classics is a rare find, as it does away with fixed paylines. So, if you want to bet 0.01, go for it! Of course, 20 credits, or a minimum of 0.20, will cover each of the 20 possible winning ways, though, so you won’t miss out on anything, including a top X2,000 payout.

When you stake just one credit, you’re limited to the symbols running across the middle row.

While you can almost feel the heat coming off of the dark red background, the reels are the main attraction. They’re retro-styled with a white background and recognizable symbols, including sevens and fruit.

The images, including big “W” wilds, stack and can easily set the stage for more than one payout at a time.

Scatters are behind the significant X2,000 award, but they also lead you into a ten-game bonus round. Once again, the name of the game is simplicity. Standard gameplay with some free spins and that’s about the extent of things.

So, if you’ve been craving old-style slot play, then Burning Classics is the hottest new game for you. Bet as little as 0.01 or as much as 200.00, and sit back and let the reels do their thing.

Beat the Beast: Cerberus’ Inferno

Ah, another inferno, but this time it’s under the rule of the three-headed hell hound.

As you can imagine, Cerberus’ turf could use some air conditioning. Beat the Beast: Cerberus’ Inferno is flame-filled and promotes, what else but an X6,666 top per-game payout? The music is eerie but sets the stage for the fiery gameplay.

When it comes to the stakes, you can take your pick from a relatively standard range of 0.10 to 100.00. Paylines are a different story, though.

For the most part, you’re playing with nine designated ways to win. However, when you get to the bonus, paylines exit, and adjacent-ways-pays enter the scene. Possibilities jump from nine lines to 243 ways to win.

Cerberus’ domain also includes stacked wilds. But, like Burning Classics, it’s not too over the top with features.

Ice and Fire

OK, maybe Ice and Fire from Yggdrasil isn’t ALL about the heat, but it’s still one of the hottest online slots in 2020.

Ice and Fire separates its two themes into two five-reel sets. On the left are the icy blue cold reels, and on the right, you get an identical 60-payline configuration, but it’s flaming orange. Each grouping pays separately, but there’s one feature that ties to the two together.

Wild Replications

Shared wilds give you two, two, two, for the price of one. When a wild shows up, it replicates and appears in the same position on the opposite set of reels. If you’ve got a stack of three wilds on the first reel on the left, then, presto, a pile of three wilds emerges on the right. There’s another fun little twist as well.

Ice and Fire is a winning cascade slot. So, after you get a payout, the symbols disappear, and new ones drop. If a wild is part of the equation, then it’ll reemerge in the cascade process because of the shared wilds feature.

Two Bonuses

If that’s not enough, two bonus rounds emerge. Four consecutive cascades will get you free spins with extra wilds. The exact count depends on the dragon you choose, but you’ll end up with eight, 10, or 15 free games with 100 or 150 extra wilds thrown into the mix. Three scatters trigger an increasing multiplier in ten Super Free Games.

Bet from 0.12 to 0.30. But, regardless of what you select, you’re covering both the icy tundra and the volcanic wasteland.

Diablo Reels

Aside from the flaming skull, Diablo Reels goes easy on the fiery effects, and there’s no frozen water to be found.

Like Ice and Fire, this hot new online slot has double reels.

Two Sets of Reels

Diablo Reels is an unusual game in that the game screen is old school with white reels and retro images. But the slot play is ultra-modern, as a second set of 3 x 3 reels sits on top of the main board and unleashes its paylines under certain circumstances.

  • Triple-stacked wilds
  • Bonus game

When you get triple-stacked wilds, they replicate similarly to the shared wilds in Ice and Fire. But the process in Diablo Reels wakes up the second set, including its five paylines.

The same happens when you get a bonus pass. Free spins play on both 3 x 3 boards, with the additional benefit of low pay symbol removals.

Hot Stacks and Nudges

In addition to the double reels, this particular hot slot offers Wild Stack Re-spins, nudging wilds, and a high-value three-of-a-kind that’s worth X50.

Diablo Reels is a low variance online slot, designed for longevity. So, you can wager as little as 0.20 or as much as 100.00, and you should be able to extend your credit balance longer than you would in many other games. Of course, it is still gambling, so there’s no money-back guarantee.


Summer months are behind us for the year, but these hot new online slots will keep you warm. Heat rises, and so do the reels on a few of these recent releases.

Burning Classics keeps the focus on payouts. Diablo Reels and Ice and Fire each give you two games in one. Beat the Beast: Cerberus’ Inferno accomplishes a similar feat by increasing the paylines. But instead of raising the reels, bonus entry takes the fiery slot from nine paylines to 243 ways to win.

However, my favorite of all of the newest and hottest online slots in 2020 has to be Diamond Inferno. Getting a free re-spin with every win is a handy feature. I like the increasing rows, ever-changing paylines, and opportunities to tack on some multipliers as well. It may not have a traditional bonus round, but I don’t think you’ll mind a bit.

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