6 Helpful Tips When Betting on the 2022 NFL Postseason

By Dan Vasta in NFL
| January 11, 2022 12:37 pm PST

The NFL regular season is complete and playoff football is here. The games are getting bigger by the week. The NFL postseason allows players and teams to take their talents to the next level.

Many are unsure what to expect and there will often be surprises. Picking winners can be challenging in the postseason, but there are ways that can help bring home winners.

Here are your winning betting tips for the 2022 NFL postseason.

Study the Money and Betting Trends

Fading the public is often a discussion for the top games. Think about how often the sportsbooks lose and how often they take money from the average Joe.

There are general gambling websites that will cover where the money is going for certain matchups. That is a factor that should be analyzed, and many don’t even bother taking a glance towards it.

The favorite can cover and win outright in football, but it can be valuable to know where the money is coming from. Sharps can have different sides than the public and the line will adjust accordingly.

In college football, we saw nearly 79% of the bets in the Orange Bowl jumped on Michigan to win the outright. The confidence for Georgia backers grew more and the rest was history as they say.

Top Tip
Knowing what others are betting is vital because it will impact the number you are potentially wagering. This goes for all sports, but the NFL is often a sport where the betting trend is one to keep a close eye on.

There are plenty of examples, but the number will get changed during game day once everybody weighs in. We have seen several changes based on injury updates and certain factors that will change the final number.

Injuries play a role and that goes without saying, but it is valuable to see where a line opens and eventually closes. When kickoff draws nearer, the numbers will change, and many bettors will wait until gameday to place their wager.

Popular and trendy teams in the NFL will often garner the most bets, so stay updated on the latest strategies and advice

Know the Current NFL Droughts

Understanding trends in sports is critical to placing bets and winning them. Being up to date on historic trends is helpful, but that doesn’t mean you must have seen every postseason game in NFL history. Understanding and knowing most of the results wouldn’t hurt.

Look at the current field for 2022 and know some playoff droughts could help bring in the winning combination. The Dallas Cowboys are a popular team that one should have information about.

We are 26 years removed from the last NFC Championship appearance by the Dallas Cowboys. January of 1996 was the last time they won the Super Bowl and appeared in the NFC title game.

Dallas has gone through several struggles over the years and their inability to find success in the postseason is noteworthy. Head coach Mike McCarty has a Super Bowl ring and has appeared in four NFC Championship games.

The experience is there for a run with the Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott has already appeared in three postseason games through four seasons. The fifth season could be a charm as Dallas looks to put an end to their postseason droughts.

Dak Prescott

Buffalo is a perfect example from last season. They were only a game away from reaching the Super Bowl and they won their first playoff game since 1995-96. They hadn’t reached the conference title game since January of 1994. 

When you think streaks will never be broken, we witness something magical almost every season. The Browns made the postseason last season, and it is a shock to many that the Bengals made it this season.

The momentum these teams have carried into the postseason often get put to bed quickly. The Bills suffered a disappointing loss in 2020 to the Texans and they learned from their loss and made up for it the following season.

The Bengals have shown the capability of outsourcing any team with a respectable defense, but their path in the AFC will be a gauntlet. Their ceiling is up there with anybody, but they may need to suffer some sorrow before they get over the hump and make a run at a Super Bowl.

Why Quarterbacks Matter

Many will argue the game is not about the X’s and O’s and instead the Jimmy’s and Joe’s. Having Josh Allen helps, and he is in his third consecutive season in the postseason with Buffalo.

He has arguably the top arm in the league and the Bills offense looks electric when he is taking care of the ball. The arm strength is off the charts.

Plus, Allen has made Gabriel Davis and Dawson Knox turn into household names thanks to his stellar play. The ability to run the football in the red zone is what makes Buffalo a dangerous squad to defend.

Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers are the top favorites to get to and win the Super Bowl, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand their skills. They are reasons why their respected teams can make a run towards a February Super Bowl.

There are four other quarterbacks not mentioned yet that have put together fantastic seasons. Two of them are the current favorites for NFL Comeback Player of the Year; Joe Burrow (Cincinnati) and Dak Prescott (Dallas).

The Bengals won their first division crown since 2015 and they are chasing their first playoff victory since 1990!

Winning the AFC North and getting to host a playoff game will be thrilling, but there are a few others that are in primed position to go on a magical run.

Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford is chasing his first-ever playoff victory (0-3) and the Rams have a bevy of weapons to help him find success. The arm strength of Stafford is absurd, but where would this team be without him?

Jared Goff was able to get them to the Super Bowl with peak Todd Gurley and even a Divisional matchup with Green Bay last season.

The running game has battled injuries for most of the season and they have relied on the play of Stafford and Cooper Kupp.

This could be the best postseason field of passers we have seen in some time. The pool of youth is impressive when you look at some of the young gunslingers.

Study the Matchups and Injury Reports

The NFL postseason is often determined on the momentum and matchup. There is a possibility there will be some repeat divisional matchups for a third time in the postseason.

There are some teams that own the other and it should be noted to study the stats with strengths and weaknesses.

If you are backing a team that is among the worst run defenses in the league and they are going against Derrick Henry, you should be ready to hold a loss. The NFL is much different than bowl games with players opting out and going through the emotions.

The weaknesses will be exposed in the NFL postseason. The coaching staff of these teams can often get overhyped, but those also matter.

Injuries are where it’s at these days in the NFL. Sadly, they continue to occur and at this point of the season it is all about the strongest teams surviving the injury bug.

Pay close attention to the health of these running backs in the NFL. The LA Rams have had nagging injuries, but the return of Cam Akers has been a blessing for the offense. Sony Michael has been great for the past month, but Akers can do it all.

Getting back at it and finally playing in a game gives the Rams a shot to become a legitimate squad to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Winning the NFC West was impressive, but Akers seems poised to make a difference on passing downs in his debut against the 49ers.

Ther Rams youngster should continue to get more looks as he has impressed against the 49ers and in practices.

Tampa Bay has been struck with injuries down the stretch run of their season. Many of their stars in the Super Bowl run last season have been hindered at the worst time possible.

  • Chris Godwin, WR (ACL, out for season)
  • Leonard Fournette, RB (hamstring, short-term IR)
  • Mike Evans, WR (hamstring)
  • Ronald Jones, RB (ankle)
  • Giovani Bernard, RB (hip)
  • Lavonte David, LB (foot)

There are several others, but these are the vital ones at the moment that have been costly. Throw in their drama controversy with Antonio Brown and Bruce Arians, and this team has seen it all this season.

Confidence and Momentum Are Key

Tom Brady

The momentum of an NFL franchise can carry them towards a Super Bowl run. Go back one year to what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers accomplished.

Tom Brady played and won his first-ever Wild Card Road game. Winning at Washington, New Orleans, and Green Bay was a remarkable run.

That would have never happened had they not won their final four games coming off their bye in Week 13. They won the next four games by a combined score of 148-75.

Tampa took their momentum and rode off in the sunset as world champions thanks to an elite defense that caught fire when it mattered most.

How else did it happen?

Well, the loss to Kansas City came at the perfect time going into the bye week. The team re-evaluated their strategy and changed their gameplan. Tom Brady wasn’t at his best in the postseason, but the pieces around him played well as a team.

Ironically, the 2021-22 squad has had the defense struggle a bit while the offense is forced to bail the team out. Dropping like flies by the game has crushed their momentum.

Plus, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski also played pitch and catch like their old days with the Patriots. Having a Hall of Fame signal-caller is always a recipe for success and their Super Bowl upset over the Chiefs involved a TB12 to Gronk touchdown connection. The early score was the start of a special night.

This season, there are a few teams that have caught fire and excluding their Week 18 results, some have had staggering performances since December.

  • Packers: Five-Game winning streak entering Week 18
  • Rams: Five-Game winning streak entering Week 18
  • Chiefs: Winners of nine of final ten games of season

There are a few others that have played well down the stretch, so be sure to mull over which teams are trending in the right and wrong direction.

Be sure to check out our why the top Super Bowl contenders cannot get over the hump and claim the Lombardi.

The Impact from Players

Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers have been in a class of their own many have argued these past few seasons. Rodgers is looking like a lock for his fourth MVP and has been flawless at throwing the football.

Looking for his second Super Bowl, the connection of Rodgers to Adams has been unstoppable these past two seasons. Green Bay has been an offensive machine these past two seasons and the level of difficult throws Rodgers has made is insane.

Having two of the top impact players in the league on one team is rare. Rodgers is a Top 10 passer in the history of the game, and many believe he is right there nearing the top of the list. Adams has been lowkey underrated with two special seasons.

Recently turning 29 years old, Adams is racking up the production that only a few select wideouts have seen over the years. The catches, yards, and touchdowns are all elite.

Last Two Seasons Targets Catches Rec. Yards Rec. TDs
311 232 2,872 29

Kansas City has a devastating trio in Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce. Tennessee has a respectable one of their own in Derrick Henry, A.J. Brown, and Ryan Tannehill.

These teams that have a bevy of weapons that take over the game on any snap are ones to consider taking with confidence.

Betting on the 2022 NFL Playoffs

There are many so-called experts that have gut feels and hot stretches that feel whatever they touch will turn into gold. You just need to find the right betting tips that will lead you to the winning wager that you have been waiting for all season.

Be sure to only wager what you are willing to lose when using the top NFL betting sites.

Also, remember to view the different betting sites since there will be some that leans more towards favorites. If there is a specific team or game you are looking to heavily invest in, then that should be your top priority.

Be sure to check out our free NFL picks page, and to enjoy the games. This is one of the best months of the sports calendar year. I wish you all the best of luck this postseason.



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